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History of Central Washington – Surname D

Daily World 524 Derry, N. E. 84 Dallam, F. M., Sr. 208 DeTillion, H. G. 296 Dallam, Frank M., Jr. 207 Detwiler, Lewis 411 Davies, John W. 204 Dickenson, Dick 387 Davidson, Wm. 203 Dickson, Wm.   202 Davis, Charles 84 Dill, John D.    554 Deaths, Three Tragic 156 Dillon, Thomas J. 405 Deep Snows 101 Doak, Thomas 86 DeLano, E. L. 297 Donalds, John 206 Dennis, Ed. 83 Doneen, John W. 308 Dennis Nursery 84 Dryden   373 Derby 380 Dumpke, Henry 456 Derifield, I. M. 205 Dyer, Edward J. 525

History of Central Washington – Surname C

Cade, N. R. 376 Clark, Chas. F. 271 Cahill, M. S. 126 Clarke, Geo. E. 127 Cain, Lyle B. 610 Clayton, A. P. 199 Camano (Steamer) 518 Clayton, A. P. 199 Campbell, L. R. 193 Clemens, David 501 Cannon, Samuel P.  426 Clipp, L. F. 500 Cannon, T. J. 422 Coles, George 199 Cannon, W. F. 424 Cole, Chas. H. 461 Cannon, Robert 425 Colocken Country, The, 289 Carpenter, Sam 194 Colonization of Sunnyslope 567 Carpenter, Joe & Will 193 Colt, Lyman 471 Carson, Kit 59 Columbia River, Discovery of 20 Cashmere and Vicinity 327 Columbia River Bridge, 570 Cashmere …

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History of Central Washington – Surnames A-B

Name Page Name Page Alaska Yukon Exposition 565 Bjork, John 395 Adams, Ed. 422 Blackman, Mrs. Maud 272 Albin, J. J. 183 Blair, George W. 37 Allen, Rev. A. M. 497 Blankenship, Wm. F. 400 Alexander, Wm. 106 Bolenbaugh, J. 184 Allyn, E. 182 Bollman, Thomas 523 Allyn, Ed. 182 Bonar, Jas. C. 415 Ament, N. 524 Bonar, Jas. W. 429 Anderson, A. F. 184 Bonar, J. D. 432 Anderson, O. E. 184 Bonnell, B. C. 353, 557 Anderson, W. M. 126 Bosworth, A. H. 521 An Investment in Timber Land 447 Bosworth, J. W. 185 Apples to Australia 73 …

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History of Central Washington – Surname M

  MacLean, L. 264 Middleton Brothers 256 Mackie, George 444 Miliken, Wm. H. 137 Maltbie, A. L. 118 Mining by Chinese 579 Manchester, Dr. L. B. 139 Mines and Mining Chelan Valley 484 Mann, Mrs. E. L. 210 Miller, Sam C.    27 Manson 490 Miller, Philip 562 Manson Irri. District 490 Miller, Emil H. 252 Marble, Elias 127 Miller, Geo. J. 32 Marble, Harry 521 Miller, Jacob H. 137 Martin, P. M. 430 Miller, Jos. P.  133 Martin, Mrs. H. B. 407 Miller, John 263 Mathews, John 388 Miller, John H. 262 Mayar, Deed H. 522 Miller, John G. …

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Genealogical Societies

Genealogical Societies in Kittitas County Washington Kittitas County Genealogical SocietyP.O. Box 1342Ellensburg, WA 98926. Upper Kittitas County Genealogical SocietyP.O. Box 535Cle Elum, WA 98922 Genealogical Societies in Washington Washington State Genealogy Society Other Washington State Genealogical Societies

Pierce County, Washington Obituaries

Bowman, Arthur  Bowman, Hattie May Shepard  Briggs, Edwin J.  Champ, Clifford  Champ, Jay D.  Fix, Cora Johnson  Fix, George Stewart  Fix, Russell Oro  Fix, Stella Yates  Grimm, George William  Grimm, Mable Claire  Hardesty, Noah  O’Farrell, Daniel  O’Farrell, James R.  O’Farrell, Margaret  O’Farrell, Owen E.  O’Farrell, Thomas E.  Pease, Edgar Bishop  Poland, Arthur Melvin  Poland, Jesse C  Poland, Lola  Scanlan, Jay Chester  Stalcup, Susie L. Clay  Swayze, Wesley  Zelten, Bessie Pedersen  Zelten, Walter Jr.

Kittitas County Deaths (1882 – 1907)

Compiled by Kittitas County Genealogical Society members, Marge Boles,Ilene Jenks, Ruth Damman, Sally Robins, Virginia Hanks, and Ruby Tripp. The Kittitas County Genealogical Society presents herein the abstracted death records from the file at the Auditor’s office, Kittitas County Courthouse,205 W. 5th Ave., Ellensburg, Washington, 98926-2887. These may not be allthe deaths which occurred in the county for the years 1882 to 1907.  Information is given as to name of deceased, age, sex, date of death, place of death, cause of death, date of birth, place of birth, name of father, his place of birth, name of mother, her place …

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Kittitas County Books in Print

Kittitas County Books in Print Kittitas County Books in PrintBOOKS WANTED! If you have a Kittitas County related books, newspapers, yearbooks,etc. that you want to sell or get rid of, please emailme! If I don’t want it, someone else probably will!Census Records YAKIMA COUNTY TERRITORIAL CENSUS (1871, 1883, 1885, 1887) byJack M. Lines. Published by The Yakima Valley Genealogical Society, P.O.Box 445, Yakima, WA 98907. 199 Pages – The years 1871 and 1883 includethe area which became Kittitas County in 1883 and Chelan in 1899. KITTITAS COUNTY, WASHINGTON TERRITORIAL CENSUSES (1885, 1887, 1899)Published by the Yakima Valley Genealogical Society, P.O. …

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