History of the city of Spokane and Spokane County, Washington

This cross index is for the volume of Durham’s History of the City of Spokane and the Inland Empire or Spokane Country, as it sometimes says in the title. (Volume II, pages 5 through 831, published in 1912.) The Inland Empire refers to that region from the Cascade foothills to the west, to the Idaho panhandle, northeastern Oregon, eastern Montana, and the lower east portion of British Columbia, Canada.

The pioneers listed were born from the 1840’s to the 1880’s. They came from all over the United States and Europe; most came before 1900. The wives, parents, and children are named; often their business associates are named and always their field of endeavor. Many settled in cities other than Spokane in Washington and Idaho.

This index was originally done by Roberta Lee Lent. It has been re-indexed and digitized by Rebecca A. Menzel.

Key – f. father, m. mother, s. son, d. daughter, w. wife; maiden names, titles in ( )

Spokane and Coeur d’Alene Home addresses mentioned in this book can be found on the last page of this index.


A.M. Fox & Co.228
A.T. Stewart Co.512
Aaron, Fanny630
Abercrombie, Clara De Normandy104
Abercrombie, F.P.100
Abercrombie, Frances K.104
Abercrombie, J.J.100
Abercrombie, John J. (Gen.)100
Abercrombie, Lillian (Kimball)104
Abercrombie, Ralph100
Abercrombie, William R. (Col.)100-104
Aberdeen Hotel441
Abraham, Laura (Hutton)818
Abraham, Wilson818
Abrahams, M.378
Abrahamson, Caretta M.57, 728
Academy of the Holy Name237, 357
Ackermann, Amelia (Oppenheimer)726
Ackermann, David726, 727
Ackermann, Edith (Davis)726
Ackermann, Sidney726
Ackermann, Sigmund726
Ackley, Carrie683
Acton, Marguerite596
Acuff, Isabelle (Bricker)339
Acuff, Lillie A.339
Acuff, Lydia (Ellis)336
Acuff, William Henry336-339
Acuff, William336
Adami, Dorothy100
Adami, Elizabeth (Maas)99
Adami, Henry C.99, 100
Adami, Henry99
Adami, Rowena (McDiarmid)100
Adams Abstract Co.472
Adams County Bank675
Adams County News589
Adams Leather Co.708, 709
Adams, Caroline (Vanderhoof)708
Adams, Charles37, 38
Adams, Elizabeth787
Adams, Francis T. (Judge)706
Adams, Glenn L.709
Adams, Harry669
Adams, Ida A. (Moyer)709
Adams, Ira W.37
Adams, John Quincy163
Adams, Levi G.708, 709
Adams, Mary Helene709
Adams, Sophia (Van Houten)37
Adams, William708
Addy Merchantile Co.175
Aetna Life Insurance Co.430
Aholtz, Lydia E.420
Aikins, Hannah432
Ainsworth, J.C. (Capt.)475
Ajax Mining Co.819
Albi, Garibaldi686, 687
Albi, James686
Albi, Joseph686
Albi, Lenora687
Albi, Loretta687
Albi, Louise (Ottobone)686
Albi, Rose (Veeltri)686
Albi, Rose687
Albi, Stella687
Albi, Theodore687
Alder Gulch205, 206
Alexander & Co. Advertising Agency549
Alexander, W.A.393
Alexandria Hotel213
Allen & Hinkle493
Allen & Hoover215, 571
Allen & Whitson622
Allen, Abbie Elizabeth522
Allen, Amos D.523
Allen, Anna (Evers)572
Allen, Evelyn (Fonner)572
Allen, Frances493
Allen, Hannah (Beard)568
Allen, Hiram E.571
Allen, Hoover & Allen215, 571
Allen, J.M. (Dr.)630
Allen, Jane Emily572
Allen, John B. (Sen.)601
Allen, John B.363, 571, 622, 672
Allen, Joseph S. (Dr.)568
Allen, Joseph Shepherd, Jr.572
Allen, Joseph Shepherd, Sr.568-572
Allen, Lydia80
Allen, Madeline Elizabeth572
Allen, Mamie630
Allen, Martha J.523
Allen, Mary (Furlow)572
Allen, Mary Josephine572
Allen, Mildred Irene572
Allen, Munter & Allen571
Allen, Paul Beard, Jr.572
Allen, Paul Beard, Sr.572
Allen, S.G.493
Allen, Sara Louise523
Allen, Sarah200
Allen, Whitson & Gilliam622
Allenberg, Baer400
Allenberg, Flo (Barmon)401
Allenberg, Herman400, 401
Allenberg, Jack401
Allenberg, Rachel400
Allenberg, Ruth401
Alley, Dodridge647
Alley, Lysett M.647
Alley, Mary (Johnson)647
Allison, Annie (Newman)775
Allison, Cynthia275
Allison, D.W.775
Allison, Ellen E. (Mariner)88
Allison, George Selwin (Dr.)87, 88
Allison, H.M.87
Allison, Ida G.88
Allison, J.C.87
Allison, Mabel P.88
Allison, Walter S.87, 88
Allphin, Tom378
Alma Mining Co.647
Altamont Addition310
Altedenia Apartments586
Alvord, Celestia533
Amalgamated Co.468
American Bell Telephone Co.363
American Boy Group (Mine)432
American Railway Union Strike427
American Smelting & Refining Co.100
American Steel & Wire Co.37
American Trust Co. (C d’A)75, 86
Ammann, Arnold85, 669
Ammann, Caroline (Schwab)669
Ammann, Caroline85
Ammann, Charles E.669, 670
Ammann, Ernest C.483
Ammann, Hazel Kirk (Ludden)483, 669
Ammann, Louise85
Amsden, Charles446
Amsden, Cleora446
Amsden, Lilla446
Amsterdam Trustees Kantoor289
Anaconda Mine38, 295, 296
Anderson Land Co.716, 717, 726
Anderson, Agnes (Diamond)535
Anderson, Albert W.175, 176
Anderson, Anna (Vollmer)717
Anderson, Anna K.478
Anderson, Augusta (Ekstrom)716
Anderson, Bernice369
Anderson, Betsy (Lewis)175
Anderson, C.478
Anderson, Charles F.175
Anderson, Charles J.716, 717
Anderson, Dorothy176
Anderson, Emma521
Anderson, G. Scott739
Anderson, Hannah F.519
Anderson, J.A.535
Anderson, James A.366-369
Anderson, James T.645
Anderson, Jennie F. (Webster)369
Anderson, John (f. of Charles J.)716
Anderson, John (f. of James A.)366
Anderson, John Birchard (Dr.)645, 646
Anderson, Josephine706
Anderson, Margaret (Davis)366
Anderson, Maria L. (Birchard)645
Anderson, Ophelia V.J. (Le Marshal)646
Anderson, Paul176
Anderson, Rex369
Andrews & Jones166
Andrews, Belle Rose246
Andrews, E.G. (Bishop)422
Andrews, Mary573
Andrews, Rose (Eddy)246
Andrews, W.R.166, 363
Andrews, William H.246
Ankeny, John D.175
Ankeny, Mary (Ridpath)175
Annis, Chauncey L.80
Annis, Elizabeth80, 81, 401
Annis, Lydia (Allen)80
Ansley, Edith (Moss)790
Ansley, Frank789-791
Ansley, George W.789
Ansley, Georgia (Knickerbocker)790
Ansley, Homer790
Ansley, Lena790
Ansley, Sherman790
Anthony, Fanny Amelia457
Anthony, Lorenzo D.457
Anthony, Martha (McDowell)457
Arcade Amusement Co.218
Arcade Theater218
Arcadia Irrigation Co.806
Arcadia Land Co.273
Arcadia Orchard Co.275, 806, 807
Archer & Bowden85
Arden Orchards Co.257
Arend & Kennard143
Argentine Gulch437
Arkwright, Isaac819
Arkwright, Mary819
Armstrong Machinery Co.73
Armstrong, David358
Armstrong, James M. (Maj.)73, 358-361
Armstrong, Letitia358
Armstrong, Lida B. (Murphy)73, 361
Armstrong, May Edith73, 361
Arnold, (Mr.)582
Arnold, Byron G.805
Arnold, Emma805
Arnold, Jeremiah805
Arnold-Evans Co.582
Arrison, Helen746
Arthur D. Jones Co.808
Arthur, Chester A.174, 652
Arthur, Fannie791
Arthur, John223, 224
Ash, Elizabeth113
Asher, Esther213
Ashfield, Henry218
Ashfield, Lillian V.218
Ashfield, Sarah218
Ashton, James707
Auditorium Block173, 757
Auditorium Building610
Auditorium Theater230, 234, 716
Audubon Elementary School769
Austin, Flavia (Chamberlin)355
Austin, George355
Avriett, Joseph486
Avriett, Rachel485


B.L. Gordon & Co.253, 254
B.M. & R. Hotel156
B.R. Lewis Lumber Co.719
Babcock, C.A.347
Babcock, Orilla (Derbyshire)511
Babcock, Susan E. (Dwight)347
Backus, Katherine (Stitzel)74
Bailey, James E.88
Bailey, Mabel P. (Allison)88
Bailey, Mary (Yokom)581
Bailey, S.S.206
Baker Electric631
Baker, Charles A.31
Baker, Clement C.31
Baker, Daniel304
Baker, Helen S. (Rogers)31
Baker, S.L. (Cranney)31
Baker, Suzanna (Johnson)304
Baker, William R., Jr.31
Baker, William R., Sr.31, 32
Bald Mountain Mine99
Balfour, James667
Balguy, Edward552
Balguy, Mary (Chase)552
Ball, Julia E.44
Ballard Plannery Co.356, 604, 605
Ballard, David W. (Dr.)29
Ballard, Florence29
Ballard, Gilbert608
Ballard, Ina L. (Chamberlin)356, 607, 608
Ballard, James, Jr.604
Ballard, James, Sr.604
Ballard, Laura608
Ballard, Laura (Edgworth)604
Ballard, William J.356, 604-608
Ballou, Ellis397
Ballou, Georgia397
Ballou, Laura (Clark)397
Baltimore, Ada A.647
Bancroft School700, 703
Bank of – 
      Commerce631, 632
      St. Joe108
      St. Maries108
      Spirit Lake801
      Spokane Falls248, 249, 655
Bankers Building607
Barber, Jerve789
Barghoon, Catharine Anna269
Barghoon, Franc[es] (McConnell)269
Barghoon, Sikko Richard269
Barghoon, Sikko269
Barghoon, Winston William269
Barline, J.C.355
Barmon, Flo401
Barmon, Jacob247, 401
Barmon, Phoebe247
Barmon, Sarah247, 401
Barnes & Latimer284
Barnes, Alfred E.283, 284
Barnes, Alfred J.S.283
Barnes, Cornelia (King)284
Barnes, Edwin King284
Barnes, Elizabeth740
Barnes, Eugene A.284
Barnes, Henrietta478
Barnes, John B.284
Barnes, Susan M. (Jefferson)283
Barnes, W. Lamont284
Barnes, William T.789
Barney, A.G. (Dr.)644
Barney, Carolyn A.643
Barnhart, R.M.73, 703
Barnsdall, Olivia J.242
Barrett, D. Roy792
Barrett, Daniel792
Barrett, Ford S., Jr.795
Barrett, Ford S., Sr.792-795
Barrett, Lawrence Temple795
Barrett, Lewis792
Barrett, Louise (Woodman)792
Barrett, Lucille795
Barrett, Minnie (Ehlers)795
Bartlett, Annette527
Bartlett, Lyman, (Dr.)406
Bassett, Alice (Case)676
Bassett, Claude O.559
Bassett, Elnathan557
Bassett, Emma S.676
Bassett, Francis Marion557
Bassett, George W.558
Bassett, Gilbert558
Bassett, Gilbert Bingham Oscar557
Bassett, Henry S.557, 558
Bassett, Hoka557
Bassett, John Dowd675-677
Bassett, Joseph E.676
Bassett, Julia L. (Selden)676
Bassett, Katharina (Hopp)558
Bassett, Mary (Dowd)675
Bassett, Mary (Smith)557
Bassett, Mary D.676
Bassett, Nathaniel, I557
Bassett, Nathaniel, II557
Bassett, Samuel S.557-559
Bassett, W.E.675
Bassett, William557
Bateman, Leora Nellie625
Bates, E.M.499
Bay View Town Site & Water Co.233
Beal, Mamie24
Beall, Lloyd (Col.)249
Beaman, Ellen L.445
Bean, Almira683
Bean, Caroline (Walker)728
Bean, Ella J.407
Bean, James R. (Dr.)728
Bean, Mabel (Van Wagenen)728
Bean, William E.728
Bear Top Mine812
Beard, Hannah568
Beard, John (Hon.)568
Beardsley, Jane Maria143
Beardsley, John143
Beardsley, John (Capt.)143
Beardsley, Levi143
Beardsley, Ralph143
Beartop Mining Co.61
Beaty, Cora A.730
Becher & Thompson, Inc505, 652
Becher, Annie B. (Junkin)506
Becher, Augusta E.505
Becher, Elizabeth R.506
Becher, Ethel I.506
Becher, Harry P.506
Becher, Margaret A.506
Becher, Margaret S.505
Becher, Percy C.506
Becher, Phil T.505, 506, 652
Becher, Robert A.505
Becher, Ruth (Brison)506
Becher, Septimus (Gen.)505
Becher’s Prairie505
Beck, Amelia (Berger)467
Beck, Bessie467
Beck, Catherine464
Beck, Conrad464
Beck, Edith467
Beck, Elizabeth464
Beck, George464
Beck, George C.464-467, 667
Beck, Louisa464
Beck, Maime Ethel667
Beck, Margaret464
Beck, Margaret (Cook)464
Beck, Mary464
Beck, Mathilda695
Beck, Mayme467, 667
Beckett Investment Co.780
Beckett, Frank780
Beckett, Harry781
Beckett, Henry780
Beckett, Hugh780
Beckett, James W.780, 781
Beckett, Jeannette (Fife)780
Beckett, Jennie780
Beckett, Jessie780
Beckett, John780
Beckett, Leila M. (Scott)781
Beckett, Mary780
Beckett, Ralph781
Beckett, Tom780
Beckwith, Cornelia806
Beedy, Edna T.129
Beedy, Frederick E.129
Beggs, Andrew L.128
Beggs, Edna T. (Beedy)129
Beggs, Elva (Twitchell)129
Beggs, Garland C.129
Beggs, Grace S.129
Beggs, Leo F.129
Beggs, Mary Ann (Gregory)128
Beggs, Mozelle129
Beggs, Stewart129
Beggs, Sydney S.128, 129
Beier, Wilhelmina732
Belcher Mining Co.369
Belden, (Mrs.)648
Belden, E.H.456
Belden, R.G.148
Belknap & Eagle City Transfer Co.185
Belknap, Hannah751
Bell Telephone Co.755
Bell, Almeda J.230
Bell, Charles R.98
Bell, Franklin (Gen.)349
Bell, Genevieve468
Bell, Henry468
Bell, Hugh M.99
Bell, John230
Bell, Oliver Nelson98, 99
Bell, Sarah A. (Scoles)98
Bellamy, Edward209
Bellamy, Lydia A.209
Belshaw, H.W.366
Belt, Cora L.375, 427
Belt, George W. (Judge)166
Belt, H.N.677
Belt, Horatio C.427
Belt, Horatio N. (Hon)375, 424-427
Belt, Martha (Tipton)375, 427
Belt, William L.427
Beneke, Edith299
Benham & Griffith203-205
Benham, Albert204
Benham, L.T.204
Benham, W.L.273, 310, 652
Benjamin P. Cheney Academy741
Benjamin, (Mr.)50
Bennett, Bessie M.566
Bennett, Estelle200
Bennett, James566
Bentley, Carrie J.498
Benton, Mary (Hayden)559
Berger, Amelia467
Berger, Christina275
Berger, Frederick467
Bergeson, M.516
Bergeson, Marie (Heiberg)516
Bernard, Clarence A.535
Bernard, Martha (Diamond)535
Berry, Rhoba Ann673
Bersch, Elizabeth667
Bertch, Clara735
Bertling, Francis Edward (Dr.)634-637
Bertling, Henry634
Bertling, Louise (Myers)637
Bertling, Mary (Torbeck)634
Bertling, Mary Regine637
Bertrand, Eli725
Bertrand, Emma722, 725
Bertrand, Eugene639, 640
Bertrand, Mary (Dumas)725
Bertrand, Maxim639
Bertrand, Orrilla (La Duke)639
Bertrand, Orrilla (Lansing)640
Bertrand, Royal E.640
Betsworth, Laura261
Betsworth, William (Capt.)261
Bettis, F.A.363
Betts, C.G.398, 399
Betts, R.S.398, 399
Beystone, George (Mrs.)123
Bicksler & Webster537
Big Bend Light & Power Co.669
Big Bend Transit Co.477
Big Bend Water Power Co.309
Big Four Development Co.123
Billings, Emeline796
Binkley & Taylor200
Binkley, Ethelyn133, 145
Binkley, George130
Binkley, J.W. (Judge)130-133, 145, 200
Binkley, Josephine (Clarkson)133
Binkley, Mary (Rymal)130
Binnie, Mabel L. (Fisken)669
Binnie, Thomas K.668, 669
Binnie-Strickland Company, Inc.668
Birchard, Maria L.645
Birdsall, Adaline Augusta738
Birdsall, Anna Elizabeth738
Birdsall, Elbert (Col.)737
Birdsall, Emma (Goodenough)739
Birdsall, Lucretia M. (Deebe)737
Birdsall, Wallace C.739
Birdsall, William T.737-739
Bishop, Anna M.343
Bishop, Martha Melissa75
Bishop, Mary Jane309
Bitner, Ella Margaret705
Bitner, George F.704, 705
Bitner, Henry704
Bitner, Nancy (Glass)704
Bitner, Philip George705
Bitner, Sarah Elizabeth (Crebs)705
Bitner, William Henry705
Black Hawk Livery Stable246
Black Horse Mining Co.61
Blacklock, Margaret229
Blackwell Lumber Co.86, 719
Blackwell Park (Spirit Lake)546
Blackwell, (Mr.)143
Blackwell, Blanche87
Blackwell, F.A.87, 195, 317, 376
Blair Business College817
Blair, John E.573
Blake & Post297, 328
Blake, Antoinette E. (Moore)331
Blake, Bruce177, 326, 699
Blake, Jacob M.331
Blake, John328
Blake, Robert B., Jr.331
Blake, Richard B., Sr. (Judge)174, 297, 328-33
Blalock Building173
Blanchett, Charles378
Bloomfield, J.A.535
Bloomfield, James536
Bloomfield, Mary (Diamond)535
Blowers & Co.625
Blue Bell Mine363
Blue Star Mining Co.164
Boardman, William H. (Mrs.)449
Bodie Mine617
Boissonnault, Amarilla (Waterhouse)486
Boissonnault, L.K.486
Bojrk, Anna725
Bolieu, Orrilla640
Bolster, Herbert364
Bomberger, Rebecca463
Bonner County National Bank283
Bonshaw Mine432
Boomer, Jasper H. (Judge)778
Boothe-McClintock Co.254, 755
Boothe-Powell Co.254, 489, 755
Bornite Mining & Smelting Co.399
Bostock, Hewitt536
Boughton, Donald James45
Boughton, Eda (Sayles)45
Boughton, Eugene V.44, 45
Boughton, Irma Bernadine45
Boughton, Julia E. (Ball)44
Boughton, Robert Eugene45
Boughton, William H.44
Boundary District501
Bowers, William501
Bowles, Nancy114
Boyce, F.M.447
Boyce, Olla A. (Butler)447
Boyd, Frank326
Boyd, Isabella247
Boyington, W.W.217
Boyle, Lucy (Hinkle)492
Boyle, Mary J. (Hinkle)492
Boyles Bros.413
Boyles, Alice410
Boyles, Edward F.410
Boyles, Elmore F.410-414
Boyles, Emma410
Boyles, John410
Boyles, Nancy (Rowland)410
Boyles, Page410
Brabham, Elizabeth765
Braden Brothers Co.99
Braden, Maude380
Bradley, Hester L.6
Bradley, John (Capt.)6
Bradrick, Asa V.187, 188
Bradrick, Asa W.188
Bradrick, Harriet (Macdougal)188
Bradrick, Mahlon187
Bradrick, Quincy188
Bradrick, Sarah (Warman)187
Bradshaw, Esther431
Braley, George413
Brandon, Eliza A. (Heath)655
Brandon, Eliza J.622
Brandon, Marion655
Bravender & Keats146
Breece, Jane333
Breen, James365
Brewer, John Mitchell287
Brewer, Lawrence Walbridge288
Brewer, Margaret L. (Thompson)287
Brewer, Robert Thomas288
Brewer, Thomas H.287, 288
Brewer, Winifred (Walbridge)288
Brewster, William (Elder)455
Briar, Carrie M. (Briley)779
Brickell, E.C.364
Bricker, Aaron339
Bricker, Isabelle339
Bricker, Louise339
Brickner, Mary626
Briggs, Anna Elizabeth (Birdsall)738
Briggs, George738
Briggs, George N.738
Briley, Anna (Burford)779
Briley, Buford L.779
Briley, Carrie M.779
Briley, Elmer E. (Dr.)779, 780
Briley, Lillias B. (Farnsworth)779
Briley, Marjorie780
Briley, Samuel779
Brill, J.G.428
Brinkerhoff, Charles B.604
Brinkerhoff, Edwin De Forest604
Brinkerhoff, Eleda Upton604
Brinkerhoff, Frederick E.604
Brinkerhoff, G.H.T604
Brinkerhoff, Helen (Upton)604
Brinkerhoff, Jane (Cortwright)602
Brinkerhoff, Joris602
Brinkerhoff, Josephine (Rabbison)604
Brinkerhoff, Leonard604
Brinkerhoff, Mosella St. Felix604
Brinkerhoff, Moses602-604
Brisbois, Adelaide407
Brison, Ruth506
Broadview Addition423
Brockman, Effie808
Brockman, George H.808
Brook, Helen349
Brook, Henry234, 349, 364
Brook, Katharine234
Brook, Kesia234, 349
Brook, Keziah349
Brooke, George Magruder249
Brooke, George Smith248-250
Brooke, Julia Eltinge249
Brooke, Julia I. (Hill)249
Brooke, Lloyd249
Brooke, Mary Watson249
Brooke, Mary Watson (Smith)249
Brooke, Philip Slaughter249
Brooke, Rebecca249
Brooke, Robert249
Brooke, Robert Dunbar (s. of George)249
Brooke, Robert Dunbar (Rev.) (f. of George)249
Brown National Bank372
Brown, Bertha317
Brown, C.R. (Dr.)823
Brown, Carl Stevens811
Brown, Charles Gordon (Dr.)810, 811
Brown, Charlotte205
Brown, Emily F.163
Brown, G.W. (Dr.)163
Brown, George205, 317, 789
Brown, George W.163
Brown, Helen J.344
Brown, J.J. see also Browne, J.J.364
Brown, Louella823
Brown, Louisanna205
Brown, M.J. (Dr.)193
Brown, Margaret L.193
Brown, Margaret610, 690
Brown, Marietta740
Brown, Mary317
Brown, Mary (Knittle)163
Brown, Olive (Stevens)811
Brown, Paul (Mrs.)123
Brown, Ross C.789
Brown, Rueben S.810
Brown, S.M.740
Brown, Sarah (Wright)810
Brown, William363
Browne National Bank534, 535, 758
Browne, Alta662, 761
Browne, Andrew756
Browne, Anna W. (Stratton)662, 761
Browne, Anne761
Browne, Caroline (Mayer)761
Browne, Earle P.758, 761
Browne, Elizabeth (Goff)756
Browne, Florence (Littlefield)761
Browne, Guy C.536, 758, 761
Browne, Hazel761
Browne, Helen761
Browne, Irma S.761
Browne, James C.756
Browne, John J. “J.J.” (Hon)65, 305, 363, 364, 365, 571, 574, 577, 585, 617, 662, 756-762
Browne, John J. (s. of Guy)761
Browne, Karl M.761
Browne, Marguerite761
Browne’s Addition364, 378, 594
Browne-Post Investment Co.758
Browner, J.J.585
Brownlow, Alexander T.134
Brownlow, Alta M.134
Brownlow, Arthur W.134
Brownlow, Frances L. (Kellow)133
Brownlow, Gertrude S.134
Brownlow, Helen134
Brownlow, Irene (Toner)134
Brownlow, Iva (Mowatt)134
Brownlow, Jane J. (Truman)134
Brownlow, Joseph133
Brownlow, Ralph A.134
Brownlow, Truman Y.134
Brownlow, William Hunter133, 134
Brownlow, William K.134
Bruce, Caroline (McNeal)490
Bruce, Dora E.490
Bruce, Perry490
Brunot Hall104, 137, 267, 314, 353, 397, 437, 577, 680
Brunswick, Louisa67
Bryant Elementary School447
Buchanan, Catharine287
Buchanan, Ella M. (Ryan)287
Buchanan, George284
Buchanan, J.C.781
Buchanan, James D.284-287
Buchanan, Jane (Montgomery)284
Buchanan, Mary287
Buchanan, Mary Ann340
Bucher, Mary812
Bucher, William812
Buck & Winston537
Buck, Norman80
Buckeye Lumber Co.371
Buckman Apartments586
Buffalo-Hump Mining Co.146
Bump Block491
Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mining & Concentrating Co.769, 770, 777, 778
Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mining & Smelting Co.537
Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mining Co.268
Bunker Hill Mine199, 266, 551
Bunnell, Mary687
Burbank, Luther736
Burbridge, Beatrice267
Burbridge, Frederick266, 267
Burbridge, Norman E.266
Burbridge, Rebecca F. (Williams)266
Burch, Alta43
Burch, B.F. (Dr.)43, 196
Burch, Harriette (Spoor)196
Burch, Laura (Havermale)43, 196
Burch, Wallace Spoor197
Burch, William G.196, 197
Burcham, Donald Lusk573
Burcham, Emilie (Henry)573
Burcham, Henry Macgregor573
Burcham, Isabelle (Lusk)572
Burcham, James Fayette572
Burcham, James Taylor572, 573
Burcham, Rebecca815
Burford, Anna779
Burgoyne, (Gen.)616
Burke, (Judge)571
Burke, Anna802
Burke, Daniel B.200
Burke, Daniel J.200
Burke, Ella24
Burke, Estelle (Bennett)200
Burke, Isabel199
Burke, John215
Burke, John Muse199, 200
Burke, John W.199
Burke, Sarah (Greenig)200
Burke, Sarah A.200
Burke, Sarah Eva200
Burke, Thomas199, 707
Burns, Cyrus364
Burntrager, Edith500
Burntrager, George H.500
Burntrager, Mary500
Burr, Edith (Clark)654
Burr, Frank Henry653, 654
Bursell, J.W.366
Burton, George F.455
Burton, Julia Alice (Kennan)455
Butler, Daniel446
Butler, Edmond H.447
Butler, Ella447
Butler, Harriet (Thomas)447
Butler, Hattie (Deere)447
Butler, Lewis F.484
Butler, Louiza484
Butler, Margaret446
Butler, Olla A.447
Butler, Orie D.447
Butler, Pierce484
Butler, Robert W.446, 447
Butte & Washington Mining & Milling Co.257
Butte Reduction Works266
Butterfield, C.L.148
Butterfield, C.W.499
Byrd, Bill638
Byrne Investment Co.236, 237
Byrne, Bridget262
Byrne, Catherine (Sheedy)236
Byrne, Catherine L.237
Byrne, Cornelius237
Byrne, Ida (Gomm)237
Byrne, Mary237
Byrne, Patrick S., Jr.237
Byrne, Patrick S., Sr. (Dr.)236, 237
Byrne, Ruth237
Byrne, William (s. of Patrick S., Sr.)237
Byrne, William (f. of Patrick S., Sr.)236
Byron N. White Co.71
Byron, Charles378


