History of Central Washington – Surname R-S

Railroad to Oroville451Shepard, A. V.237
Ralston, Howell391Sherman, I. W.588
Ralston, Mary390Sherwood, E. W.398
Rarey, W. T.157Shotwell Ditch540
Redmond Family398Shotwell, J. A.540
Reed, Chas. B.540Shugart, E. D.403
Reed, Mrs. Chas. B.496Simmons, H. S.141
Reed, Will286Simmons, Mrs. H. S.144
Reed, Henry295Simmons, I. N.303
Reeder, W. D.223Simpson, J. P.525
Reeder, Charles E.223Skolopia, Jacob234
Reeves, I. W.220Slack, Thomas123
Reeves, Frank589Slawson, Frank D.360
Reeves, Mrs. Frank 219Smith, I. O.124
Reeves, Fred222Smith, Wm. K.226
Religious Growth & Development493Smith, John A. C.167
Remley, Hubert590Smith, E. W. 271
Resberg, W. H.119Smith, Mrs. Ellen406
Respari, Father498Smith, Dr. J. B.523
Richardson, Dr. D. A.159Snow, J. M.461
Richardson, Geo. T.270Soule, P. E.238
Rickman, C. C.49Southside298
Rock Island162Spader, L. H.565
Rock Island Sun523Spear, Ben525
Robinson, W. J.295Spencer, George441
Rogers, Claude159Spencer, W. D.414
Rose, Conrad553Stahl, Eugene185
Ross, Alexander15St. Andrews Church482
Ross, John D.122Stearns, J. A.522
Ross, Geo. A.123Stechan, H. A.522
Ryan, Father P. J.499Stedman, William235


 Stewart, Weatherly & Murray167
Sampson, O. S.396Stein, Fred W.365
Sanders, F. M.427Steiner, Judge R. S.228
Sanders, W. A.440Sterling, S. F. 223
Second Generation, The,286Stevens, J. F. Engineer156
Selkirk (Steamer)515Stevens, A. A.227
Scheble, F. M.561Stevens, W. E.532
Scheble, E. D.180Steward, O. J.366
Scheble, Percy231Stewart, Squire369
Schildnecht, H. R.542Stilwell, Bernard465
Schmidt, John396Stine, David233
Schubert, J. F.388St. Lukes Church500
Settlers Ditch35Stone, Jas. E.291
Seventh Day Adventist Church481Stowell, E. E.369
Sharp, J. P.98Streamer, Frank166
Shazer, George59Strong, Dennis553
Shaszer, Dan F.341Stuckey, Mrs. Osta234
Shearer, J.276Switzer, J. Allen522
Shehan, Thos F.124  

Source: Hull, Lindley M. A history of central Washington : including the famous Wenatchee, Entiat, Chelan and the Columbia Valleys, with an index and eighty scenic-historical illustrations. Spokane, Wash.: Press of Shaw & Borden Co., 1929.

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