History of Central Washington – Surname H

Haley, Wm.295Hilton, Rev. Thos. A.500
Haley, E. A.90Hinman, Henry V.363
Haley, Dr.474Hinman, W. E.332
Haley, Dr. G. W.553Hinman, Chas. H.365
Haller, T. N.529History of Chelan Valley,456
Hanna, Mrs. John W.117Holcomb, B. B.110
Harlin, Chas. A.90Holcomb, P. P.111
Harmony Club527Holcomb, S. R.244
Harper, Maj. Winfield274Holden Mine, The487
Harper, Martin V., Mr. & Mrs.275Holm, R. F.524
Harris, C. A.439Holmes, J. B269
Harris, Hyman92Holtzhauzer, Wm. F. J.321
Hastings, Bruce203Hopkins, C. B.535
Hayden, Wm.93Hopp, Geo. W.521
Hay, Gov. M. E.349Horan, M. 94
Haynes, Paul113Horticultural Ass’n.581
Hedding, C. E.443Howard, Geo. B.107
Henderson, Thomas, Mr. & Mrs.473Howard Flat, Highland and Lower Antoine472
Henry, Thos. J.353Howe, Geo. W.415
Hickey, Matt364Hoxey, Dr. G. W.392,
Hickey, Mrs. Elizabeth364Hoyne, Thos., Sr.114
Hicks, Rev. B. L.497Huff, Thos. J.109
High School449Hughes, Taylor322
Highline Canal557Hull, L. M.110
Hill, Jas. J.515  

Source: Hull, Lindley M. A history of central Washington : including the famous Wenatchee, Entiat, Chelan and the Columbia Valleys, with an index and eighty scenic-historical illustrations. Spokane, Wash.: Press of Shaw & Borden Co., 1929.

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