C & R Mining Co.57
C & C Mills427
C.H. Week Block769
C.H. Weeks Coal Co.640, 641
C.W. Hollis & Co.59
Cadwallader, Louisa612
Cadwell, Bertha698
Cain, Elva322
Caldwell, Lillie (Wayland)148
Caldwell, Richard148
Caledonia Mine730
Caledonia Mining Co.61
Calhoun Mines445
California Bank208
Calkins, (Judge)167
Calkins, Lucy355
Cameron Lumber Company, Ltd.420
Cameron, (Mr.)621
Camp Spokane166, 350
Campbell Company727
Campbell, (Mr.)296
Campbell, A.B.449
Campbell, A.D.65, 431
Campbell, A.K.594
Campbell, Edna170
Campbell, Effie170
Campbell, Esther (Bradshaw)431
Campbell, Grace594
Campbell, Henriette (Mrs.)170
Campbell, John M., Jr.431
Campbell, John M., Sr. (Prof.)431
Campbell, Juanita (Hinckley)431
Campbell, Martha516
Canadian Pacific Railroad Co.478, 625
Canfield, Alice (Ferrington)779
Canfield, Helen779
Canfield, Henry Ward (Judge)778, 779
Canfield, Irene779
Canfield, Rolden779
Canfield, Silas S.778
Cannon & Browne239
Cannon & Lee816
Cannon & Warner655
Cannon Hill336, 594
Cannon Hill District571
Cannon Hill Park720, 725
Cannon, A.M.207, 248, 249, 364, 365, 578, 585, 647, 757
Cannon, Angela710
Cannon, Caroline M. (Klein)710
Cannon, E.J.685, 816
Cannon, Elizabeth (Noonan)709
Cannon, Ferris, Swan & Lally428, 429
Cannon, James709
Cannon, John M., Jr.710
Cannon, John M., Sr.709, 710
Cannon, Joseph710
Cannon, Marie710
Cannon’s Addition364, 378
Cantril, Albert H. (Dr.)678
Cantril, Arthur N.678, 679
Cantril, Edna (Hardeman)679
Cantril, Edna E.678
Cantril, Simeon W.678
Carbolineum Treating & Paving Co.801
Cariboo Gold Mines8
Caribou Hydraulic Mining Co.536
Carlisle, Christine (McDonald)356
Carlisle, Jennie E.769
Carlisle, Robert356
Carlson, Alfred648
Carlson, Alfrieda648
Carlton, Elizabeth136
Carlyon, Anna Elizabeth821
Carlysle, Jessie (Beckett)780
Carman Manufacturing Co.379, 380
Carman, Harry J.379, 380
Carman, Helen380
Carman, Joseph Lincoln, Jr.380
Carman, Joseph Lincoln, Sr.379, 380
Carman, Maude (Braden)380
Carman, Mercy Maria (Crane)379
Carman, Virginia380
Carnegie Library (Spokane)90
Carnegie Library (Ritzville)677
Carnon, Bishop479
Carnon, Katherine479
Carnon, Margaret479
Caro Investment Co.595
Carpenter, Carrie429
Carpenter, John L. (Rev.)423
Carpenter, Mary L. (Libby)423
Carr, S.E.534
Carr, Spencer E.405, 406
Carroll, Alice (Nicholson)24
Carroll, Lawrence24
Carstens, E.R.817
Carstens, Flora (Setters)817
Carter House36
Carter, Alice119
Carter, Daniel36
Carter, Joseph119
Carter, Sarah36
Cartier Van Disselsee Van Dissel
Carver, Byron789
Cascade Block780
Case, Alice676
Case, Emma P.617
Case, S.W.D.617
Casey, Edward189
Casey, Eva (Stewart)189
Casey, Helen189
Casey, John188
Casey, Katherine (Dunne)188
Casey, Philip, Jr.189
Casey, Philip, Sr.188, 189
Casey, Robert189
Cashmere State Bank758
Cassidy, Elizabeth769
Cassill Investment Co., Inc.823
Cassill, A.B.822
Cassill, Alice (Wright)822
Cassill, Charles H.822-824
Cassill, Charles Harvey823
Cassill, Clarence B.822
Cassill, Frank823
Cassill, L.B.823
Cassill, Loraine823
Cassill, Lyda822
Cassill, Martha822
Cassill, Mayme822
Cassill, Scott K.823
Cassill, Thomas E.822
Cassill, William W.822
Casterline, John581
Casterline, Rhoda581
Cataldo Mission98
Caughren, J.A.195
Centennial Mill Company241, 242
Chadwick & Fullerton674
Chalmers Auto Co.638
Chamberlin & Chamberlin607
Chamberlin Real Estate & Improvement Co.354, 355, 607
Chamberlin, Albert Victor75, 76
Chamberlin, Anna (Hull)356
Chamberlin, Annie (Wickersham)356
Chamberlin, Anson Bartlett75
Chamberlin, Carrie355
Chamberlin, Daisy F. (Moller)76
Chamberlin, E.A.355
Chamberlin, Ernest A.356
Chamberlin, Flavia355
Chamberlin, Fred364
Chamberlin, Frederick Bishop76
Chamberlin, G.L.355, 608
Chamberlin, Galord76
Chamberlin, Gilbert Lewis354-356, 608
Chamberlin, H.L.355
Chamberlin, Harry356
Chamberlin, Ina356
Chamberlin, Ina L.607, 608
Chamberlin, Lewis L.354
Chamberlin, Lucy355
Chamberlin, Lucy (Calkins)355
Chamberlin, Martha M. (Bishop)75
Chamberlin, Martha Virginia76
Chamberlin, Ruby356
Chamberlin, Will Matthews76
Chapin, Minnie609
Chapman, Anna (Rodgers)777
Chapman, Hallie Jane777
Chapman, John W.207, 364
Chapman, Lillian680
Chapman, W.W.777
Charest, Dumas67
Charest, Idell67
Charest, Verna L.67
Chargois, Alice (Dorman)135
Chargois, V.A.135
Charles Dickens Mine113
Charles, Margaret I.797
Charles, Mary208
Chase, Alice739
Chase, Daniel550
Chase, Gideon384
Chase, Mary384, 550
Chase, Salmon P.550
Chase, Salome (Lombard)384
Chase, Samuel P.522
Chase, Solon384
Chelan Transportation & Smelting Co.739
Cheney Normal School109, 125, 135, 165, 386, 502
Chester & Moore485
Chester, B.R.484
Chester, E.M.484
Chester, G.L.484
Chester, J.W.484
Chester, James W.484
Chester, Lamar486
Chester, Leslie486
Chester, Lewis F.484-486
Chester, Louiza (Butler)484
Chester, O.A.484
Chester, O.B. (Dr.)484
Chester, Roscoe486
Chester, Stephen M.484
Chester, Trixie Hortense486
Chester, William A.484
Chewelah Independent Newspaper133, 134
Chicago Clothing & Merchantile Co.715
Chicago Clothing Co.326, 414, 447, 536
Chicago Hotel516, 519
Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound Railroad188
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad Co.467, 593
Chief Moses625
Child Brothers & Day586
Child, Grace767
Child, Sidney E.767
Child, Susan E. (Van Sickle)767
Children’s Home483
Childs, Jonas W.483
Childs, Vinne Pauline (Ludden)483
Chitwood, Elizabeth164
Christ, John130
Christianson, Jane109
Christmann, Carrie M.564
Christmann, Fredericka (Metzgar)564
Christmann, Jacob M.564
Citizens Bank350
Citizens Building & Loan Ass.90
City Park (Spirit Lake)546
City Park Transit Line365
Clark & Curtis364
Clark Brothers & Klein521, 522, 809
Clark, (Mr.)675
Clark, Agnes38
Clark, Aurelia (Green)777
Clark, Charles778
Clark, Charles H.30
Clark, Charles W.777
Clark, David M.654
Clark, Edith654
Clark, Edna (Lavelle)810
Clark, Elinor778
Clark, Ella296
Clark, F. Lewis362, 449, 765
Clark, Geoffrey810
Clark, Grace F. (Boomer)778
Clark, James38
Clark, James B.809
Clark, James Blaine296, 809
Clark, Jane (Gilbert)751
Clark, John Francis296
Clark, Katherine38, 296
Clark, Laura397
Clark, Martha (Pierce)30
Clark, Mary38
Clark, Mary (Stack)296
Clark, Mary B.30
Clark, N. (Rev.)751
Clark, Nevada (Cobb)119
Clark, Patricia449
Clark, Patrick William, Jr.296, 809, 810
Clark, Patrick “Patsy” William, Sr.38, 295, 296, 449, 522, 809
Clark, Ralph778
Clark, Rebecca654
Clark, Rhea296
Clark, W.C.119
Clark, Walter C.777, 778
Clark, Wellman778
Clark, William A.296
Clarke & Curtis Mill242
Clarkson, Josephine133
Clary, Almira B.480
Clary, John S.480
Clason, Alla (Sylvester)555
Clason, Della555
Clason, Elsa555
Clason, George W. (f. of Rollo)552
Clason, George W. (s. of Rollo)555
Clason, Naomi (Seward)552
Clason, Rollo S. (Dr.)552-555
Claudius, C.H.292
Clearwater Mining Co.57
Cleary, May119
Clendenning, Bathaline215
Clendenning, Bruce278
Clendenning, Catherine (Malloy)278
Cleveland, Elisha520
Cleveland, Frances (Folsom)193
Cleveland, Grover193
Cleveland, Lois520
Cliff Park Addition310
Clifford, Margaret670
Cloney, Mary742
Close Inn Apartments586
Clough, Charles F.334-336
Clough, George H.334
Clough, Lester F.336
Clough, Mildred A. (Morgan)336
Clough, Sally M. (Cook)334
Clough, Zera334
Clowe, Clara214
Clowe, J.W.214
Clowe, Robert214
Club Café383
Coates, David C. (Hon.)319-322
Coates, George319
Coates, Hazel Marie320
Coates, Hughes & Coates321
Coates, Mary (Hodgeson)319
Coates, Sarah B. (Pearce)320
Coates, William321
Cobb, Alice (Carter)119
Cobb, Anne423
Cobb, Cordelia Ann119
Cobb, Elizabeth119
Cobb, James W.119
Cobb, Jesse R.118
Cobb, Jesse T.119
Cobb, John P.119
Cobb, Joseph E.119
Cobb, May (Cleary)119
Cobb, Nevada119
Cobb, Sallie (Lamb)118
Cobb, Warner118, 119
Cochrane, Anna E.631
Coddington & Woodin534
Coddington, W.C.534
Coeur d’Alene & St Joe Transportation Co.801
Coeur d’Alene Bank & Trust Co.662, 758
Coeur d’Alene Consolidated Mining Co.824
Coeur d’Alene Development Co.266
Coeur d’Alene Grain & Milling Co.259
Coeur d’Alene Hardware Co.41, 107, 727
Coeur d’Alene Iron Works22, 57
Coeur d’Alene Lumber Co.75
Coeur d’Alene Mines656, 659
Coeur d’Alene Mission750
Coeur d’Alene Park348
Coeur d’Alene Reservation693
Coeur d’Alene-Norfolk Mining & Smelting Co.306
Cohn & Rosenhaupt326
Cohn, A.B.176
Cohn, Anna176
Cohn, Bertha (Marks)176
Cohn, Ella (Rosenfeld)177
Cohn, Harry L.176, 177, 326
Cohn, J.P.176
Cohn, Jean177
Cohn, L.M.176
Cohn, Morris L.176
Cohn, Rae177
Cohn, Rosenhaupt & Blake177
Colborn & Morgan Tract59
Colborn, Effie J.727
Colborn, George M.59
Colborn, Joseph727
Colburn, Algernon O.421, 422
Colburn, Annette (Osmer)421
Colburn, Chester J.421
Cole, Edith M. (Potter)611
Cole, H.V.610
Cole, Kenneth611
Cole, Mary J. (Hutton)175
Cole, Mary J. (Kelly)610
Cole, Robert S.175
Cole, Rosa173
Cole, Sarah J.175
Cole, T.O. (Dr.)610, 611
Colfax Bank215
Colfax National Bank54, 493, 494, 796
College Addition96
Collier & Cross714
Collier, Charles M.194
Collier, Harrison (Dr.)714
Collier, J.F.714, 715
Collier, Louise (Hostetler)714
Collier, Mary E. (Hunter)715
Collier, Nettie M. (McCornack)194
Collins, Ada Elizabeth130
Collins, Anna (Burke)802
Collins, Daniel C., Jr.802
Collins, Daniel C., Sr.801, 802
Collins, E.K.738
Collins, Elizabeth P. (Johnson)129
Collins, Johanna (Snell)130
Collins, John129
Collins, Lola Rivers130
Collins, Marie802
Collins, Martha R. (Sprinkle)130
Collins, Nellie802
Collins, Robert W.129-130
Collins, Ruby J.130
Collins, T.A. (Mrs.)267
Collins, W.G.292, 295
Colman, Louise535
Colonial Building Co.95
Columbia Investment Co.758
Columbia Livery Stables74
Columbia Valley Bank758
Colville Hotel74
Colville Land Co.98
Colville Sanitarium46
Coman, Catherine57
Coman, Catherine (Tull)57
Coman, Daniel Franklin54
Coman, Edwin Truman54, 57
Coman, Robert Martin57
Coman, Rosilla J. (Thresher)54
Combs, Elizabeth (Beck)464
Comet Mine632
Commercial Orchards Co.334, 335
Commerical State Bank494
Comstock & Patterson53, 80
Comstock, Eliza (Paine)79
Comstock, Elizabeth (Annis)80, 81, 401
Comstock, George79
Comstock, James M. (Capt.)53, 76- 81, 277, 401
Comstock, Josie80, 401
Comstock, May80
Concordia Hall160
Condon, Azro805
Condon, Minnie (McDermont)805
Cone, L.A.816
Cone, Mamie (Setters)816
Cone, Theresa500
Conklin, Mary A.239
Connecticut Investment Co.675, 676
Connell National Bank497
Connelly, (Mr.)402
Connelly, Annie265
Conners, Ellen32
Connor, Henley & Scott578
Conservative Land & Investment Co.88
Considine, John W.732
Continental Land Co.617
Continental Timber Co.68
Cook, (Rev.)295
Cook, Clara L.310
Cook, Gordon A. (Dr.)808
Cook, Harl J.309, 310
Cook, Harriet C.120
Cook, Isaac309
Cook, Jacob120
Cook, John R.365
Cook, Katie M.808
Cook, Margaret464
Cook, Mary370
Cook, Mary A.276
Cook, Mary Jane (Bishop)309
Cook, Pauline295
Cook, Sally M.334
Cook, Thaddeus (Col.)370
Cook, Verna B.310
Cook’s Addition365
Cook-Clark Real Estate Co.669
Cooke, Ellen Gertrude234
Coolidge & McClaine493, 796
Coolidge, Ai493
Coolidge, Alfred282, 493, 494, 797
Coolidge, Dolph494
Coolidge, Emma (Scriber)494
Coolidge, Emma494
Coolidge, Frances (Allen)493
Coolidge, Max494
Cooper Elementary School769
Cooper, Orlando666
Cooper, Sarah666
Cooper, Susan (Prentiss)666
Copper King Mining & Smelting Co.57
Copper World Gold Mining & Smelting Co.767
Corbaley, A.L.808
Corbaley, Edna K.808
Corbaley, Effie (Brockman)808
Corbaley, Frank R.807-809
Corbaley, Gordon C.808
Corbaley, Jane (Croco)808
Corbaley, John A.808
Corbaley, Katie M. (Cook)808
Corbaley, Marie O.808
Corbaley, Platt M.808
Corbaley, Richard808
Corbaley, W.G.808
Corbin Coal & Coke Co550
Corbin Park348
Corbin, Austin, II449, 552
Corbin, Austin, Jr.550, 787
Corbin, Austin, Sr.550
Corbin, Daniel Chase8, 127, 144, 204, 207, 273, 310, 363, 449, 497, 550-552, 651, 652, 677, 787
Corbin, James (Dr.)550
Corbin, Louise552
Corbin, Mary450, 552
Corbin, Mary (Chase)550
Corbin, Salmon P.550
Corliss, John W.423
Corliss, Laura M. (Libby)423
Corner & Fisher799
Corner, M.A.799
Corrigan-McKinney Co.68
Cort, John732
Cortwright, Jane602
Cosgrave, Mary109
Coss, Andrew Jasper580, 581
Coss, Mariette (Hutton)580
Coss, Rhoda (Casterline)581
Coss, William R.580
Courley, Margaret480
Cove & Crane93
Cowean, Anna684
Cowean, C.T.684
Cowean, Nora684
Cowin, Emma41
Cowley & Rigg586
Cowley, (Mr.)104
Cowley, Agnes277, 586
Cowley, Annie (Connelly)265
Cowley, Arthur W.585-587
Cowley, Bridget (Byrne)262
Cowley, Cazenovia586
Cowley, Clara (Pfisterer)585
Cowley, Edith586
Cowley, Eleanor B.265
Cowley, Henry Thomas277, 310, 331, 585, 586
Cowley, Hugh262
Cowley, Katherine586
Cowley, Lucy A. (Peet)277, 586
Cowley, Mary Frances265
Cowley, Michael M.262-265
Cowley’s Bridge265, 595
Cox, W.A. (Mrs.)749
Coxey’s Army348, 427, 490
Craft, Hannah710
Cragin & Hunter630
Cragin, George P.630
Craig, Adam483
Craig, Sarah483
Crandall, Bess M. (Steere)608
Crandall, Susan E.523
Crandall, W.C. (Judge)523
Crandell, Alger B.638
Crandell, Clifton638
Crandell, Earl Floyd638
Crandell, Ellen A. (Learned)637
Crandell, George H.637-639
Crandell, Grace (Hinkle)638
Crandell, Hartwell L.638
Crandell, John638
Crandell, John (Rev.)637
Crandell, John S.637, 638
Crandell, Leonard W.638
Crandell, Rachel638
Crandell, Reuben608, 609, 637, 638
Crandell, Russell638
Crandell, William T.638
Crane Shoe Co.93
Crane, Clara B. (Whitson)625
Crane, Earl B.94, 625
Crane, Frank G.94
Crane, George T.93, 94, 625, 742
Crane, Margaret (Wright)94
Crane, Marguerite94
Crane, Mercy Maria379
Crane, Peter F.93
Cranney, S.L. (Miss)31
Cranney, Thomas31
Crawford, (Mr.)208
Crebs, Sarah Elizabeth705
Crego, Adelaide419
Crego, Charles M.419
Crego, George419
Crescent Department Store53, 277, 769
Creutzer, J.A.95
Croco, Jane808
Crommelin, Henri670
Crommey, Mary A.241
Cromwell, Oliver75
Cronin, James536
Cronly, Catherine601
Crosby, (Capt.)499
Crosby, Martha499
Cross, J.L.714
Crow & Williams824
Crow, Herman D. (Judge)768, 824
Crow, M.E. (Mrs.)768
Crowder, Maria21
Crowel, Sarah159
Crown Coal & Coke Co.148
Cruise, Clara (Olson)683
Crumpton, Caroline Lucy445
Crumpton, John A.445
Crumpton, Marion C.445
Cruse, Thomas99
Crystal Laundry Co.644, 645
Crystal Steam & Hand Laundry644
Culbertson, Cambridge C.126
Culbertson, Emily A. (Rankin)126
Culbertson, F.R.146
Culbertson, Frank R.125-128
Culbertson, Jessie B. (Glidden)127
Culbertson, S. Glidden127
Cullen & Lee815
Cullen, Corlin468
Cullen, Genevieve (Bell)468
Cullen, Genevieve468
Cullen, Lee & Foster467, 816
Cullen, William E., Jr. (Judge)95, 467, 468
Cullen, William E., Sr.467
Cummings, Elizabeth (Glendenning)229
Cummings, Marion229
Cunard, Samuel (Sir)333
Cunningham Realty Co.497
Cunningham, Clarence303
Cunningham, Claudia (Petite)303
Cunningham, D.H. (Dr.)300
Cunningham, Dorothy Helen497
Cunningham, Ila W.497
Cunningham, James Calvin494-498
Cunningham, James Robert494
Cunningham, James Russell497
Cunningham, John G. (Dr.)300, 303, 502
Cunningham, John M.300
Cunningham, Margaret Claudia303
Cunningham, Mary A. (Johnston)300
Cunningham, Robert Wesley497
Cunningham, Sarah (Haber)497
Curry, (Miss)143
Curry, Mary533
Curtis, H.E.430
Custer Mining Co.57
Cutter & Malmgren448, 667
Cutter, Caroline Atwater (Pease)449
Cutter, Katherine (Phillips)450
Cutter, Kirtland Corbin450
Cutter, Kirtland Kelsey448-450
Cutter, Mary (Corbin)450
Cutter, Orlando449
Cutter, William Lemen449


