History of Central Washington – Surname M


MacLean, L.264Middleton Brothers256
Mackie, George444Miliken, Wm. H.137
Maltbie, A. L.118Mining by Chinese579
Manchester, Dr. L. B.139Mines and Mining Chelan Valley484
Mann, Mrs. E. L.210Miller, Sam C.   27
Manson490Miller, Philip562
Manson Irri. District490Miller, Emil H.252
Marble, Elias127Miller, Geo. J.32
Marble, Harry521Miller, Jacob H.137
Martin, P. M.430Miller, Jos. P. 133
Martin, Mrs. H. B.407Miller, John263
Mathews, John388Miller, John H.262
Mayar, Deed H.522Miller, John G. 255
Maus, Robert H.524Miller, Parker H.255
McBride, H. A.521Miller, Darius571
McCoy, Delbert381Miller, Lyman W.521
McClimans, R. S.344Mills, Sam, Sr.119
McCreadie, Mrs. R. C.349Mitchell, J. J.140
McDermott, Capt. Fred 253Mitchell, Wm. M.141
McDonough, C. S.263Mohler, Arthur H.523
McKenzie, Wm. K., Sr.443Moltke, Otto121
McKenzie, James444Monitor and Community312
McLaughlin, O. C.597Montgomery, E. L.118
McLeod, J. R.521Morehouse, Al.367
McManus, Bert337Morgan, B. F.284
McManus, O. C.336Morgan, Dave119
McMillan, Capt. E. H.518Morical, Sam E.430
McPherson260Moore, Col. Abel76
McQuarrie, E.475Morris, Enoch, Sr.  259
Mead, Dr. Eugene425Morrison, C. A.120
Mead, Dr. Eugene425Moses, Indian Chief  16
Meier, Wm. F.58Moses Coulee282
Merriam, Geo. S.257Munden, Andrew380
Messerly, E.133Murray, Alexander135
Methodist Church Chelan479Murray, W. H.525
Methodist Church Wenatchee497Murray, J. L.523

History of Central Washington

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