D. Keller & Co.589
D.B. Ide & Son Grocers65
Daggett, Bradley275
Daggett, Charles275
Daggett, Christeena (McIntyre)275
Daggett, Floyd653
Daggett, Floyd Lorenzo (Hon.)274, 275
Daggett, Gordon F.275
Daggett, Gus M.275
Daggett, Margaret L. (Floyd)274
Daggett, P.A.274
Daggett, Pliny A.274
Dahms, Chauncy L.647
Dahms, Edward J., Jr.647
Dahms, Edward J., Sr.647, 648
Dahms, Hazel L.647
Dahms, Ida M. (Vierich)647
Dahms, John J.647
Dahms, Lysett M. (Alley)647
Dahms, Mary-Gale648
Daily, Bartholomew789
Daily, Margaret789
Dallam, Frank M.185
Daly, Marcus38, 295, 296
Danson & Huneke391
Danson & Williams391
Danson, Ella E.391
Danson, Ella J. (Lilly)391
Danson, Ethel391
Danson, May391
Danson, Michal (Giles)388
Danson, Michal L.391
Danson, Robert John388-391
Danson, Robert W. (f. of Robert J.)388
Danson, Robert W. (s. of Robert J.)391
Danson, Williams & Danson388, 391
Dave E. Zent & Co., Inc.471, 472
Davenny, Laura567
Davenny, W.H.567
Davenport National Bank236, 283
Davenport, John C.249
Davenport, L.M.449
Davenport’s Restaurant449
Davidson, Henrietta I.54
Davidson, Mary T.634
Davidson, W.T.634
Davies, Elizabeth585
Davies, Thomas585
Davis & Davis594
Davis, Annie745
Davis, Arthur W.594
Davis, Charles A.700
Davis, Edith726
Davis, Eleanor D.700
Davis, Helen Josephine (Wells)594
Davis, Henrietta726
Davis, Ida M.493
Davis, Irving R.594, 595
Davis, Margaret366
Davis, Margaret E.645
Davis, Norton355
Davis, Simon726
Davis, T.J. (Mrs.)706
Davis, Theodore645
Davis, William594
Davy & Co.44
Dawson, R.B.378
Day & Hanson Security Co.668
Day, (Mr.)467
Day, Anna824, 825
Day, Blanche M.824
Day, Fred J.109
Day, John538
Day, John V.824, 825
Day, Mary800
Day, Vince A.824, 825
De Huff, Mary F.196
De Huff, P.W.196
De Lashmutt, Ernest353
De Lashmutt, Maria (Luhn)353
Deaconess Hospital384, 737
Deaconess Pension Fund Society497
Deebe, Lucretia M.737
Deep Creek Falls486
Deer Lake806
Deer Park680, 683
Deer Trail Camp515
Deere, Hattie447
Deere, Moses447
DeFloune, Emily542
Del Plaine, Mary E604
Del Rio Mining Co.738
Delameter & Blake699
Delameter, Charles M.698-700
Delameter, Eleanor D. (Davis)700
Delameter, Imogene (Shaw)698
Delameter, James M.698
Dell, E.T.472
Dell, Lottie (Zent)472
Demert, Lena677
Dempsey, Christopher C.250-253
Dempsey, Connor250
Dempsey, James P.253
Dempsey, Josephine253
Dempsey, Lucille K.253
Dempsey, Mary (Duffy)250
Dempsey, Mary Ellen253
Dempsey, Mary Ellen (Lincoln)253
Dempsey, Robert J.253
Denison, Mary Louise617
Dennis, Essie Mernie6
Dennis, G.B.364
Dennis, Graham Barclay5, 6
Dennis, Hester L. (Bradley)6
Dennis, Howard B.6
Dennis, Josephine (Wilhelm)6
Dennis, Julia B.6
Dennis, Medenhall John5
Dennis, Sophia5
Dennison, Lucy A.651
Derbyshire, Anna M. (Platt)511
Derbyshire, Daniel Z.508
Derbyshire, Glenn B.508-512
Derbyshire, Harriet511
Derbyshire, Maria (Newitt)508
Derbyshire, Naomi511
Derbyshire, Orilla511
Derbyshire, Paul M.508
Derbyshire, William508
Derbyshire, William N.508
Dessert Building95
Dethoor, Paul16
Dettman, Charles A. (Dr.)61
Devitt, Fannie (Oliver)123
DeVol, E.A. (Mrs.)414
Dewart, Donald801
Dewart, Edith L. (Drought)801
Dewart, Frederick801
Dewart, Frederick Wesley800, 801
Dewart, James Hartley (Rev.)800
Dewart, Mary (Day)800
Dewey, Adelbert M.210-213
Dewey, Milton210
Dewey, Permelia (Riggs)210
Diamond & Hughes535, 536
Diamond Carriage Co.558, 559
Diamond Drill Mining Co.413
Diamond Trading Co.536
Diamond, Abraham535
Diamond, Agnes535
Diamond, Alice535
Diamond, Charles Edward Howard536
Diamond, Charles T.535, 536
Diamond, Clara535
Diamond, Evelyn Mary (Gibbon)536
Diamond, Herbert535
Diamond, John Herbert535
Diamond, Louise (Coleman)535
Diamond, Martha535
Diamond, Mary535
Dickinson, Charlotte Caroline729
Dickson, Edward R.6
Dickson, Elizabeth (Chitwood)164
Dickson, Essie Mernie (Dennis)6
Dickson, Flossie164
Dickson, Frankie164
Dickson, Hilda164
Dickson, Mary C. (Reed)164
Dickson, Susie164
Dickson, Thomas M.164
Dickson, Wayne164
Dickson, William Wayne164, 165
Dietrich, Frank L. (Judge)73
Dietrich, Frank S. (Hon.)651
Dill, Amanda (Kunkel)797
Dill, Clarence C.797
Dill, Theodore M.797
Dillingham, Edith (Paine)137
Dillingham, Edward L.136
Dillingham, Elizabeth137
Dillingham, Elizabeth (Carlton)136
Dillingham, Evelyn137
Dillingham, George136
Dillingham, R.C.633
Dillingham, Ralph Carlton136, 137
Dillworth, R.T.109
Dingle, Flora164
Dingle, P.B.164
Dirks, Donald428
Dirks, Dorothy428
Dirks, Hattie C. (Scott)428
Dirks, John L.428
Dirks, Leonard428
Dirks, Maria (Greenwood)428
Division Street Hardware Co.366, 369
Dodd, Jennie (Beckett)780
Dodd, Mary (Beckett)780
Doherty, Henry L.679
Dominion Mine363
Donahue, James694
Donahue, Mary (Ryan)694
Donahue, Nellie694
Donald, George571
Donart, Adolph198, 199
Donart, Augusta198
Donart, William198
Donnellan, Margaret229
Donnelly, John742
Donnelly, Mary (Cloney)742
Donnelly, Simon P.742-745
Donovan, J.M.366
Doolittle, Andrew B.370
Doolittle, George H.370
Doolittle, George Tilton (Dr.)369-371
Doolittle, John A.370
Doolittle, Mary (Cook)370
Doolittle, May G. (Hendryx)370
Doolittle, Sarah D.370
Doolittle, Tilton E. (f. of George)369, 370
Doolittle, Tilton E. (s. of George)370
Dorgan, Donnie706
Dorgan, Eunice706
Dorgan, Kate (Murphy)705
Dorgan, Maggie (Estell)706
Dorgan, Violet706
Dorgan, William705
Dorgan, William F.705, 706
Dorman Bros.135
Dorman, Alice135
Dorman, Alice (Jay)135
Dorman, Donald O.136
Dorman, Dorothy M.136
Dorman, Etta E. (Zaring)136
Dorman, Hiner134
Dorman, Jess135
Dorman, Lois135
Dorman, Lou135
Dorman, Martha (Knox)134
Dorman, Martha A.136
Dorman, Orris134-136
Dorman, Ortho135, 218
Dorman, Richard A.136
Dorn, Katherine430
Dorn, Paul430
Dorn, Pauline (Sturney)431
Dorn, Rudolph430, 431
Dorn, Siegfried A.G.431
Dorsey, Anna (Ryan)506
Dorsey, Christine (McKay)507
Dorsey, Frances C.507
Dorsey, Frank Joseph506, 507
Dorsey, Frederick507
Dorsey, Georgia (Green)507
Dorsey, Lewis D.507
Dorsey, Lillian C.507
Dorsey, Loreine Claire507
Dorsey, Mathew506
Dorsey, William507
Dostal, Katherine420
Dow, John K.798
Dowd, Mary675
Downing, J.J.50
Drake, Ida M. (Miller)120
Drake, W.J.120
Dreher, Bertha C.118
Dreher, Catherine (Scheiss)118
Dreher, George118
Drent, Peteke416
Drought, Edith L.801
Drought, Henry801
Drought, Mary801
Drumheller & Malloy278
Drumheller Land Co.767
Drumheller, (Mayor)677
Drumheller, Albert S.236
Drumheller, Burrell V.236
Drumheller, Daniel M., Jr.236
Drumheller, Daniel M., Sr.235, 236, 766
Drumheller, Eliza (Hollis)235
Drumheller, Fred H.236
Drumheller, Grace (Child)767
Drumheller, Jerome L.236, 278, 766-768
Drumheller, Joseph236
Drumheller, Lulu H.236
Drumheller, Nellie (Powell)236
Drumheller, Nicholas Lafayette235
Drumheller, Susan (Warren)236, 766
Dry Goods Realty Co.53, 76, 80, 277
Dude Claim499
Dudley & Collins772
Dudley, F.M.467
Duffy, Alice E. (Mrs.)82
Duffy, Mary250
Dumas, Emily (Mrs.)471
Dumas, Mary725
Dumheller, (Mr.)104
Dunmore, Edna (Pedicord)765
Dunn, Alice694
Dunn, William F.694
Dunne, Kathrine188
Dunning, Amata621
Dunning, Charles B.609
Dunning, Charles Burgess618-621
Dunning, Ellen (McKay)618
Dunning, J. Warren (Dr.)609, 610
Dunning, John618
Dunning, Joseph Warren (Dr.)621
Dunning, Josephine609
Dunning, Josephine (Hiller)609, 621
Dunning, Margret609
Dunning, Marie E.621
Dunning, Minnie (Chapin)609
Dunning, William H.621
Dunphy, Alexander546
Dunphy, Ethel Frances (Ross)550
Dunphy, H. Ross550
Dunphy, Harold M.546-550
Dunphy, Isabel546
Dunsmuir Apartments585
Dupuy, Cecelia95, 107
Durham, N.W. (Hon.)571
Durkin, Edmund789
Durkin, Emmett789
Durkin, Eva789
Durkin, James788, 789
Durkin, Joseph789
Durkin, Margaret (Daily)789
Durkin, Mary (McGuire)788
Durkin, Ruth789
Durkin, Thomas788
Dwight, Daniel344
Dwight, Daniel H.344-349
Dwight, Daniel Willis349
Dwight, David344
Dwight, Dorothy F.349
Dwight, John344
Dwight, Mary A.347
Dwight, Mary E.349
Dwight, Mary E. (Low)347
Dwight, Mary P. (Willis)348
Dwight, Susan E.347
Dwight, Timothy344
Dwight, William (Capt.)344
Dyer, Charles378


E.C. Atkins Co.739
Eagle Block354
Eagle Building414, 647
Eagle Garage Building586
Eakin, Maria194
Early, Elvira656
Early, Joab (Capt.)656
Early, Jubal A. (Gen.)253, 656
Early, Texana253
East Farms506
East Greenacres506
East Hercules Extension Mining Co.416
East Spokane Improvement Co.801
East Washington Horticultural Soc.184
Eastern Hospital for the Insane479, 480, 791
Eaton, Elizabeth693
Eaton, Mary693
Ebaugh, Katherine Elizabeth349
Echo Mills700
Echo Roller Mills146
Eddom, Bill565
Eddy, Rose246
Edgworth, Laura604
Edison Electric Illuminating Co.364, 365
Edmiston, (Mr.)357
Edmonds, Bertha (Skinner)787
Edmonds, George787
Edmondson, Margaret815
Edris, Anna (Groat)556
Edris, George W.556
Edris, Mary555
Edris, Ned C.556
Edris, Walter Perry555, 556
Edris, William (f. of Walter)555
Edris, William (s. of Walter)556
Edward J. Dahms Co., Inc.647
Edwards, A.C.731
Edwards, Alphonso C.184-187, 731
Edwards, Altaire H.185
Edwards, Amos H.184, 185
Edwards, Anna (McMahon)732
Edwards, Bert E.185
Edwards, Charles P.185
Edwards, Chester186, 731, 732
Edwards, Eliza C. (Grant)184
Edwards, Ella C.185
Edwards, Eo. R.185
Edwards, I.N.751
Edwards, Ivers C.185
Edwards, Malinda J. (McWhorter)186
Edwards, Mamie116
Edwards, Mary (Gilbert)751
Edwards, Permelia Johnson (McCoy)186
Edwards, S.E.185
Egan, Catherine819
Egger, Dorothy (Robinson)806
Egger, Fred806
Eggleston & Co.257, 258
Eggleston, M.H.258
Ehlers, Fred795
Ehlers, Minnie795
Eiler Building160, 610
Ekstrom, Augusta716
Elliott, Joseph (Capt.)344
Elliott, Nancy93
Ellis & Ford545
Ellis, Ada A.656
Ellis, Ada A. (Baltimore)647
Ellis, Asbery English646, 647, 656
Ellis, Asbury E.656
Ellis, Carson647
Ellis, Cheater647
Ellis, Clara (d. of Asbury)647
Ellis, Clara (d. of Samuel)458
Ellis, Ida E.647, 656
Ellis, Lydia336
Ellis, Mabel647
Ellis, Nora647
Ellis, Olive647
Ellis, Rhoda (Kennedy)458
Ellis, Samuel458
Ellis, Sarah150
Ellsworth, Flora159
Elston, Arthur G.690-693
Elston, Elizabeth (Eaton)693
Elston, Helene693
Elston, Jane690
Elston, John D.690
Elston, Margaret (Brown)690
Elston, Robert690
Elston, Vernon693
Elston, Vivian693
Elston, William R.690
Ely, Gillispie696
Ely, Josephine (Gillispie)696
Ely, L.B. Smith695
Ely, Martha696
Ely, Martha (Herndon)695
Ely, Smith, Jr.696
Ely, Smith, Sr.695, 696
Emerson, Jane45
Emma Mine199
Empire Candy & Cracker Co.579, 580
Empire Candy Co.579
Empire Hotel607
Empire State Building247, 437, 537, 694, 776
Empire State Manufacturing Co.325
Empire State-Idaho Mining & Dev. Co.146
Empress Theater218, 234, 716
Engdahl, Anna G. (Johnson)616
Engdahl, Carl616
Engdahl, Christina616
Engdahl, Christina (Johnson)615
Engdahl, Donald616
Engdahl, Enoch E.615, 616
Engdahl, Evelyn616
Engdahl, P.J.615
Enoch, Alice (Hopkins)208
Enoch, Alice L.208
Enoch, Blodwen M.208
Enoch, Evan208, 209
Enoch, Grace H.208
Enoch, Indian600
Enoch, Job208
Enoch, Mary (Charles)208
Enoch, Mary E.208
Enoch, Ruth L.208
Equitable Life Assurance Society400, 507
Erickson, Carl541
Erickson, Carrie542
Erickson, Carrie (Erickson)542
Erickson, Charlotta541
Erickson, Christina (Johnson)541
Erickson, Emily (DeFloune)542
Erickson, Gus542
Erickson, Ida541
Erickson, Johanna542
Erickson, John E.541, 542
Erickson, John P.541
Erickson, Theodore542
Eshelman-Harvey-Burr Co.654
Eshleman-Burr Co.653, 654
Espanola Apartments217
Estell, Maggie706
Evans, Blodwen Elinor585
Evans, Edward582-585
Evans, Elinor (Jones)582
Evans, Elizabeth (Davies)585
Evans, Evan582
Evans, James Edward775
Evans, Maude L.775
Evans, Thomas Iorwerth585
Evers, Anna571, 572
Exchange Bank Building313
Exchange Bank369
Exchange Lumber Co.680
Exchange National Bank of – 
      Coeur d’Alene108
      Spokane54, 75, 215, 219, 258, 288, 427, 428


F & G Cushing644
F. Westheimer & Sons726
Fair (The)534
Fairbanks, Charles W. (V.P.)325
Fairbanks, Katherine325
Fairbanks, Lillian325
Fairbanks, William325
Fairfield Standard703
Fairmont Hotel217
Fairview Copper Mining Co.123
Fairweather & Brooke249
Fairweather, H.W.342
Falls City Plumbing & Heating Co.378
Fancy, Albert C.745
Fancy, Annie (Davis)745
Fancy, Jay W.745, 746
Fancy, Nanette745
Fancy, Simeon E.745
Farmer Jones Mining Co.257
Farmers Mechanical Bank536
Farney, Anna (Murtaugh)693
Farney, Dennis693
Farney, H.J.693, 694
Farney, Nellie (Donahue)694
Farney, Oliver694
Farnsworth, Lillias B.779
Farnsworth, W.L.779
Farrell, Anna399
Fassett, C.M.739
Faulkner, Maria371
Fay Templeton Mine521
Featherston, Edna Lee (Perrine)430
Featherston, John H.429, 430
Featherston, Julia R. (Macalister)429
Featherston, William Ralph429
Fechet, Catherine (Luhn)353
Fechet, James E. (Capt.)353
Federal Mining & Smelting Co.61, 99, 100, 146,147, 281, 739, 740
Federal Mining Co.200, 602
Fellows, Ann Marie (McCabe)178
Fellows, Arthur179
Fellows, George178
Fellows, George A.178-180
Fellows, Irwin179
Fellows, Mabel J. (Harris)179
Fenton, Henley & Fenton578
Fernwell Block173
Ferrington, Alice779
Ferrington, Alice (Myler)779
Ferrington, Rolden B.779
Ferris, Annie Hungerford391
Ferris, Franklin W.391
Ferris, George Joseph428
Ferris, George M.428, 429
Ferris, Katherine (Ryan)428
Ferris, Martin E.429
Ferris, Renick (Gimble)429
Ferris, William Albert391
Fidelity Bank369
Fidelity Building & Loan Ass.290
Fidelity National Bank134, 135, 249, 266, 287, 288, 347, 497
Field, Alice Bungay632
Field, Bernice632
Field, Fred632
Field, Harriet E.119
Field, Julia632
Field, Mary632
Field, Orin632
Field, Ruby632
Field, Willard632
Field, Willard B.632
Fife, Jeannette780
Fife, W.H.780
Fillpot Trial704
Finch & Campbell239
Finch Co.727
Finch, (Mr.)296
Finch, John A.365, 449
Finch, W.E.536
Finley, Robert, Sir118
First Bank of Genesse288
First Methodist Church422
First National Bank of – 
      Coeur d’Alene287, 288
      Pullman287, 288
      Hillyard189, 190
      Kellogg771, 778
      Medical Lake566
      Ritzville567, 707
      Spokane52, 626
      Wallace727, 729
First Savings & Trust Bank of Whitman494
First State Bank of – 
      Deer Park208, 683
      St. Joe, ID238, 747
Firth, (Mayor)677
Fish, Leman815
Fish, Lucy Grace (Lee)815
Fisher, Cassie Downey (Moore)800
Fisher, David799
Fisher, Henry799
Fisher, Homer Clark799, 800
Fisher, Indiana800
Fisher, Lucile800
Fisher, M.E.100
Fisher, Ross Clark800
Fisher, Sarah Jane (Huston)799
Fisher-Thorson Co.514
Fiske, F.R. (Dr. & Mrs.)123
Fisken, Archibald669
Fisken, Mabel L.669
Fisken, Sarah669
Fiskin, Jack364
Fitch, John A.310
FitzGerald, Annie772
FitzGerald, Edgar James775
FitzGerald, Eugene772
FitzGerald, John, I772
FitzGerald, John L., III775
FitzGerald, John L., II772-775
FitzGerald, Margaret (Scanlon)772
FitzGerald, Mary772
FitzGerald, Maude L. (Evans)775
FitzGerald, Michael E.772
Fitzpatrick, Anne741
Fitzpatrick, Bernard740-742
Fitzpatrick, Elizabeth (Barnes)740
Fitzpatrick, James M.741
Fitzpatrick, Katherine (Lench)741
Fitzpatrick, L.J.741
Fitzpatrick, Richard740
Five Mile Prairie571
Flanagan, Mary A. (Sheire)190
Flanagan, P.R.190
Flannigan, Annie (FitzGerald)772
Flannigan, John772
Flathead Reservation693
Fleming, Albert Thompson424
Fleming, Catherine423
Fleming, Charles A.423, 424
Fleming, Cora (Thompson)424
Fleming, George B.424
Fleming, Michael423
Flewelling, Abram P.68
Flewelling, Albert Laurance68, 69, 71
Flewelling, Ethel F.71
Flewelling, Lottie A. (Weatherwax)71
Flewelling, Rosana (Sprague)68
Flint Investment Co.156
Flint, Albert155
Flint, Alice (Gray)157
Flint, Elvira (Richardson)155
Flint, Frank J.155
Flint, Fred, Jr.155-157
Flint, Fred, Sr.155
Florence Crittenton Home819
Florence Silver Mining Co.292, 295, 718
Floyd, Margaret L.274
Fogenthaller, Matilda713
Fogg, Anna Gould514
Fogg, William Perry514
Folsom, Frances269
Folsom, Janet269
Folsom, Jeremiah268
Folsom, Mary (Lyon)268
Folsom, Maud (Wadsworth)269
Folsom, Myron Archer268, 269
Fonner, Evelyn572
Foresters of America Building787
Forrest Park Addition767
Forrest, (Gen.)720
Forrest, Alma786
Forrest, Genevieve398
Forrest, Mary (Randolph)786
Forrest, R.W.207, 342
Forrest, Randolph B.786
Forster & Wakefield85, 822
Forster, George M.85
Fort Coeur d’Alene51, 103, 265, 350
Fort Colville740
Fort Sherman8
Fort Spokane8, 241, 305, 363, 740
Fort Spokane Post Trading Est.685
Fort Steele Mining District139
Fort Wright103
Fort, Clara F.372
Fort, Daniel G.372
Foster, A.L.746
Foster, H.499
Foster, May (MacCalla)746
Foster, W.H.467
Fotheringham, Benjamin Harrison248
Fotheringham, Bernard Jennings248
Fotheringham, David B.247, 248
Fotheringham, David Dalton248
Fotheringham, Isabella247
Fotheringham, Isabella (Boyd)247
Fotheringham, Jennie247
Fotheringham, Mary (Jennings)248
Fotheringham, William247
Fotheringham, William Henry248
Foulkes, Mary N. (Nuzum)544
Foulkes, Thomas (Rev.)544
Four Lake Country789
Foy, Alicia38
Frances Jewell Mining Co.579
Francis Willard Elementary School769
Frank Brothers Implement Co.86
Frank Johnson & Son303, 305
Frankfort Block65
Franklin Elementary School95
Franz, (Dr.)90
Fraternal Building716
Frazer, Arthur610
Frazer-Uhls Studio610
Frederick Apartments217
Fredericks, Marie (Wolfle)292
Fredericks, William292
Free Press of Cheney149, 150
Freeman, L.R.707
Frees, (Mr.)206
Frisco Mine266
Frisco Mining Co.61
Front Addition795
Frost, Elizabeth665
Frost, G.W.462
Frost-Cope Lumber Co.543
Fruit Land Irrigation Co.154
Fruitland Addition96
Fry, R.L.204
Fuller, Genevieve (Forrest)398
Fuller, George W.397
Fulton, Fannie (Arthur)791
Fulton, Jeanette F.791
Fulton, Thomas791
Funk, Dora A.707
Furber, George815
Furber, Sarah (Lee)815
Furlow, Mary572
Furth, Carl177
Furth, Rae (Cohn)177


G. Meese & Co.490, 491
G.L. Weber & Co.95
Gagnon Mine99
Gale, Frances L.M.707
Galena Properties579
Gallagher, A.E.355
Gallagher, Frances402
Galland Brothers197
Galland Burke Brewing Co.197
Galland, Adelaide (Goodman)197
Galland, Adolph197, 198
Galland, Edith (Hexter)198
Galland, Julius197, 198
Galland, Maude (Reubens)198
Galland, Samuel197, 198, 586
Galland, Solomon197
Galland, Theodore197, 198
Gallandet, Kate (Skinner)787
Gallandet, Martin Van Buren787
Gallatin Valley Electric Railway86
Galloway, Edwin H.239
Galloway, Jennie S.239
Galloway, Maria H.239
Gambrinus Brewing Co.198
Gandy Hotel586
Garden Valley Irrigation Co.154
Gardeng Investment Co.616
Gardiner, Charlotte Elizabeth455
Gardner, Catherine (Beck)464
Garfield National Bank283
Garred, Dallas752
Garred, Georgia H. (Gilbert)752
Garry Apartments586
Gates, Daisy V.139
Gearon, Bridget (Hines)35
Gearon, John35, 36
Gearon, Patrick J.35, 36
Gearon, Sarah (Carter)36
Geary, Agnes (McCornack)194
Geary, E.P. (Dr.)194
Gehman, Frances660
Gem Mine361
Genesse Exchange Bank287, 288
George T. Crane & Co.93
Gephart, Eliza157
Gerand, Johnny710
Gerhart, W.H.187
German-American State Bank (Ritzville)715
Gerrie, Andrew (Rev.)193
Gerrie, Emma (Martin)193
Gerrie, John P. (Rev.)193
Gerrie, Martha (Martin)193
Gerrie, Mary193
Gertie Mining Co.819
Gibbon, C.A. Howard536
Gibbon, Evelyn Mary536
Gibbs, Darius S.190
Gibbs, Frances A.190
Gibson, D.C.261
Gibson, Ethel F. (Prescott)261
Gifford, Carrie J.498
Gifford, Cecil498
Gifford, Roy D.498
Gifford, W.J.498
Gifford, Wade W.498, 499, 598
Gilbert, Adelaide508
Gilbert, Adelaide S. (Sutton)507
Gilbert, Claude D.752
Gilbert, Clyde W.752
Gilbert, Edna M. (Smith)508
Gilbert, Elizabeth508
Gilbert, Elva J.752
Gilbert, Emma751
Gilbert, Frances508
Gilbert, Frances G.507
Gilbert, Frederick W.507
Gilbert, Georgia H.752
Gilbert, Hannah (Belknap)751
Gilbert, Harriette508
Gilbert, Irena D. (Watts)752
Gilbert, J.B.750-752
Gilbert, Jane751
Gilbert, L.D.750
Gilbert, Lura A.752
Gilbert, Mary751
Gilbert, Olive G.507
Gilbert, Phineas751
Gilbert, Riley751
Gilbert, William A.507
Gilbert, Winfred S.507, 508
Gildea, Elizabeth749
Gildea, Susie749
Gildea, Thomas R.749
Giles, Michal388
Gillette Hotel765
Gillette, (Mr.)765
Gillette, E.H. (Hon.)617
Gillette, E.P.378
Gillette, Frank378
Gillette, H.G.378
Gilliam, Mitchell622
Gillispie, David696
Gillispie, Josephine696
Gillispie, Mary (Tyree)696
Gilman, Hattie C. (Kelly)533
Gilman, John A.530-533
Gilman, John M.530
Gilman, Sophronia (Poole)530
Gilmore, Mary C.180
Gilson, Arthur Byron589
Gilson, Darvin Thompson589
Gilson, Edgar Leroy589
Gilson, Edith (Keller)589
Gilson, Edith Florence589
Gilson, Edward Dewitt588-590
Gilson, Ellen J. (Skinner)588
Gilson, Ralph Keller589
Gilson, William Booker588
Gilson, Wilson Theodore589
Gimble, Carrie (Carpenter)429
Gimble, John S.429
Gimble, Renick429
Ginger, Edith (Grimmer)342
Ginger, James J.342
Ginn, Mary82
Glasgow, Ethel Leonora242
Glasgow, Hugh241
Glasgow, Mary J. (McLeod)242
Glasgow, Nancy J.241
Glasgow, Samuel241, 242
Glass, Chester365
Glass, Clara (Diamond)535
Glass, David365
Glass, David (Judge)237, 494
Glass, Nancy704
Glass, R.H.535
Glass, Sarah655
Gleeson, Harold421
Gleeson, John421
Gleeson, John M.421
Gleeson, Margaret (Reil)421
Gleeson, Maude M. (Nolan)421
Gleeson, William421
Glen Tana Farm203
Glendenning, Arthur229
Glendenning, Bonita Roberta229
Glendenning, Bradwardine229
Glendenning, Eleanor Blacklock229
Glendenning, Elizabeth229
Glendenning, Halbert229
Glendenning, James228-230
Glendenning, Malcolm229
Glendenning, Margaret229
Glendenning, Margaret (Blacklock)229
Glendenning, Margaret (Donnellan)229
Glendenning, Margaret (Shoup)229
Glendenning, Robert229
Glendenning, Veda (Morton)229
Glendenning, Virginia M.229
Glick, Clara492
Glidden, Jessie B.127
Glidden, Steven S.126, 127
Glidden, Sue M.127
Glover, Atlanta74
Glover, Charles Peyton49
Glover, Esther Emily (Leslie)52
Glover, James N.449, 585, 647, 757, 767
Glover, James Nettle48-52, 104
Glover, John W.49
Glover, Philip49
Glover, Samuel49
Glover, Sarah (Koontz)49
Glover, William49
Goakey, Cora45
Goakey, Joseph45
Goddard, Mary M.148
Goetz, Charles748
Goetz, Katherine748
Goff, Elizabeth756
Gold Hunter Mining & Smelting Co.61
Golden Monarch Mining Co.292
Golden, Delia535
Golder, W.H.491
Goldsmith, Mose732
Gomm, Adolphus237
Gomm, Ida237
Gomm, Louise (Tuthill)237
Gomm, Mary Louise35
Gonzaga College11, 36, 90, 173, 237, 253, 305, 507, 577, 659, 694, 775, 820
Good Friday Consolidated Co.437
Goodall, Bessie139
Goodenough, Emma739
Goodman, Adelaide197
Goodman, W.E. (Mrs.)100
Goodrich, David159
Goodrich, Myra159
Goodsell, Adelia441
Goodsell, Charles T.441, 442
Goodsell, Samuel J.441
Goodsell, Theresa Ethyl (Leathers)442
Goodwin, Francis M., Jr.479
Goodwin, Francis M., Sr.478, 479
Goodwin, Henrietta (Barnes)478
Goodwin, James478
Goodwin, James Carnan479
Goodwin, Margaret Ridgley479
Gordon, Burgess J.254
Gordon, Burgess L.253, 254
Gordon, Charles254
Gordon, Chester A.41, 42
Gordon, Emma (Cowin)41
Gordon, Harry J.41
Gordon, John A.253
Gordon, M.H.115
Gordon, Ralph254
Gordon, Raphaelita (Simpson)254
Gordon, Texana (Early)253
Gove, E.C.93
Graham, Alta (Burch)43
Graham, James (Capt.)16, 17, 18, 21
Graham, John W.42, 43, 143, 163, 196, 656
Graham, Molly43
Graham, Robert42
Graham, Sophia (Stocking)42
Graham, Teresa M (Kildea)21
Granberg, John587, 588
Granberg, Julius588
Granberg, Peter587, 588
Granberg, Sigrid (Halstad)587
Granby Company144, 413
Granby Court Apartments410, 411
Granby Smelter388
Grand View Addition795
Grandy Mining Co.777
Granite Block305
Granite Building173
Granite Mine453
Grant Consolidated Copper Mines521
Grant, Eliza C.184
Grant, Isabelle821
Grant, Roselle E.375
Grant, Ulysses S.185, 376
Graves & Graves699, 703
Graves Electric System699
Graves, Clyde M.144
Graves, Frances C. (Dorsey)507
Graves, Frank H.166, 363, 393, 536, 565, 703
Graves, Harry T. (Dr.)507
Graves, J.W.798
Graves, Jay P.143, 144, 195, 449, 823
Graves, Kizer & Graves703
Graves, Wolff & Graves163
Gray & Chapman207
Gray, (Judge)167
Gray, (Mr.)104
Gray, A.D.408
Gray, A.G.408, 409
Gray, Alice L.157
Gray, Carl144
Gray, Douglas409
Gray, Elizabeth409
Gray, Emma206
Gray, Emma (Boyles)410
Gray, Emma (Seeley)408
Gray, Fannie206
Gray, Frances (Washburn)409
Gray, Helen (McNutt)205
Gray, Horton409
Gray, James205
Gray, Lavoney206
Gray, Mark (Capt.)157
Gray, Samuel S.206
Gray, Tom410
Gray, William Chandler205-208
Great Divide Mining & Milling Co.579
Great Eastern Block42
Great Northern Railroad Co.300, 318, 366, 485, 586, 643, 703, 716, 787
Great Northern Railway Co.29, 30, 51, 115, 188, 190, 485, 624, 670
Greeley, Horace154
Green Mountain Gold Mining & Milling Co.595
Green, Alice (Diamond)535
Green, Aurelia777
Green, Emma383
Green, Georgia507
Green, Harry380- 384
Green, Helene J.383
Green, Herbert535
Greenacres506, 652
Greenberg, Hank378
Greene Investment Co.566
Greene, Bessie M. (Bennett)566
Greene, Laura (Davenny)567
Greene, Lucile566
Greene, Lucinda (Tuttle)566
Greene, Martha Lucinda567
Greene, Nelson H.566, 588
Greene, Orr H.566, 567
Greenig, Daniel200
Greenig, Sarah200
Greenig, Sarah (Allen)200
Greenough Brothers689, 788
Greenough Stores788
Greenough, T.L.195
Greenwood Cemetery Ass.618, 621
Greenwood, Maria428
Gregory, Mary Ann128
Griffith & Nuzum544
Griffith, Charlotte (Brown)205
Griffith, George T. (Rev.)203
Griffith, Lillie (Taylor)203
Griffith, Tannis205
Griffith, Thomas203
Griffith, Thomas Stuart203-205
Griffiths & Moore565
Griffiths & Nuzum565
Griffiths, Tom363
Griffitts, Eleanor D. (Davis)700
Griffitts, Thomas C.700
Grimmer Storage & Truck Line340, 342
Grimmer, Edith342
Grimmer, Fred E.342
Grimmer, Harry340
Grimmer, Hazel J.342
Grimmer, John340
Grimmer, John Melville340-343
Grimmer, Marie Ethelyn342
Grimmer, Mary Ann (Buchanan)340
Grimmer, Mary C. (Hadley)341
Grimmer, Skiffington340
Grimmer, William W.340
Grimstead, F.L.163
Griner, Emma216
Grinnel, Robert586
Grinnell, Fred B.156, 195
Groat, Anna556
Grostein, Leah283
Grostein, Robert283
Grostein, Rosa283
Grote-Rankin Company, Inc.239, 413, 445, 446
Grove, Anna (Neaville)159
Grove, Charles Edward (Dr.)612-615
Grove, Charles R.612
Grove, Elizabeth (Laning)615
Grove, Louisa (Cadwallader)612
Grove, Roy R.159
Groves, Mary F.544
Grubbe, George S.544
Grubbe, Lucy M. (Nuzum)544
Gunderson & Chamberlin Lumber75
Gundlach, Alpha H. (D.D.S.)483
Gundlach, Mabel C. (Ludden)483
Gunn, Harriet Elizabeth513
Gurinsky, Harrysee Green, Harry
Gurske, E.F.579, 580
Gutherz, Anna630


H.H. McCartney & Co.362
H.J. Shinn Co.246, 247
H.M. Howard & Co.511
Haas, Constance M. (Schroder)501
Haas, David500
Haas, Donald C.501
Haas, J.Cleveland500-502
Haas, Nathan501
Haas, Paulina137
Haas, Theresa (Cone)500
Haber, Jacob497
Haber, Sarah A.497
Hadley, Arthur T. (Prof.)342
Hadley, E.W.342
Hadley, Mary C.341, 342
Hadley, W.E.342
Hadley, W.W.342
Haight, Mary J.489
Haines, (Judge)167
Haines, Rachel Ann312
Haley, Rozilla M.260
Hall, Elizabeth190
Hall, Harry713
Hall, John C. (Dr.)177
Hall, Theo (Miss)177, 178
Hall, Theodate (Stackpole)177
Haller, Granville O. (Col.)224, 226, 227
Hally, Mason & Marks Co.205
Halprunner, Mary W.106
Halstad, Sigrid587
Ham, Yeardsley & Ryrie300
Hamblen & Gilbert507
Hamblen, Frances R. (Gilbert)507
Hamblen, L.R.507
Hamblen, Lund & Gilbert508
Hamilton, Alta (Browne)662, 761
Hamilton, Boyd662-665, 761
Hamilton, Dale B.662, 761
Hamilton, Lulu (Holt)662
Hamilton, Margaret59
Hamilton, William J.662
Hamm, E.H.355
Hancock, John163
Handy, Elizabeth (Cassidy)769
Handy, Henry P.769
Handy, Jessie T. (Palmer)770
Handy, Norman I.770
Handy, Raymond P.770
Handy, Royal P.770
Handy, Royal S.769, 770
Hanford, C.H. (Judge)167, 571
Hangman Creek Bridges299
Hanover, (Mr.)89
Hansen, Catherine Anne (Reese)89
Hansen, Catherine Mathilde89
Hansen, Detlef88
Hansen, Mathilde88
Hansen, Otto88, 89
Hansen, Reese Detlef89
Hansford, (Dr.)688
Hansford, Ellen688
Hanson, Caretta M. (Abrahamson)57, 728
Hanson, Caroline436-439
Hanson, H.L.684
Hanson, John57, 728
Hanson, Leonard E. (Dr.)57, 58
Hanson, Walter H.57, 728, 729
Happy, Burgin270
Happy, Claudine Hunt274
Happy, Cullen, Lee & Hineman467
Happy, Cyrus, Jr.274
Happy, Cyrus, Sr.260, 270-274
Happy, Eloise274
Happy, John Harrison274
Happy, Mary (Williams)270
Happy, Minna Mary (Prickett)274
Happy, Winfree & Hindman274
Hardeman, Edna679
Hardeman, Robert679
Hare, Anna E. (Cochrane)631
Hare, Bernice632
Hare, Charles V.631
Hare, Dorothy632
Hare, Felix N.631
Hare, Helen632
Hare, Helen Powell631
Hare, Katherine631
Hare, Maurice632
Hare, Maurice H.631, 632
Hare, Olive Fitch631
Hare, Paul E.631
Hare, Ruby (Field)632
Harman, Bathaline (Clendenning)215
Harman, Ella A.215
Harman, Hill215
Harrigan, W.D.188
Harriman Railroad Lines318
Harrington, P.A.332
Harrington, Phoebe A. (Olmstead)332
Harrington, W.W. (Dr.)332
Harris, Caroline (Hanson)436-439
Harris, Daniel432
Harris, Hannah (Aikens)432
Harris, Hugh432
Harris, John432
Harris, John A.179
Harris, Joseph432
Harris, Louise437-439
Harris, Mable J.179
Harris, Sarah311
Harris, Thomas432
Harris, Thomas (Capt.)311
Harris, William J.432-441
Harris, William Wellington432
Hart Albin Co.86
Hart, Blanche (Blackwell)87
Hart, Ray M.86, 87
Hart, W.W.41
Hartson, Margarette (Roberson)512
Hartson, Miller T.512
Harvey, (Mr.)654
Harvey, Arabella666
Harvey, Clara (Kennan)643
Harvey, Jane (Emerson)45
Harvey, Lee B. (Dr.)45, 46
Harvey, Lucia Louisa643
Harvey, Nathan643
Harvey, Z.45
Haskins, Ida (Hoag), Mrs.27
Hassett, Ellen685
Hathaway, Carrie L. (Sheffield)535
Hathaway, Homer M.534, 535
Hathaway, Horace C.535
Hathaway, Maria (Smith)534
Hathaway, Marshall R.534
Hatheway, A.S. (Mrs.)388
Hatheway, Carrie L. (Paulson)475
Haupt, Dora A. (Funk)707
Haupt, Frederick708
Haupt, Frederick H.707, 708
Haupt, John C.707
Haupt, Louise (Rausch)708
Havermale, (Mr.)207
Havermale, Laura43, 196
Havermale, Samuel G. (Rev.)43
Hawkins, Anna (Gutherz)630
Hawkins, David631
Hawkins, Heinrich Gutherz, Jr.631
Hawkins, Heinrich Gutherz, Sr.630, 631
Hawkins, Helen (Lyon)631
Hawkins, Helena Ann631
Hawkins, Mark D.631
Hawkins, Mark Flower631
Hawkins, William D.630
Hawthorne School586
Hay, Marion E (Gov.)186, 536
Hay’s Park423
Hayden Lake Interstate Irrigated Land Co.399
Hayden, Carrie E.559
Hayden, Ella M.559
Hayden, George S.559
Hayden, Herbert L.559
Hayden, John L.559
Hayden, Marion L.560
Hayden, Marion Wayne559
Hayden, Mary559
Hayden, Ray560
Hayden, Susan M.559
Hayden, Zora559
Hayden, Zoe L.560
Hayden, Zora E.559, 560
Hayden-Coeur d’Alene Irrigated Co.278
Hayes Park348
Hayes, Anna M. (Mrs.)281
Hayford Subdivision655
Haymaker, Rebecca409
Hays, Isaac408
Hays, Katherine408
Hayward-Larkin Co.522,523
Heath, C.A.655
Heath, Eliza A.655
Heath, Elizabeth655
Heath, Ida E. (Ellis)647, 656
Heath, John655
Heath, Polly Ann655
Heath, Robert H.655
Heath, Sarah (Glass)655
Heath, Sylvester42, 647, 654, 655, 656
Hebbard, Hanna697
Hecla Mining Co.61, 727
Hege Real Estate669
Heiberg, Augusta (Ourdal)516
Heiberg, Emil516
Heiberg, Erling516
Heiberg, Gulbrand Larsen516
Heiberg, Hannah F. (Anderson)519
Heiberg, Hans L.519
Heiberg, Lars G.516-519
Heiberg, Marie516, 519
Heinze, F.A.453
Heinze, F. Augustus168, 468
Held, Albert667
Heller, Louise (Mrs.)756
Hemphill, Bathaline (Hoover)215
Hemphill, John H.215
Hemphill, Margaret Lucille216
Henderson, Bertha L.147
Henderson, John147
Hendryx, Andrew B.370
Hendryx, May G.370
Henley & Kellen578
Henley & Zent577
Henley, Daniel W.577-579
Henley, Emily (Stanton)579
Henley, Kellen & Lindsley578
Henley, William Hubbard577
Henndon, Martha695
Henry, Constance468
Henry, Emilie573
Henry, Jane824
Henry, L.D.573
Henthorn, Ella C. (Edwards)185
Henthorn, Isaac185
Hercules Mine453, 818
Hercules Mining & Milling Co.57
Hercules Mining Co.219
Herrick, A. Thomas371
Herrick, Carrie371
Herrick, Clara F. (Fort)372
Herrick, Fannie371
Herrick, Fred188
Herrick, Hettie371
Herrick, James F.371, 372
Herrick, Louise371
Herrick, Maria (Faulkner)371
Herrick, Mary371
Herrick, W.H.371
Herrick, William H.371
Hess, Carrie M. (Christmann)564
Hess, Johann George560
Hess, John B.560-564
Hess, John Jacob564
Hess, Marie Elizabeth560, 564
Hesseltine, Appolis H.322
Hesseltine, Charles R.322-325
Hesseltine, Eli322
Hesseltine, Elva (Cain)322
Hesseltine, Lillian (Fairbanks)325
Hewitt Bostock536
Hexter, Edith198
Hexter, Levi198
Heydon, D.W.607
Hibschman, Harry J.463, 464
Hibschman, Jacob463
Hibschman, Maude (Murphy)464
Hibschman, Maurice464
Hibschman, Rebecca (Bomberger)463
Hidden Creek Properties144
Higgins, Anne Goodall353
Higgins, Clyde391
Higgins, Ella E. (Danson)391
Higgins, Mary513
Higgins, Mary J.771
Hill Shoe Co.93
Hill, Henry93
Hill, Julia I.249
Hiller, Abiah (Warren)621
Hiller, Josephine609, 621
Hiller, William621
Hills Addition795
Hillyard Furniture Co.36
Hilscher, Aubrey L.463
Hilscher, C.M.461
Hilscher, Charles461
Hilscher, Earl Durand463
Hilscher, FrankW. (Dr.)458-463
Hilscher, Harry L.461
Hilscher, Schuyler463
Hilscher, Susanna (Yauch)461
Hilscher. Phoebe461
Hinckley, Juanita431
Hindley, (Mrs.)193
Hindley, Ada (McKee)298
Hindley, Berta298
Hindley, Hannah (Lister)297
Hindley, John I. (Rev.)297
Hindley, Margaret298
Hindley, Philip Martin298
Hindley, William J.297, 298
Hindman, W.W.274, 807
Hinkle Apartments769
Hinkle, Clara (Glick)492
Hinkle, Emma492
Hinkle, George E.492
Hinkle, Grace638
Hinkle, Henry638
Hinkle, Ida M. (Davis)493
Hinkle, J.D. (Judge)447, 492, 493, 786
Hinkle, Jacob492
Hinkle, Lucy492
Hinkle, Marjorie493
Hinkle, Mary J.492
Hinman, Alanson812
Hinman, Arvid812
Hinman, F.J.781
Hinman, Flora Elenor (Smith)812
Hinman, Frank (Dr.)812-815
Hinman, Harry F.782
Hinman, Lola M. (Richards)782
Hinman, Walter C.781, 782
Hirschfeld, Bertha546
Hitchens, Ella81
Hoag, Laura J. (Morgan)27
Hoag, M.R. (Dr.)27
Hobson Silver & Lead Co., Inc.781
Hodgen & Co., Ltd.545
Hodgeson, Mary319
Hoisington, John698
Hoisington, Josephine (Parks)698
Hoisington, Olive698
Holcomb, Eva (Staser)697
Holcomb, Gladys697
Holcomb, Leland697
Holcomb, Marjorie697
Holcomb, Mary Ann (Hopkins)696
Holcomb, Maurice697
Holcomb, Maxine697
Holcomb, Oscar Raymond (Judge)696, 697
Holcomb, Raymond697
Holcomb, Silas Mercer696
Holden Gold & Copper Mining Co.739
Hole, L.P.665, 666
Hole, Lemuel666
Hole, Sarah (Cooper)666
Hole, Unity (Stanley)666
Holland Bank of Amsterdam670
Holland Bank354
Holland Block283
Holland-Horr Mill Co.198, 456-458, 511
Holley Building305
Holley, Clemenia E.415
Holley, John415
Hollis, C.W.60
Hollis, Eliza235
Hollister, Frances M.146
Holly, Mason & Marks Co.205
Holly-Mason Co. Building247
Holly-Mason Hardware Co.239
Holman, F.J.355
Holmes, C.K. (Prof.)637
Holsinger, Nancy818
Holt, Lulu662
Holy Names Academy see also Academy of the Holy Name253
Hook, Sidney394
Hooker, Arthur618
Hooker, Edward617
Hooker, Harold617
Hooker, Helen618
Hooker, Mary Louise (Denison)617
Hooker, Thomas617, 618
Hooker, William G.618
Hoover & Allen571
Hoover, Bathaline215
Hoover, Emma (Griner)216
Hoover, Hill C.216
Hoover, Jacob214
Hoover, Jacob (Hon.)214-216, 571
Hoover, Jacob Wesley215
Hoover, Mathilda214
Hope Hospital57
Hopkins & Norman Telephone Co.364
Hopkins, Alice208
Hopkins, Brayton208
Hopkins, Charles B.363
Hopkins, Elvira189
Hopkins, Mary Ann696
Hopp, Katharina558
Hopp, Michael558
Hopson, A.148
Hord, Eva (Witherspoon)821
Hord, Herndon821
Horn Silver Mining Co.687
Horn, (Mr)153
Horn, Rachel (MacLean)153
Horn, Sarah (MacLean)153
Horr, Harry457, 458
Horr, Mary (Tutcher)457
Horr, William T.457, 458
Horsfall, Frank L. (Dr.)483
Horsfall, Jessie L. (Ludden)483
Horton, A.M.80
Horton, Gertrude483
Horton, Lucinda E.745
Horton, Mattie409
Horton, Susan P.277
Hostetler, Louise714
Hotchkiss, Rush789
Hotel Arden607
Hotel Cadillac617
Hotel Collins802
Hotel Dempsey250
Hotel Langdon587, 588
Hotel Pacific173
Hotel Ridpath175, 380
Hotel Spokane196, 248
Hoton, H.E. (Judge)174
Hoty, Henry M.364
Houck, Ida M. (O’Brien)626
Houck, Jay William626
Houck, John626
Houck, Louis Henry626-629
Houck, Mary626
Houck, Mary (Brickner)626
Houghton, Graves & Jones166
Houghton, H.E. (Judge)166
Howard Street Bridge299
Howard, Burdette A.66
Howard, Harry M.62, 63, 65, 66
Howard, James A.501
Howard, Jennie D. (Leach)62
Howard, Martin J.62
Howard, Montague J.66
Howard, Sarah257
Howard, Tena R. (Muhs)66
Howarth, J.F.35
Howell, Anne Ary72
Hower, Charles L.148
Howlett, Margaret (Quirk)327
Howlett, Raymond E.327, 328
Howlett, William327
Hoxsey, Elizabeth749
Hoxsey, Emma749
Hoxsey, George W.(Dr.)749
Hoxsey, John F.749
Hoxsey, John H. (Dr.)749, 750
Hoxsey, John Thomas750
Hoxsey, Maurice Y.750
Hoxsey, Robert A.749
Hoxsey, Susie (Gildea)749
Hoxsey, T.E. (Dr.)749
Hoxsey, W.E.749
Hubbard, Edith96
Hubbard, Emma (Hoxsey)749
Hubbard, George543
Hubbard, H.H.96, 537
Hubbard, Martha543
Hubbard, Mary E.543
Hubbell, Clarence Z.798, 799
Hubbell, Emma J.R. (Speck)798
Hubbell, Henry S.798
Hubbell, Parthena T.798
Hubbell, T. Josephine R.798
Huber, Oscar393
Huckleberry, Mary596
Hudson, Henry602
Huetter, John T.542
Hughes, H.L.321
Hull, Anna356
Hull, C.B.356
Humbird, T.J.195
Hume, May Clayton515
Hume, Thomas515
Hummel, John H.416
Hummel, John J.416-419
Hummel, Peteke (Drent)416
Humphrey, Eamor790
Humphrey, Lena (Ansley)790
Humphries, John E.707
Huneke, (Judge)805
Huneke, (Mr.)391
Hungate, James A.387
Hungate, Jessie387
Hungerford, Eliza687
Hunt, Cortland P.745
Hunt, Grace805
Hunt, Melissa805
Hunt, Nanette (Fancy)745
Hunt, William A.805
Hunter, David N.544
Hunter, F.H.630
Hunter, Jessie A. (Nuzum)544
Hunter, Leroy630
Hunter, Mamie (Allen)630
Hunter, Margaret (d. of Martin)630
Hunter, Margaret (m. of Martin)629
Hunter, Martin C.629, 630
Hunter, Mary E.715
Hunter, Russell630
Hunter, William H.629
Hussey, Ernest B.333
Huston, Sarah Jane799
Hutchins, James Wilson755, 756
Hutchins, Robert Wilson756
Hutchins, Sarah (Wilson)755
Hutchins, Thomas755
Hutchinson, R.A.357
Hutton Building717, 791, 798, 819
Hutton, Angus Porter771, 772
Hutton, Asa818
Hutton, Ilma771
Hutton, Jacob818
Hutton, Laura818
Hutton, Levi818
Hutton, Levi W.818, 819
Hutton, Mariette580
Hutton, Mary818
Hutton, Mary (Arkwright)819
Hutton, Mary J.175
Hutton, Mary J. (Higgins)771
Hutton, Mary L. (Reedy)771
Hutton, Nancy (Holsinger)818
Hutton, Stephen818
Hutton, William H.771
Hyde, (Gen.)471
Hyde Block354, 361, 363, 414
Hyde, Jean207
Hyde, Latimer & Barnes284
Hydraulic Placer Co.498, 499
Hypotheek Bank651, 652
Hyslop, Ella (Skinner)788
Hyslop, W.W.393, 788


I.X.L. Clothing Co.89, 247
Ibister, Jeanette F. (Fulton)791
Ice, James K.421
Ice, Meldora421
Iceless Refrigerator Manufacturing Co.325
Idaho & Washington Northern Railroad86, 238, 688
Idaho Consolidated Mining Co.116
Idaho Continental Co.587
Idaho Knickerbocker Mine113
Idaho Merchantile Co.258, 259
Idaho Northern Railroad309
Idaho Trust Co.195
Idaho, Washington & Northern Railroad543
Ide, Atlanta (Glover)74
Ide, D.B.62
Ide, Fred74
Ide, Frederick74
Ide, Gilbert B.74, 75
Ide, Gilbert S.106
Ide, Jessie74
Ide, Katherine S. (Stitzel)74, 106
Ide, Lilian74
Ide, Marjorie74
Ide, Martha74
Ide, Mary74
Idora Mining Co.57
Imperial Coffee & Tea Co.429, 430
Imperial Tea & Coffee Co.255
Independent Rapid Transfer Co.750, 752
Index Mining Co.57
Inland Cracker Co.579
Inland Empire Biscuit Co.579, 580
Inland Empire Co.668
Inland Empire Cooperative Mining Co.413
Inland Empire Railroad System387
Inland Empire Railway Co.144, 283
Inland Empire Realty Co.523
Inland Empire Road Co.690
Inland Herald549
Inland Horticultural Society470
Inland Mill Co.541, 542
Inland Portland Cement Co.317
Inland Securities Co.135
Inland Telephone & Telegraph Co.364
Insinger, Frederic354
Insinger, J.A.353, 354
Insinger, Julia (Nettleton)354
Insinger, R.289
Insinger, Robert353, 354
Insurgent Gold Mining Co.6
International Coal & Coke Co.477
International Crayon Co.558
International Development Co.148
International Lead & Iron Mine521
International Lumber & Merchantile Co.477
International Portland Cement Co.801
Interstate Irrigation Co.108
Iron Clad Mine704
Iron Mask Mine371
Irving Heights Addition720, 725
Irwin, Harry L.154
Isaacs, Mary A. (Dwight)347
Isaacs, W.H.347
Isbister, James Roy792
Isbister, Malcolm791, 792
Isbister, Margaret (Ibister)791
Isbister, Netta May792
Isbister, William Malcolm792
Ivanhoe Mining Co.57


J.F. Howarth Co.35, 36
J.H. Boyd & Co.378
J.H. Tilsey Co.472
J.I. Case Co.665
J.I. Case Threshing Machine Co.37
J.W. Tabor & Co.196
Jack Waite Mining Co.61, 648
Jackson, (Gen.)424
Jackson, Annie158
Jackson, John158
James, Henry A. (Rev.)530
James, Sarah Jane28
Jameson, Hazel115
Jamieson Block173, 414, 667
Jamieson Building27, 311, 667, 811
Jamieson, A.C.537
Jamieson, Arthur M.27
Jamieson, Edward Herbert24, 27
Jamieson, Elizabeth (McClary)24
Jamieson, Evelyn Elizabeth27
Jamieson, Ida (Hoag)27
Jamieson, Irene Kathryn27
Jamieson, Jesse Mitchell24
Jamieson, Josephine Janette27
Jamieson, Mattie A. (Reid)27
Jamieson, Mattie Mabel27
Jamison, A.C.357
Janes, George P.776
Jaspar, Charles see also Jesperson160-163
Jaspar, Emily F. (Brown)163
Jay, Alice135
Jeannette, Delphine115
Jeannette, Frank115
Jefferson & Kasson227
Jefferson, Susan M.283
Jefferson, Tom204
Jenkins University6
Jenkins, Ada454
Jenkins, Isabelle450
Jennings, Catherine248
Jennings, M.R.123
Jennings, Mary248
Jennings, William H. (Capt.)248
Jensen, O.C.355
Jesperson, Charles see also Jaspar, Charles160-163
Jesperson, Maren (Jensen)160
Jesperson, Peter160
Jesseph & Grinstead163
Jesseph & Jesseph163
Jesseph, Georgia163
Jesseph, Joseph164
Jesseph, Leonard E.163
Jesseph, Leora (Sinclair)163
Jesseph, Louis Carlton163, 164
Jesseph, M.E.163
Johannesson, Carl J.98
Johannesson, Hildegarde J.98
John W. Graham Co.42, 163, 656
John, Margaret486
Johnson, Amelia305
Johnson, Anna G.616
Johnson, Christina (m. of John Erickson)541
Johnson, Christina (m. of Enoch Engdahl)615
Johnson, Elizabeth P.129
Johnson, Frank, Jr.303-306
Johnson, Frank, Sr.304
Johnson, Frank A.62
Johnson, Fred P.695
Johnson, Hannah681, 683
Johnson, Ida G. (Allison)88
Johnson, John D.88
Johnson, John304, 683
Johnson, Louisa (Luke)305
Johnson, Margaret305
Johnson, Mary647
Johnson, Mathilda (Beck)695
Johnson, Peter P.695
Johnson, Suzanna304
Johnson, Travis49
Johnson, William F.303, 305
Johnston, Mary755
Johnston, Mary A.300
Johnston, Mary E.755
Johnston, Steven D.755
Jones & Dillingham137, 427, 633
Jones & Levesque217, 218
Jones & Pettit Building163
Jones, Ada G. (Van Ness)634
Jones, Alfred217, 218, 393
Jones, Alfred B.218
Jones, Belt & Quinn166
Jones, Charles H.137
Jones, Charles Heminway632-634
Jones, Clara634
Jones, David217
Jones, Elinor582
Jones, Eliza687
Jones, Emma D.719
Jones, Eva (Durkin)789
Jones, Florence M.169
Jones, Frederick G.633
Jones, Harold (Lt.)625
Jones, Harold B.218
Jones, Helen M.169
Jones, Henry L.634
Jones, Katherine Foster (Lovett)633
Jones, Katherine M.633
Jones, Leo789
Jones, Lillian V. (Ashfield)218
Jones, Margaret (Pearson)217
Jones, Maria (Vaughan)165
Jones, Marian L. (Whitson)625
Jones, Mary T. (Davidson)634
Jones, Melville F.633
Jones, Melvin D.632
Jones, Richard L.169
Jones, Rosa (Marvin)169
Jones, Samuel (Dr.)165
Jones, Samuel M.719
Jones, Vaughan M.169
Jones, W.C.362, 363
Jones, Wesley L. (Sen.)327
Jones, William (Rev.)165
Jones, William Cary, Jr.169
Jones, William Cary, Sr. (Hon.)165-168
Jongeneel, Mary289
Josie Mine93, 246
Judson, Adrian P.602
Judson, Rose (Prather)602
Julian, Gilbert560
Julian, Lucy G.560
Julian, Mary560
Junkin, Annie B. (Mrs.)506


Kalb, Charles J.737
Kalb, Charles S. (Dr.)735-737
Kalb, Ellen H. (Slater)736
Kalb, Harry P.736
Kalb, John G.R.736
Kalb, Marian E.737
Kaufman, Claudine Hunt (Happy)274
Kaufman, G.W.274
Kaupp, Margaret O.685
Kaupp, Otto685
Keane, Susan A. (Pedicord)765
Keats Building305
Keats, A.E.647
Keats, Olive (Ellis)647
Keenan & Belden456
Keenan, A.M.298
Keizer, Ella (Mulder)719
Keizer, Emma D. (Jones)719
Keizer, Margaret719
Keizer, Nicholas719
Keizer, Richard G.719, 720
Keizer, Ruth719
Kellan, A.G. (Hon.)578
Keller, Anne (Fitzpatrick)741
Keller, Darwin589
Keller, Edith589
Keller, Emma173
Keller, J.F.741
Keller, Louis E.67
Keller, Louis G.67
Keller, Louisa (Brunswick)67
Keller, Marie (Wingender)173
Keller, S. (Dr.)173
Kelley, George Robinson789
Kelley, Philip F.291
Kelley, Sylvia789
Kelley-Clarke Co.290, 291
Kellow, Frances L.133
Kelly, Celestia (Alvord)533
Kelly, Fayette533
Kelly, Harriet377
Kelly, Hattie C.533
Kelly, Lee378
Kelly, Mary J.610
Kelly, Zeno377
Kelsey, Mary407
Kemp & Heberts Store217
Kempis Apartments217
Kendall’s Bridge265
Kennan, Alga Arvella457
Kennan, Asa Brainard455
Kennan, Charlotte E. (Gardiner)455
Kennan, Charlotte Gardiner455
Kennan, Clara643
Kennan, Courtland Latimer455, 456
Kennan, Henry Laurens (Judge)454-457
Kennan, Isaac643
Kennan, Jairus, I455
Kennan, Jairus, II455
Kennan, Jairus Raymond455
Kennan, James643
Kennan, John Gardiner (Dr.)455
Kennan, Julia Alice455
Kennan, Lillian (Vogle)457
Kennan, Ralph Anthony457
Kennan, Thomas William455
Kennedy, Elizabeth356
Kennedy, Rhoda458
Kent, Felicitas616
Kerkhoven, E. (Mrs.)289
Kerr, Carrie (Zent)472
Kerr, James472
Kettle River Marble Co.257
Key, Minnie140
Key, Thomas140
Keys, Cora (Beaty)730
Keys, Daniel E. (Dr.)730
Keys, Emma (Rudolph)731
Keys, George W.730
Keystone Fruit Co.247
Keystone Produce Co.247
Kiesling, F.W.579, 580
Kildea, Maria (Crowder)21
Kildea, Patrick21
Kildea, Teresa M.21
Kimball, A.S. (Gen.)104
Kimball, Horace703
Kimball, Lillian104
Kimberland, Elizabeth (Heath)655
Kimberland, J.W.655
Kimble, Anna B. (Bishop)343
Kimble, Charles Hale, Jr.344
Kimble, Charles Hale, Sr.343
Kimble, Dorothy May344
Kimble, Fowler343
Kimble, Helen J. (Brown)344
Kimble, Marjorie Winifred344
King, Algernon Sidney687, 688
King, Alys399
King, Anna (Farrell)399
King, C.B.8
King, Charlotte512
King, Cornelia284
King, Earl Douglas687
King, Edward D.687
King, Eliza687
King, Eliza (Hungerford)687
King, Eliza (Jones)687
King, Elizabeth (Shay)687
King, Fred B.687
King, Harold399
King, Henry R.529
King, James399
King, Julia R. (Reynolds)399
King, Mary687
King, Mary (Bunnell)687
King, Michael C.399, 400
King, Wallace399
King, William284
Kingsbury, Bertha L. (Henderson)147
Kingsbury, Frances M. (Hollister)146
Kingsbury, Mary M. (Goddard)148
Kingsbury, Roy Hollister146
Kingsbury, Theodore A.146
Kipp, Charles T.108
Kipp, Elizabeth J. (Turner)108
Kipp, Emma J.108
Kipp, Harold T.108
Kipp, Robert H.108
Kipp, Wilson C.108, 109
Kipp, Wilson D.108
Kirby, Isabelle595
Kirtland, Jared Potter (Prof.)449
Kitt, Mary (Setters)816
Kitt, William816
Kittitas Irrigation Co.776
Kittitas Project462
Kizer, Don F.73
Kizer, Donald361
Kizer, Edith Lida361
Kizer, Edith73
Kizer, Frank73
Kizer, May Edith (Armstrong)73, 361
Kleber, (Gen.)667
Kleber, Christian667
Kleber, Elizabeth (Bersch)667
Kleber, Frances668
Kleber, John C.667, 668
Kleber, Matie (Owen)668
Kleber, Narcissa668
Klein, A.710
Klein, Abbie Elizabeth (Allen)522
Klein, Allen Chase521
Klein, Caroline M.710
Klein, Edith (Slee)522
Klein, Edward Colburn522
Klein, Eugene521
Klein, Everett Vaughan522
Klein, Harriet Elizabeth522
Klein, Mabel522
Klinkert, A. (Dr.)289
Klinkert, A. (Mrs.)289
Knapp, C.H.817
Knapp, Della817
Knapp-Burrell & Co.108
Knickerbocker, Georgia790
Knipe, Edward (Mrs.)700
Knittle, Mary163
Knob Hill Mine781
Knox, Martha134
Knox, Press135
Kolff, Anna Elizabeth289
Koontz, Sarah49
Kraft, Emma612
Krag, Mary472
Krantz, A.P.573
Krantz, Edna (McPhail)574
Krantz, Emerald574
Krantz, Lawrence574
Krantz, Mary (Andrews)573
Krantz, Noah A.573, 574
Krantz, Viola574
Krause, Fred E.579, 580
Krech, Bertha (Hirschfeld)546
Krech, Eunice546
Krech, Henry545, 546
Kuhn Building283, 344, 670
Kuhn, Aaron282, 799
Kuhn, Leah (Grostein)283
Kuhn, Rena283
Kuist Building586
Kunkel, Amanda797
Kuppenberg, M.N.462


La Duke, Orrilla639
La Place, Larinda85
La Pray Bridge8
La Pray, Joseph8
Lackey, James M.789
LaClede Lumber Co.542
LaClede Mining Co.23
Ladd, W.S.475
Ladies Benevolent Society483
Lafay, Andrew207
Lake City Hardware Co.96
Lake Shore Addition96
Lamb, Sallie118
Lammers, Graham Dennis6
Lammers, Julia B. (Dennis)6
Lammers, Roy C.6
Lamont State Bank801
Land Title Savings Bank735, 736
Lane, P.C. (Dr.)370
Lane, Sarah D. (Doolittle)370
Lang, l’Iver Wyn289
Langford, Francis E.259
Langford, Frederick260
Langford, Laura Belle (Tilton)260
Laning, Elizabeth615
Laning, M.B.615
Lansing, Orrilla640
Lansing, Orrilla (Bolieu)640
Lansing, William Henry640
Lanstrum, (Dr.)580
Laradeau District536
Larkin, Charles H.522, 523
Larkin, Ethan P. (Rev.)523
Larkin, Jane Crandall523
Larkin, John Allen523
Larkin, Sara Louise (Allen)523
Larkin, Susan E. (Crandall)523
Larsen & Greenough317
Larsen Lead Co.317
Larsen Realty Co.317
Larsen, Anders314
Larsen, Bertha (Brown)317
Larsen, Charlotta538
Larsen, Lewis P.314-317
Larsen, Petrea314
Last Chance Mine146, 199, 317
Last Chance Mining Co.777
Lataw Creek Bridge593
Lathrop, J.B.371
Lathrop, Mary (Herrick)371
Laughon, Albert J.700-704
Laughon, Fannie A. (Flynn)700
Laughon, John E.700
Laughon, Katie700
Laughon, Lavin & FitzGerald703, 772
Laughon, Mae (Sweet)704
Laughon, W.A. (Rev.)700
Laughon, W.E.700
Lavelle, Edna810
Lavelle, Geoffrey810
Lavin & FitzGerald772
Lavin, J.J.772
Lawman, George633
Lawrence Park Addition96
Lawrence, Sadie J. (Todd)483
Lawrence, W.J.483
Le Cornu, Irma276
Le Marshal, Eugene646
Le Marshal, Ophelia V.J.646
Le Page Furniture & Hardware Co.36
Le Page, A.J.36
Le Page, Floy36
Le Page, Isabel (Nelson)36
Le Page, Marguerite36
Le Page, Thomas A.36, 37
Leach, Jennie D.62
Lead & Zinc Co.317
Lead Silver Mining Co.61
Learned, Ellen A.637, 638
Leathers, John442
Leathers, Myra442
Leathers, Theresa Ethyl442
Leavitt, Harry L.732
Lee, A.B.467
Lee, Arthur Burcham815, 816
Lee, Edward Arthur816
Lee, James815
Lee, James Franklin815
Lee, James Sydney816
Lee, Lucy Grace815
Lee, Mabel815
Lee, Margaret (Edmondson)815
Lee, Mary J. (Mills)816
Lee, Rebecca (Burcham)812
Lee, Sarah815
Lee, Thomas815
Lee, William815
LeMaster, Myrtle A.472
LeMaster, W.A.472
Lemke, Clifford612
Lemke, E.K.611, 612
Lemke, E.T.611, 612
Lemke, Emma (Kraft)612
Lemke, Ernest611
Lemke, Wilhelmina (Zueldsdorff)611
Lench, Katherine741
Leonard, Justin204
Leonard, Theresa770
Leonard, Winnifred267
LeRoi Co.578
LeRoi Mine18, 117, 174, 246, 365, 437, 441, 578, 579
LeRoi Mining Co.358
LeRoi No. 2 Mine93
Lesch, John772
Lesch, Mary (FitzGerald)772
Leslie, Esther Emily52
Leslie, Samuel C.52
Letcher, Robert601
Levens, Charles Welsted775
Levens, Nellie775
Levesque, Joseph T.218
Levison, (Mr.)166
Levre Hotel520
Lewis & Clark High School422, 572
Lewis, Anne Ary (Howell)72
Lewis, Betsy175
Lewis, Fannie B. (Shaw)97
Lewis, Hildegarde J. (Johannesson)98
Lewis, James Hamilton166
Lewis, Lawrence L.72, 73
Lewis, Marshall L.97, 98
Lewis, William A.97
Lewis, William S.97, 98
Lewis, William T.72
Lewiston National Bank195
Libby, Anne (Cobb)423
Libby, C. Edwin423
Libby, Daniel Jeremy384
Libby, Daniel384
Libby, Elva385
Libby, George W.385
Libby, George W. (Dr.)384, 385, 422
Libby, I.C.384
Libby, Isaac Chase422, 423
Libby, Jacova D. (Pribble)385
Libby, Laura M.423
Libby, Martha E.423
Libby, Martha E. (Libby)423
Libby, Mary L.423
Libby, Paul T.423
Libby, Ruth R.423
Liberty Lake652
Liberty Park348
Liberty Park Addition310
Lidgerwood Addition365
Lidgerwood Park237
Lidgerwood, John H.237
Lightening Peak Mining Co.521
Lillie B. Mining Co.781
Lillie, David296
Lillie, Harriet296
Lilly, Ella J.391
Lilly, John391
Lincoln County Courthouse791
Lincoln County Gazette166
Lincoln, David253
Lincoln, Mary Ellen253
Lindelle Block469
Lindelle Building421
Lindley, Curtis H.268
Lindsay Merchantile Co.376
Lindsay, T.P.376, 516
Lindsley, (Mr.)578
Linville, Arthur694
Linville, Ethel (Swain)694
Lippitt Bros.86
Lippitt, Moses344
Lister, Hannah297
Little Deep Creek823
Little Falls Plant747
Little Spokane Land & Irrigation Co.699
Little Spokane River823
Little Spokane Water Co.699
Little, Ella (McDermont)805
Little, William805
Littlefield, Florence761
Lloyd, John M.499
Locke, Samuel B. (Mrs.)384
Lockwood, Alfred (Rev.)530
Lodge, Elizabeth (Cobb)119
Lodge, J.C.119
Loe, Oscar703
Logan, (Mr.)257
Lohmann, Louise F.258
Lokrantz, Axel765
Lokrantz, Elizabeth765
Lokrantz, Elizabeth (von Duben)765
Lombard, Salome384
Lomsky Block769
Lone Star Copper Mining Co.515
Long Lake Project309
Long View Orchard Co.801
Long, Frances (Gallagher)402
Long, Frances Louise405
Long, J. Grier402-405, 573
Long, James Grier405
Long, John F.G.402
Long, Lloyd405
Long, Louise405
Long, Maude G. (Sorter)405
Loon Lake806
Lorenzo Mining & Mill Co.558
Loring, Frank C.93
Lotam, Jim362
Lovett, Katherine Foster633
Low, John (Maj.)347
Low, Mary E.347
Lowe, A.A.364
Loyola Athletic Club775
Lucky Calumet Mining Co.57
Ludden, Gertrude (Horton)483
Ludden, Hazel669
Ludden, Hazel Kirk483
Ludden, Jessie L.483
Ludden, Lafayette480
Ludden, Mabel C.483
Ludden, Margaret (Courley)480
Ludden, Mary K. (Todd)482, 483
Ludden, Ruby E.483
Ludden, Vinne Pauline483
Ludden, W.H.669
Ludden, William Henry480-484
Ludden, William M.441
Ludstrom, Susie (Dickson)164
Ludstrom, T.A.164
Luhn, Anne Goodall (Higgins)353
Luhn, Catherine Ann (Von Oltmans)350
Luhn, Catherine353
Luhn, Euphemia353
Luhn, Gerhard L.350
Luhn, Henry Bernard (Dr.)178, 350-353, 685
Luhn, Maria353
Luhn, Marion353
Luhn, William Luke350
Luke, John305
Luke, Louisa305
Luke, Margraret304, 305
Lund, (Mr.)508
Lusk, Isabelle572
Lutes, Luther311
Lutes, Myra311
Lutes, Sarah (Silverling)311
Lyon, David C.631
Lyon, Helen631
Lyon, Mary268, 631


M. Ibister Heating & Plumbing Co.791
M. Sellar’s Building798
M. Seller & Co. Building248, 798
M.C. Hunter Co.629, 630
Maas, Elizabeth99
Mabry, H.781
Mabry, Robert781
Macalister, Julia Richie429
Macartney, Catherine M.593
Macartney, Charlotte (Webster)590
Macartney, F.C.590
Macartney, George W.593
Macartney, Grace (Campbell)594
Macartney, Morton590-594
Macartney, R.H.593
Macartney, T.W.593
MacCalla, Agnes W. (Purves)748
MacCalla, Clifford P.746
MacCalla, Clifford Sherron746-748
MacCalla, Helen (Arrison)746
MacCalla, May746
MacCalla, Sylvia748
MacCalla, Willard746
MacCalla, Williard A.748
MacClay Clan552
MacCorquodale, Archibald159, 160
MacCorquodale, Donald159
MacCorquodale, Helen159
MacCorquodale, James159
MacCorquodale, John159
MacCorquodale, Margaret (d. of Archibald)159
MacCorquodale, Margaret159
MacCorquodale, Roderick159
MacDonnell, John G.94
MacDonnell, Marguerite (Crane)94
Macdougal, Alex188
Macdougal, Amanda188
Macdougal, Harriet188
Macfarlan, Charles A.416
Macfarlan, Clemenia E. (Holley)415
Macfarlan, Ebenezer (Dr.)415
Macfarlan, Frederick T.416
Macfarlan, William H.415, 416
MacGregor, Rob Roy533
MacLean, Caroline153
MacLean, Dan153
MacLean, Donald150, 154
MacLean, Emily153
MacLean, Hugh150
MacLean, James Edward150
MacLean, Lauchlin150-155
MacLean, Laura G. (Stone)154
MacLean, Maggie153
MacLean, Mary Ann153
MacLean, Mina153
MacLean, Minerva153
MacLean, Rachel153
MacLean, Sarah153
MacLean, Sarah (Ellis)150
MacLean, William150
MacLeod, Emma (Anderson)521
MacLeod, George A.520, 521
MacLeod, John520
MacLeod, Margaret (Robertson)520
Maclin, J.B.255
Madison, W.G.617
Makeham, Sarah775
Malloy Brothers277, 278, 534
Malloy, Catherine278
Malloy, Catherine Frances278
Malloy, Ida278, 534
Malloy, John S.278
Malloy, K.F. (Mrs.)534
Malloy, Minnie278
Malloy, Patrick A.278
Malloy, William G.277, 278
Maloney Block769
Mammoth Silver Lead Mining & Smelting Co.790
Manito Park144, 240, 348
Mann & Forrest786
Mann, Alma (Forrest)786
Mann, Arminda V. (McGrew)785
Mann, Benjamin B.785
Mann, Erma786
Mann, Priscilla786
Mann, Samuel A. (Hon.)785-787
Mann, Vera786
Manning, Pet (Shinn)246
Manning, William246
Mansell, Elizabeth568
Mansell, Emma568
Mansell, John568
Maple Hill Coal Co.278
Maria Beard Deaconess Home & Hospital498
Mariner, Agnes88
Mariner, Ellen E.88
Mariner, William88
Marischal, Alexander J.468
Marischal, Constance (Henry)468
Marischal, John Joseph468, 469
Marischal, Mary (Shackleford)469
Marks, Bertha176
Marks, J.R.41
Marsell, I.E.710
Marsh Mining Co.57
Marshall, J.W. (Judge)174
Marshall-Wells Hardware Co.732
Martin, Ada193, 298
Martin, Ada L.203
Martin, Catherine (Tull)57
Martin, Douglas Ewart193
Martin, Elizabeth (Hall)190
Martin, Emma193
Martin, Frank M. (Dr.)193
Martin, Frank McPherson193
Martin, George193
Martin, Gus378
Martin, Harry S.190-194
Martin, J.H.709
Martin, Jennie (Mrs.)203
Martin, Juliet216
Martin, Katherine E.313
Martin, Margaret L. (Brown)193
Martin, Martha193
Martin, Mary (Gerrie)193
Martin, Mary H.313
Martin, Peter S.190
Martin, Robert57
Martin, Ruth57
Martin, T.H.313
Marvin, Rosa169
Marvin, W.R.169
Mason & Marks Co. Building305
Mason, Charles W.478
Mason, Clara Arney (Paulson)478
Mason, Darious (Dr.)406, 407
Mason, Ella (Richardson)748
Mason, Katherine (Goetz)748
Mason, L.H.748
Mason, Lillie (Pierce)406
Mason, Noble406
Mason, Olney406
Mason, Tracy R. (Dr.)61, 748, 749
Masonbrink, Marie66
Masonic Temple313, 798
Mast, Frances (Gehman)660
Mast, J.F.660-662
Mast, Jacob K.660
Mast, Sarah E. (Ricker)662
Matheny, J.N.49, 50
Matthew, Katherine479
Matthews, Sally173
Matthias, Ruby E. (Ludden)483
Matthias, Samuel L.483
Mattyshock, Agnes (Smichly)115
Mattyshock, Frank115
Mattyshock, John115, 116
Mattyshock, Mamie (Edwards)116
Mauck, Frances E.220
Mauseth, Caroline822
Mauseth, Eda822
Mauseth, Peter822
Mayer, Anne292
Mayer, Caroline761
Mayer, Estelle327
Mayer, Henry327
Mead, A.674
Mead, Jeremiah189
Mead, Rhoba May (Sullivan)674
Means, Mary A.401
Mechanics Hotel769
Medical Lake Banner28
Medical Lake Ledger178
Meese & Golder491
Meese & Gottfried Co.491
Meese, Adolph491
Meese, Albert492
Meese, Constant491
Meese, Edwin491
Meese, Emma491
Meese, Gus490-492
Meese, Gustav492
Meese, Hermann490
Meese, Margaretha (Waldman)490
Meese, Martha (Tum Suden)492
Meese, Regina492
Meese, Walter491
Mehl, Wilhelm170
Mellis, Fred R.501
Mellowdew, Jemima22
Mendenhall, Dorothy Ida349
Mendenhall, Florence Nightingale349
Mendenhall, Geffry Eugene349
Mendenhall, Hallam349
Mendenhall, Helen (Brook)349
Mendenhall, Henry349
Mendenhall, James Hodge349
Mendenhall, Katherine E. (Ebaugh)349
Mendenhall, Marcus349
Mendenhall, Mark F.349, 350
Mendenhall, Wesley349
Mercer, Fannie (Gray)206
Mercer, Frank206
Merchants Hotel437
Meredith, Maria L.158
Merriam, C.K. (Dr.)184
Merriam, H.C. (Lt. Col.)305
Merriam, Miriam (Tannatt)184
Merrick, Josephine L.387, 388
Merrill, Eleanor680
Merrill, George E.679, 680
Merrill, Helen680
Merrill, Lillian (Chapman)680
Merrill, Mary680
Merrill, Ruth680
Merrill, Samuel679, 680
Merrill, Susan (Putnam)679
Merriman, J.G.371
Merriman, Louise (Herrick)371
Merritt, Ella288
Merryweather, Cleora (Amsden)446
Merryweather, Ellen L. (Beaman)445
Merryweather, George Neave445
Merryweather, Walter G.233, 445, 446
Merryweather, William G.445
Merwarth, Laura388
Merwarth, Sylvester388
Metaline Consolidated Mining Co.790
Metaline Falls State & Savings Bank797
Metaline Falls Water Co.317
Methow Canal Co.154, 273
Metzgar, Fredericka564
Meyer, Anna717
Michaels, Belle (Stern)318
Michaels, Joseph318
Mickels, Christina149
Mickels, E.149
Mickels, Henry149, 150
Mikels, Marie (Rauk)150
Miles, Alice219
Miles, Evan (Gen.)106, 240
Miles, Martha A. (Stitzel)106
Miller & Hoyt Mining Co.775
Miller Creek Group361
Miller, Carrie410
Miller, Christiana785
Miller, Cora (Shipman)120
Miller, Edward120
Miller, Harriet C. (Cook)120
Miller, Harriet E. (Field)119
Miller, Ida M.120
Miller, John (f. of Richard)257
Miller, John B.410
Miller, John E.258
Miller, Julius W.119
Miller, Laura E.120
Miller, Lucetta257
Miller, Lyman F.119, 120
Miller, Margeretta782
Miller, Marguerite (Phipps)410
Miller, Myrtle120
Miller, Nellie (Roche)258
Miller, Nellie H.120
Miller, Richard Dale257, 258
Miller, W. Clayton146
Milloki Investment Co.669
Mills, B. Fay397
Mills, Celia816
Mills, Joseph816
Mills, Mary J.816
Milwaukee & Puget Sound Railroad816
Milwaukee Land Co.71, 498
Milwaukee Lumber Co.187, 188
Milwaukee Railroad Co.468
Mission Avenue Bridge299
Mission Flats769
Mitchell, John H., Jr.601
Mitchell, John H., Sr. (Sen.)601
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver37
Mitchell, Louisa795
Mitchell, Maud683
Mitchell, S.Z.363
Moar, Almeda J. (Bell)230
Moar, George230
Moar, Jane M.H. (Norton)230
Moar, T. Edgerton230
Moar, Thomas A.230
Modern Irrigation Land Co.357
Moffatt, John F. (Sheriff)24
Moffitt, Edward H.727, 728
Moffitt, Effie J. (Colburn)727
Moffitt, Maria (Patterson)727
Moffitt, Robert C.727
Moffitt, Thomas727
Moffitt, Thomas E.727
Mohawk Building618, 713
Mohr, Charles William298-300
Mohr, Edith (Beneke)299
Mohr, Edith299
Mohr, Frank M.300
Mohr, George W.300
Mohr, Henrietta (Muhs)298
Mohr, Jesse C.300
Mohr, John A.299
Mohr, John F.298
Mohr, Laura A. (Stutz)300
Mohr, Lizzie (Schloman)299
Mohr, Paul298
Mohr, Robert A.299
Mohr, Rosella300
Moline Elevator Co.687
Moller, C.F.J.76
Moller, Daisy H.76
Monaghan, Agnes Isabel11, 15
Monaghan, Charles Francis11
Monaghan, Ellen Rosanna11, 15
Monaghan, James7, 8, 9,11,12, 16, 104
Monaghan, James Hugh11
Monaghan, John Robert11-16
Monaghan, John7
Monaghan, Margaret (McCool)11
Monaghan, Margaret Mary11
Monaghan, Mary Ann (O’Riley)7
Monaghan, Nellie (Ellen?)15
Monarch Mine306
Monarch Timber Co.68
Monroe Street Bridge299, 593
Montgomery, (Gen.)775
Montgomery, Jane284
Moody, H.L.586
Moor, A.H.106
Moor, Mary E. (Stitzel)106
Moore & LePage Furniture Co.36
Moore, Alta729
Moore, Antoinette E.331
Moore, Benjamin F.239
Moore, C. Herbert238-240, 786
Moore, Cassie Downey800
Moore, Charlotte C. (Dickinson)729
Moore, David729
Moore, Frank Rockwood364, 449
Moore, Frank363
Moore, Gertrude729
Moore, Herbert653
Moore, J.120
Moore, J.Z.565
Moore, Jacob K.331
Moore, James Power300, 800
Moore, Jennie S. (Galloway)239
Moore, John114
Moore, Livingston729
Moore, Mary A.239
Moore, Miles C. (Gov.)174
Moore, Nellie H. (Miller)120
Moore, Otho Clay485, 729, 730
Moore, Paul F.363
Moore, Pearl E. (Nickerson)114
Moore, Phoebe331
Moore, Robert729
Moore, William (Capt.)362
Moran Engineering Co.318
Moran Prairie595, 647, 770
Morford, Pearl A.268
Morgan Acre Tract59
Morgan, Daniel58, 59, 60
Morgan, Daniel (Gen.)134
Morgan, Laura J.27
Morgan, Margaret (Hamilton)59
Morgan, Mildred A.336
Morgan, Minnie A.44
Morgan, Newell C.44
Morgan, Ray S.60
Morgan, Seth59
Morgan, William Floyd60
Morning Mine740
Morning Mining Co.790
Morrill, (Mr.)549
Morris Packing Co.769
Morrison, George A.24
Morrison, Mary (Nicholson)24
Morse, Frank C.674
Morse, Mary Isabelle (Sullivan)674
Morton, D.J.86
Morton, Veda229
Mosby, B.C.564
Moses (Chief)625
Moss, Edith790
Moss, L.S.790
Moter, Winifred713
Mowatt, Iva134
Mowery, Charles R. (Dr.)89
Mowery, Herbert C. (Dr.)89
Moye, Bertch William735
Moye, Clara (Bertch)735
Moye, Edward A., Jr.735
Moye, Edward A., Sr.732-735
Moye, Wilhelmina (Beier)732
Moye, William L.732
Moyer, Ida A.709
Moyer, Joseph709
Moyer, Mary709
Mudgett, Carrie (Miller)410
Mudgett, George35, 409, 410
Mudgett, Gilman Clifford409, 410
Mudgett, R.M.409, 410
Mudgett, Rebecca (Haymaker)409
Mudgett, Sylvia Marguerite410
Mueller, Anna Theresa665
Muhs, Henrietta298
Muhs, John66
Muhs, Marie (Masonbrink)66
Muhs, Tena R.66
Mulder, Ella719
Mullan Electric Light & Power Co.755
Mullen Water Works730
Mulroy, James378
Multitype Machine Co.416, 419
Municipal League140
Munter, Adolph (Judge)326, 571
Murgittroyd, Will H.580
Murphy, Charles361
Murphy, Ella (Butler)447
Murphy, John464
Murphy, Kate705
Murphy, Lida B.361
Murphy, Margaret E.361
Murphy, Mattie464
Murphy, Maude464
Murphy, Van N.447
Murtaugh, Anna693
Muscovite Mining Co.5
Musser Lumber Co.62
Mutual Life Insurance Co.515, 516, 825, 826
Myers, A.H.377-379
Myers, B.K.377
Myers, Harriet (Kelly)377
Myers, John C.637
Myers, Louise637
Myers, Winnifred (Phillips)379
Myers, Zeno K.377
Myler, Alice779


McArdle, Eliza228
McArdle, Mary228
McArdle, Thomas228
McArthur, Alexander153
McArthur, Emily (MacLean)153
McAusland, Caroline (MacLean)153
McCabe, Ann Marie178
McCain, Ann229
McCain, Electa (Sullivan)674
McCain, James674
McCallum, D.W.124
McCallum, Elizabeth124
McCartney, H.H.362
McCartney, H.M.342
McCartney, Harry362, 409
McClaine, Adolphus F., Jr.797
McClaine, Adolphus F., Sr.282, 493, 796, 797
McClaine, Fielding796
McClaine, Mae (Underwood)797
McClaine, Sarah Frances (Porter)796
McClaine, Sarah Margaret797
McClary, Elizabeth24
McClintock, Edwin E.255
McClintock, Franklin T.255
McClintock, Gay (Trunkey)255
McClintock, Robert O.254, 255, 755
McClintock, Robert S.254
McClintock, Sarah (Smith)254
McClintock, Sarah Gay255
McClintock, Sydney S.255
McClintock-Trunkey Co.254, 255, 430, 752, 755
McClure, David R.644, 645
McClure, Ida May95
McClure, James C.644
McClure, Janet (Rodger)644
McClure, Margaret E. (Davis)645
McColl, Edgar Warren796
McColl, Edgar William795, 796
McColl, Emeline (Billings)796
McColl, Henriette Lilliene796
McColl, Louisa (Mitchell)795
McColl, Nellie796
McColl, Priscilla Louisa796
McColl, William795
McCollough, F.T.644
McColough, Addie May (Oakes)514
McColough, Ella514
McColough, Eva J. (Weaver)514
McColough, Ford514
McColough, Ina514
McColough, James513
McColough, Lizzie514
McColough, Mary (Higgins)513
McColough, William514
McColough, William H.513, 514
McConnell, Franc[es]269
McConnell, Richard D.269
McCool, Margaret11
McCool, Robert11
McCormack, J.E.582, 585
McCornack, Agnes M.194
McCornack, Andrew, Jr.194
McCornack, Andrew, Sr.194
McCornack, Edwin A.194
McCornack, Eugene P.194
McCornack, Frank H.194
McCornack, Helen196
McCornack, Helen I.194
McCornack, Herbert F. (Dr.)194
McCornack, J.K.195
McCornack, John K.194-196
McCornack, Leathe194
McCornack, Maria (Eakin)194
McCornack, Mary E.194
McCornack, Mary F. (De Huff)196
McCornack, Nettie M.194
McCornack, Robert DeHuff196
McCornack, Walter R.194
McCornack, William A. (Dr.)194
McCoy, Permelia Johnson186
McCrea & Merryweather233, 445
McCrea, D.S.378
McCrea, Jane (Pierce)233
McCrea, John233
McCrea, Katharine234
McCrea, Katherine (Brook)234
McCrea, Mary Helen234
McCrea, Robert233
McCrea, W.S.445
McCrea, William Stone233, 234
McCrea, William Sylvester234
McCullough, Eunice169
McCullough, Fitzherbert169, 170
McCullough, Helen (Campbell)170
McCullough, William169
McDermont, Dorothy805
McDermont, Ella805
McDermont, Elva805
McDermont, Emma (Arnold)805
McDermont, Eugene J.805
McDermont, Frank805
McDermont, Fred H.802-806
McDermont, Grace (Hunt)805
McDermont, James805
McDermont, Minnie805
McDiarmid, J.C.100
McDiarmid, Rowena100
McDonald, Catherine356
McDonald, Christine356
McDonald, Donald K.355-358
McDonald, Elizabeth356
McDonald, Elizabeth (Kennedy)356
McDonald, F.A. (Judge)259
McDonald, George123
McDonald, Helen259
McDonald, Hugh D.356
McDonald, James W.356
McDonald, John Henry356
McDonald, Maud537
McDonald, Maude (Seelye)357
McDonald, O.R.537
McDonald, Simon356
McDonald, Vern357
McDowell, Emma (Hinkle)492
McDowell, Martha457
McFarland Sawmill75
McFarland, Elvira (Early)656
McFarland, John Anthony659
McFarland, Joseph C.659
McFarland, Kathleen659
McFarland, L.M.98
McFarland, Marie V. (Pendy)659
McFarland, Robert E.17
McFarland, Robert Early, Jr.659
McFarland, Robert Early, Sr.656-660
McFarland, William B.659, 660
McFarland, William B. (Rev.)656
McGarey, Enoch516
McGarey, Martha (Campbell)516
McGarey, Matie516
McGoldrick Lumber Co.227
McGoldrick, Carroll J.228
McGoldrick, Edward A.228
McGoldrick, Helen228
McGoldrick, James P.227, 228
McGoldrick, Margaret228
McGoldrick, Mary227
McGoldrick, Milton T.228
McGoldrick, Patrick227
McGowan Bros. Hardware Co.685
McGrew, Arminda V.785
McGuire, Mary788
McIntyre, (Mr.)593
McIntyre, Christeena275
McIntyre, Cynthia (Allison)275
McIntyre, John F.275, 276
McKay, Catherine507
McKay, Christine507
McKay, Elizabeth718
McKay, Ellen618
McKay, Helen718
McKay, William718
McKay, William S. (Capt.)507
McKee, Ada298
McKee, Ada (Martin)193, 298
McKee, James193, 298
McKenzie, A.J.157
McKenzie, Angus342
McKenzie, Harry157
McKenzie, Mabel (Stewart)157
McKinley & Solberg89
McKinley Mining Co.521, 689
McKinley, H.89
McKinstry, J.C.703
McKittrick, Rose94
McLain, John B.341
McLaughlin, Augusta447
McLean, John713
McLean, L.M.470
McLeod, Mary J.242
McMahon Hotel556
McMahon, (Gen.)732
McMahon, Ann (Quinlan)556
McMahon, Anna732
McMahon, Harry557
McMahon, John (f. of Anna)732
McMahon, John, Jr.556, 557
McMahon, John, Sr.556
McMahon, Mary (Phalen)557
McMahon, Roy557
McMorran & Featherstone429
McMorran, A.W.429
McMorris, Clara332
McMullen, Frances L.736
McMullen, Hannah (Wicks)736
McMullen, John736
McNaught, James362, 363, 601, 801
McNeal, Caroline490
McNeill, Edwin32, 35
McNevin, Lauchlin153
McNevin, Mary Ann (MacLean)153
McNutt, Helen205
McPhail, Edna574
McPhail, John574
McPhail, Mary574
McRea & Merryweather522
McVey, Neen Hawley448
McWharter, Malinda J.519
McWhorter, Malinda Jayne186
McWilliams, Robert549


Nadeau, J.A.61
Nadeau, Phedora61
Narrow Gauge Railroad677
Nash, L.B.363
Nash, L.B. (Judge)85, 363
Natatorium Park240, 364
National Bank of Commerce207, 685
National Lumber Co.679, 680
Neaville, Anna159
Neaville, Flora (Ellsworth)159
Neaville, J. Rae159
Neaville, James D.159
Neaville, John A.158, 159
Neaville, John D.158
Neaville, Libby M.159, 683
Neaville, Maria L. (Meredith)158
Neaville, Myra (Goodrich)159
Neaville, Sarah (Crowel)159
Neffeler, John C.339
Neffeler, Lillie A. (Acuff)339
Nelson, Isabel36
Nelson, John B.268
Nethercutt, George M.558
Netherlands American Mortgage Bank269
Nettleton School248
Nettleton, Julia354
Nettleton, Louise376
Nettleton, William O.354, 376
Nettleton’s Addison376
New Golden Crown Mining Co.99
New World Life Insurance Co.353, 506, 507, 685, 718
Newberry & Cannon363
Newberry, A.A.204, 363
Newell, F.H.462
Newitt, Maria508
Newlon, Guy596
Newlon, Isabelle (Kirby)595
Newlon, Laura596
Newlon, Marguerite (Acton)596
Newlon, Nancy (Wilson)595
Newlon, Olive596
Newlon, S.595, 596
Newlon, Thomas595, 596
Newman Lake Canal Co.135
Newman, Aaron M.782
Newman, Annie775
Newman, Arthur775
Newman, DeWitt Clinton (Dr.)782-785
Newman, James775
Newman, John M.775
Newman, Margeretta (Miller)782
Newman, Marguerite785
Newman, Mary V. (Nickey)785
Newman, Nellie (Levens)775
Newman, Ruth Levens776
Newman, Sarah (Makeham)775
Newman, Walter775
Newman, William775
Newman, William M. (Dr.)775
Nichols Block363
Nichols, Burt363
Nichols, Harry713
Nicholson, Alice24
Nicholson, Ella (Burke)24
Nicholson, John J.23, 24
Nicholson, Mamie (Beal)24
Nicholson, Mary24
Nicholson, Thomas24
Nickerson, Alice E. (Patterson)114
Nickerson, Claude Robert114
Nickerson, Elizabeth (Ash)113
Nickerson, Ephraim Andrew110
Nickerson, Pearl E.114
Nickerson, William Harley114
Nickerson, William J.110, 113, 114
Nickey, Christiana (Miller)785
Nickey, Jeremiah F.785
Nickey, Mary V.785
Nine Mile Mountain432
Noble Five Mining Co.776
Noble, John N.601
Nolan, James421
Nolan, Maude M.421
Nolan, Susan421
Noonan, Elizabeth709
Norden Hotel519
Nordike, (Mr.)209
Nordike, Rochford & Stayt209
Norman Hotels, Ltd.365
Norman, (Mr.)363
Norman, Ben365
Norman, George362
Norman, Honore (Thomas)362
Norman, Kathleen365
Norman, Marjorie365
Norman, Sherlock365
Norman, William S.361-366
North Coast Railroad593
North Idaho Telephone Co.777, 778
North Pacific Hotel684
North Pacific Loan & Trust Co.130, 133, 200
North, (Mr.)146
Northern Pacific Co.127, 153
Northern Pacific Hotel242
Northern Pacific Railroad Co.28, 50, 51, 65, 88, 109, 179, 207, 229, 249, 278, 298, 305, 331, 341, 342, 349, 356, 409, 467, 507, 523, 571, 602, 603, 625, 629, 670, 699, 776, 818
Northern Pacific Railway Co.431, 499, 551, 577, 600, 601, 669, 710, 820
Northern Pacific Road677
Northport Smelter437
Northrop, Edward R. (Dr.)387, 388
Northrop, Henry D. (Rev.)387
Northrop, Herbert L. (Dr.)388
Northrop, Jay Graves388
Northrop, Josephine L. (Merrick)387, 388
Northrop, Laura (Merwarth)388
Northrop, Seymour388
Northwest Loan & Trust Co.197
Northwestern & Pacific Hypotheek Bank200
Northwestern & Pacific Mortgage Co.200
Northwestern Business College110
Northwestern Hypotheek Bank133, 354
Northwestern Pacific Mortgage Co.133
Northwestern Sampling Works99
Northwood Addition125
Norton, Jane M.H.230
Norton, John (Esq.)230
Noyse, H.A.120
Noyse, Laura E. (Miller)120
Nute & Keena333
Nuzum & Nuzum544, 564, 565, 674
Nuzum, Flora B. (Watson)565
Nuzum, George W. (Rev.)544
Nuzum, Harold N.565
Nuzum, I.F.544
Nuzum, Jennie544
Nuzum, Jessie A.544
Nuzum, Jessie E. (Watson)545
Nuzum, John E.544
Nuzum, Lucy M.544
Nuzum, M.E.536
Nuzum, Mary F.544
Nuzum, Mary N.544
Nuzum, N.E.544
Nuzum, Nulton E.564-566
Nuzum, R.W.565
Nuzum, Richard Watson543-545
Nuzum, T.W. (Dr.)544
Nuzum, W.F. (Dr.)544
Nuzum, W.O. (Rev.)544


O’Brien, Ida M.626
O’Brien, William S.626
O’Connor, Anna Della (Wann)673
O’Connor, Charles A.670-673
O’Connor, Claire Addison673
O’Connor, Frank364
O’Connor, Michael James673
O’Connor, Michael T.670
O’Leary, Ida (Zent)472
O’Leary, T.F.472
O’Neill, Mary (Pedicord)765
O’Riley, Mary Ann7
O’Shea, Catherine (Egan)819
O’Shea, Daniel685
O’Shea, Edward240
O’Shea, Edward J.241
O’Shea, Edward Joseph685, 686
O’Shea, Ellen (Hassett)685
O’Shea, John H. (Dr.)819, 820
O’Shea, Mary A. (Crommey)241
O’Shea, Mary Catherine241
O’Shea, Michael819
Oakes, Addie May (Mrs.)514
Oakes, J.W.462
Odegard, Jennie769
Odell, J.C.378
Ohio Varnish Co.513
Okanogan Electric Railway213
Okanogan Irrigation & Improvement Co.213
Okanogan State Bank497
Olafson, Cecil680
Old Dominion Mining and Milling6
Old Hickory Mining Co.257
Old Ironsides Mine413
Old National Bank Building71, 218, 277, 344, 506, 515, 538, 609, 667, 685
Old National Bank350, 357, 447, 448, 579, 818, 819
Olive Avenue Bridge299
Oliver, A. Starke (Dr.)713, 714
Oliver, Elizabeth (McCallum)124
Oliver, Elizabeth (Shaw)120
Oliver, Fannie123
Oliver, Frank G.123
Oliver, Fred H.120-124
Oliver, Jessie (Starke)713
Oliver, Jessie Irene714
Oliver, Margaret124
Oliver, Mildred124
Oliver, Mira (Simmons)713
Oliver, Robert W.713
Oliver, William H.120
Olmstead, Amy Lois333
Olmstead, Carrie Edna333
Olmstead, Clara (McMorris)332
Olmstead, Elmer Devando (Dr.)178, 331-333
Olmstead, James L.332
Olmstead, John R.332
Olmstead, Lucy J.332
Olmstead, Mary332
Olmstead, Phoebe A.332
Olmstead, Sarah I.332
Olmstead, Stephen S.331
Olmstead, Steven Armstrong332
Olmstead, Walter Morris332
Olmstead, William H.332
Olsen, O.L.807
Olsen-Robinson Co.806, 807
Olson Merchantile Co.683
Olson, Albert683
Olson, Carrie (Ackley)683
Olson, Cecil (Olafson)680
Olson, Clara683
Olson, Edwin683
Olson, Hannah (Johnson)681, 683
Olson, Hoken683
Olson, James683
Olson, John683
Olson, Lena683
Olson, Libby M. (Neaville)159, 683
Olson, Louis, Jr.683
Olson, Louis, Sr.680-683
Olson, Maud (Mitchell)683
Olson, Minnie683
Olson, Olaf680, 683
Olson, Olaf L.159, 683
Olson, Olive683
Olson, Oscar683
Olsson, Alfrieda (Carlson)648
Olsson, Mathilda648
Olsson, Otto August648-651
Olsson, S.A.648
Oppenheimer, Amelia726
Oppenheimer, Joe362
Oppenheimer, Leon808
Oppenheimer, Marcus362, 363
Oppenheimer, Marie O. (Corbaley)808
Oreana Mine632
Oregon & Washington Railroad & Navigation Co.57, 159, 309
Oregon Electric Railway Co.563
Oregon Improvement Co.184
Oregon Mortgage Co.357
Oregon Navigation Co.127
Oregon Railroad & Navigation Co.415, 755
Oregon Railway & Navigation Co.184, 353, 415, 457, 625
Oregon Steam Navigation Co.249
Oregon Steamboat Navigation Co.476
Orford, (Earl of)552
Orient Gold Mines, Ltd.790
Oriole Mining Co.790
Orpheum Theater383
Osmer, Annette421
Ostrander, B.R.579, 697
Ostrander, Benjamin R.697, 698
Ostrander, Bertha (Cadwell)698
Ostrander, Dwight698
Ostrander, E.W.355
Ostrander, F.S.355
Ostrander, Hanna (Hebbard)697
Ostrander, Max698
Otis Elevator Co.687, 688
Otis Orchard Co.135
Otis Orchards506
Ottobone, Gerolimo686
Ottobone, Louise686
Ottobone, Maria686
Oudin, Charles P.187
Ourdal, Augusta516
Overland Lumber Co.469
Overlander, Lucy J. (Olmstead)332
Overlander, William332
Owen, Frances668
Owen, Matie668
Owen, R.C.668


P. Blake & Sons617
P.A. Daggett & Co.274
Pacific Hotel65, 250, 305
Pacific Iron Works795
Pacific Nortwest Dev. League7
Pacific Printing Co.511
Pacific Realty & Loan Co.669
Pacific States Investment Co,413
Pacific Telephone Building694
Pacific Timber Preservative Co.306, 309
Packard Motor Cars333
Page, Elizabeth Gale707
Page, Frances L.M. (Gale)707
Page, Isabel238
Page, Thomas238, 707
Pahl, George242
Paine, Alan Grant376
Paine, Edith137
Paine, Eliza79
Paine, Franklin376
Paine, George W.137
Paine, Helen Roselle376
Paine, J.L.401, 586
Paine, James L.276, 277
Paine, Lawrence C.277
Paine, Margaret277
Paine, Mark376
Paine, Parker375
Paine, Roselle E. (Grant)375
Paine, Susan P. (Horton)277
Paine, Waldo Grant144, 375, 376
Paine, William375
Paine, William Nettleton376
Palace Hotel802
Palace Store791
Palmer Trading Co.213
Palmer, Clara (Clowe)214
Palmer, Esther (Asher)213
Palmer, James M.186
Palmer, Jessie T.770
Palmer, Marjorie214
Palmer, S.N.770
Palmer, William L.213
Palmer, William W.213, 214
Panhandle Investment Co.801
Panhandle Lumber Co.86, 327, 543, 719
Pantages Theater163, 305
Parker, Fred622
Parker, Willard (Dr.)406
Parks & Day824, 825
Parks Addition720, 725
Parks, Blanche M. (Day)824
Parks, Emma (Bertrand)722, 725
Parks, James824
Parks, Jane (Henry)824
Parks, Josephine698
Parks, Lydia720
Parks, Robert720
Parks, Robert (Capt.)720
Parks, William D.720-725
Parks, William J.824, 825
Pasadena Park652
Pasco Reclamation Co.391
Patella, Marie574
Patent Holding Manufacturing Co.558, 559
Paterman, Anna Theresa (Mueller)665
Paterman, Elizabeth Anna665
Paterman, Ernest665
Paterson, David52
Paterson, Ella (Van Dyke)52
Paterson, Genevieve M.54
Paterson, Henrietta I. (Davidson)54
Paterson, R.B.401
Paterson, Robert A.54
Paterson, Robert Benton52, 53, 54
Patterson, Alice E.114
Patterson, Maria L.727
Patterson, R.B.80, 798
Patterson, Robert114
Pauli, Antoinette218
Paulsen Block414
Paulsen Building88, 313, 388, 472, 581, 679, 687, 718, 791, 798
Paulson, Anna K. (Anderson)478
Paulson, Carrie L.478
Paulson, Chester R.478
Paulson, Clara Arney478
Paulson, Mads472
Paulson, Mary478
Paulson, Mary (Krag)472
Paulson, Paul A.472-478
Payne, Benjamin Franklin22
Payne, James Alfred22, 2 3
Pearce, Samuel Adams321
Pearce, Sarah B.320, 321
Pearson, Margaret217
Pease, Caroline Atwater449
Pease, Charles449
Peck Concentrating Co.99
Peddycord, G.W.366
Pedicord Hotel765, 766
Pedicord, Edna765
Pedicord, Elizabeth (Brabham)765
Pedicord, George766
Pedicord, Henry D.765
Pedicord, Joseph766
Pedicord, Lucille766
Pedicord, Mary A.765
Pedicord, Minnie M. (True)766
Pedicord, Susan A.765
Pedicord, Thomas J.765, 766
Peet, Lucy A.277, 586
Pence, Nancy C.581
Pend d’Oreille Electric767
Pend d’Oreille Lake742
Pendy, Catherine659
Pendy, John659
Pendy, Marie V.659
Penfield, C.S.204
Pennington, Edmund680
Pennington, Isabell Roberts)680
Pennington, Tresa680
Pennoyer, Sylvester476
Pennsylvania Mortgage Investment Co.402
Penrose, Sally237
Peone Prairie505, 661
Peone Creek823
Peone, (Chief)661
Permaine, A.E.393
Perrine, Edna Lee430
Perrine, Josephine (Mrs.)430
Perry, Grace97
Perry, James Montgomery96, 97
Perry, Margaret (Tabor)96
Perry, Marie C. (Salisbury)97
Perry, Oren96
Peterson, Frank E.94, 95
Peterson, Grace F. (Boomer)778
Peterson, Ida May (McClure)95
Peterson, Johanna94
Peterson, John94
Peterson, John Lawrence95
Petite, Claudia303
Pettit, William364
Peyton Block42, 787
Peyton Building643, 762
Pfisterer, Clara586
Pfisterer, John586
Phair, Elizabeth313
Phair, Frederic313, 314
Phair, Harold G.314
Phair, John Pickering (Rev.)313
Phair, Lascelle R.314
Phair, Mina Isable (Rogers)314
Phalen, John557
Phalen, Mary557
Phedora Mining Co.648
Phillips, Anna M. (Mrs.)309
Phillips, Henry A.297
Phillips, J.L.379
Phillips, Mary C.297
Phillips, Winifred379
Phinney, Bessie (Goodall)139
Phinney, Frederick V.139, 140
Phinney, George B.139
Phinney, Minnie (Key)140
Phipps, Marguerite410
Phoenix Lumber Co.289, 354
Phoenix Sawmill50, 289
Pickering, (Mr.)208
Pierce, Cynthia (Sweatt)768
Pierce, Jane233
Pierce, Katie (Laughon)700
Pierce, Lillie406
Pierce, Martha30
Pierce, Martha T.567
Pierce, W.E.700
Pinecroft Project736
Pioneer Block50, 767
Pioneer Hotel802
Pioneer National Bank566
Pioneer Society484
Pipgrass, Frank305
Pipgrass, Margaret (Johnson)305
Pittock, H.L.362
Pittsburg Lead Mining Co.61
Pittsburg Mining Co.621
Place, Lorinda L.85
Plackett, Charles A.718, 719
Plackett, Elizabeth (Plunkett)718
Plackett, Helen (McKay)718
Plackett, Thomas718
Plastino, Anthony577
Plastino, Eleanor577
Plastino, John577
Plastino, Joseph574-577
Plastino, Margaret577
Plastino, Marie (Patella)574
Plastino, Michael574, 577
Plastino, Susan577
Plastino, Susan (Scarpelli)577
Platt, Anna M.511
Platt, William511
Platter, L.H.544
Pleasant Prairie770
Plowman, Etta176
Plowman, Frances176
Plowman, Henry176
Plummer, John D.66
Plummer, Sarah66
Plummer, Verna L. (Charest)67
Plummer, W.H.805
Plummer, William H. (Hon.)66, 67
Plunkett, Elizabeth718
Pohlman, J.V.108
Pohlman-Kipp Co.108
Poindexter & Moore729
Poindexter, Elizabeth Gale (Page)707
Poindexter, Gale Alett707
Poindexter, Josephine (Anderson)706
Poindexter, Miles (Hon.)168, 314, 485, 706, 707, 730
Poindexter, William B.706
Polk, James Knox135
Pondera Group Mining Co., Inc.515
Poole, Sophronia530
Poor Man Mine296
Pope, F.E.643
Porter, A.L.89
Porter, Arthur L.61, 62
Porter, Ellen D. (Roach)62
Porter, George W.61
Porter, John195
Porter, Laura A. (Van Buren)61
Porter, Sarah Frances796
Portland Cement Co.86
Post Falls Irrigating Co.771
Post Falls Sash & Door Co.615, 616
Post Mills364
Post, Abraham (Col.)296
Post, Avery & Higgins289, 297
Post, Frank Truman289, 296, 297, 758
Post, Frederick51,104, 757, 758
Post, Harriet (Lillie)296
Post, Harriet Christine297
Post, John Fobes296
Post, John Phillips297
Post, Mary C. (Phillips)297
Post, Oliver296
Potlach Lumber Co.393, 625
Potter, Edith M.611
Potter, G.D.99
Potter, J.M.611
Powell & Sanders Wholesale Grocery Co.468
Powell, (Mayor)73
Powell, Arthur P.489
Powell, Dora E. (Bruce)490
Powell, E.L.326, 677
Powell, E.M.378
Powell, Edward B.490
Powell, Edward Louis489, 490
Powell, Gerda490
Powell, Glen B.490
Powell, L.J. (Prof.)236
Powell, Leslie489
Powell, Luella489
Powell, Mary J. (Haight)489
Powell, Mary P.489
Powell, Nellie236
Powell, Perry P.489, 490
Powell, Roberts & Finley375
Powell, Wayne T.490
Powell-Sanders Co.489, 490
Power, Eliza255, 752
Prairie Development Co.233, 446, 758
Prather & Danson391
Prather, (Gov.)599
Prather, (Judge)391
Prather, Allen W. (Col.)596
Prather, Edna602
Prather, Hiram596
Prather, L.H.564
Prather, Leander Hamilton596-602
Prather, Lee602
Prather, Mary602
Prather, Mary (Huckleberry)596
Prather, Rice602
Prather, Rose601
Pratt, (Mayor)321
Pratt, Harriet (Derbyshire)511
Prentiss, Susan666
Prescott Brothers261
Prescott, David Sanborn260-262
Prescott, Ernest C.262
Prescott, Ethel F.261
Prescott, Fred L.261
Prescott, Laura (Betsworth)261
Prescott, Leslie F.262
Prescott, Nathan M.260
Prescott, Rozilla M. (Haley)260
Prescott, Verna R.262
Preston, Elsa (Clason)555
Preusse & Zittel90, 170
Preusse, Arnold Bismark173
Preusse, Carl Victor170, 173
Preusse, Florence Augusta173
Preusse, H.90
Preusse, Herman170, 173, 393
Preusse, Olga May173
Preusse, Rosa (Cole)173
Preusse, Victoria170
Pribble, Gabriel385
Pribble, Jacova D.385
Pribble, Sarah385
Price, (Gen.)118, 720, 729
Prickett, Elizabeth M.274
Prickett, John A.274
Prickett, Minna Mary274
Princess Maude Claim499
Princess Republic Mine499
Prindle, Alice Adelaide543
Prindle, Earle Stanley (Dr.)542, 543
Prindle, Elizabeth N. (Squire)542
Prindle, Henry William542
Prindle, Kirk Hubbard543
Prindle, Mary Elizabeth543, 544
Progressive Investment Co.819
Prosser vs. Northern Pacific167
Providence Hospital90
Pugh & Kizer73
Pugh, F.C. (Sheriff)73, 139, 300
Pugh, F.K.139, 300
Pullman College522
Purves, Agnes W.748
Purves, Thomas P.748
Putnam, Charles H.29, 30
Putnam, George Rufus30
Putnam, Henry Homer30
Putnam, Henry O.29
Putnam, Israel (Gen.)29
Putnam, John29, 30
Putnam, Maria536
Putnam, Martha Clark30
Putnam, Mary B. (Clark)30
Putnam, Priscilla29
Putnam, Rufus (Col.)29
Putnam, Salmon W.29, 30
Putnam, Sarah A. (Smith)29
Putnam, Susan679


Q.S. Mining Co.213
Quartz Creek Placer Mine437, 438
Quick, Mary Ann22
Quinlan, Ann556
Quinn, P.F. (Judge)166
Quirk, Margaret327
Quirk, Mary Ann22


Rabbison, Josephine604
Rabbison, Mary604
Rabbison, Mary E. (del Plaine)604
Rabbison, Wirther604
Railroad Park (Spirit Lake)546
Railway Land & Improvement Co.86
Ralston, (Mr.)208, 593, 594
Randall, Eleanor688
Randolph, Mary786
Raney, Julia (Sweatt)768
Rankin, Emily A.126
Ransom, D. (Dr.)652
Rauk, Marie150
Rauk, O.K.150
Rausch, J.C.708
Rausch, Louise708
Ray, Jesse109
Raymond, Fred M.177
Raymond, Jean (Cohn)177
Readhead & Kipp108
Realty Abstract Co.431
Realty Building689, 694, 769
Reardon Exchange Bank497
Reardon Gazette817
Reardon, J.K.587
Reath, C.G.752
Reath, Elva J. (Gilbert)752
Reco Mine18, 442
Recreation Park507
Reddy, J.F.265
Reddy, Mary Frances (Cowley)265
Redhead, W.W.108
Reed, Carolyn164
Reed, Fred R. (Maj.)153
Reed, John E.288
Reed, Margaret L. (Brewer)288
Reed, Mary C.164
Reed, Sim475
Reed, Thomas164
Reed, Thomas Milburne224, 226, 227
Reeder, Elizabeth246
Reedy, John771
Reedy, Mary771
Reedy, Mary L.771
Reese, Anne89
Reese, Catherine Anne89
Reese, Reese J.89
Reeves, (Mr.)204
Reid, Charles A.130
Reid, Lola Rivers (Collins)130
Reid, Mattie A.27
Reil, Margaret421
Reinhardt, Bess817
Reinhardt, E.G. (Mrs.)817
Reno, John L.361
Republic Mine296
Reserve Realty Co.354, 355, 357, 607
Reubens, Lewis198
Reubens, Maude198
Reynolds, Alice (Boyles)410
Reynolds, Dorothy E.689
Reynolds, Eleanor (Randall)688
Reynolds, Ellen (Hansford)688
Reynolds, J. Charles H.688, 689
Reynolds, J.B.399
Reynolds, John C.688
Reynolds, Julia R.399
Reynolds, Prudence399
Reynolds, Roger R.689
Reynolds, Walter410
Riblet & Strack677
Riblet Tramway Co.776, 777
Riblet, Annie B. (Sutherland)776
Riblet, Byron C.677, 739, 776, 777
Riblet, Hallie Jane (Chapman)777
Riblet, Josephine777
Riblet, Royal N.776
Riblet, Virginia777
Riblet, Walter S.776
Riblet, William Jackson776
Rice, Catherine (Cronly)601
Rice, Edmund571
Rice, Edna Letcher601
Rice, Milton L. (Judge)601
Richards, Ella (Clark)296
Richards, Eloise (Happy)274
Richards, Harry296
Richards, Henry M.274
Richards, J.P.M.563
Richards, Lola M.782
Richards, Seth274
Richardson, (Mr.)214
Richardson, Anna D.652
Richardson, Delight652
Richardson, Ella748
Richardson, Elvira155
Richardson, Jane (Elston)690
Richardson, John652, 690
Richardson, Sarah207
Richardson, W.E. (Judge)703
Richmond, Philip376
Richtmyer, Rebecca43
Ricker, Sarah E.662
Rickey, Bertha115
Rickey, Delphine (Jeannette)115
Rickey, Foster114, 115
Rickey, Hazel (Jameson)115
Rickey, Ida115
Rickey, Iona115
Rickey, John114, 115
Rickey, Meta115
Rickey, Nancy (Bowles)114
Rickey, Nora115
Rickey, Orpha115
Rickey, Walter115
Ridpath, Abraham173
Ridpath, John Clark173
Ridpath, Mary175
Ridpath, Nellie175
Ridpath, Paul C. (Dr.)175
Ridpath, Sally (Matthews)173
Ridpath, Sarah J. (Cole)175
Ridpath, William M. (Hon)173-175, 328
Rigg, A.G.586
Rigg, Arabella (Harvey)666
Rigg, Archibald F.467
Rigg, Archibald G.666, 667
Rigg, Charles F. (Dr.)467, 666
Rigg, Edith (Beck)467
Rigg, Mamie Ethel (Beck)667
Rigg, Marian Beck667
Rigg, Mayme (Beck)467
Rigg, William666
Rigg, William J.666
Riggs, Kate (Zent)472
Riggs, Permelia210
Riggs, Robert472
Rigsby, Gerda (Powell)490
Rigsby, James W.490
Riley, Edward791
Ritchie, W.A.420
Ritzville Fire Department580, 581
Ritzville Improvement Co.566, 567
Ritzville Publishing Co.566, 567
Ritzville Times Newspaper135, 589
Ritzville Warehouse Co.705
Roach Timber Co.420
Roach, Ellen D.62
Roach, Sarah62
Roach, William M.62
Roanoke Mining Co.61
Robbins, Elizabeth K. (Roberson)512
Robbins, Emma (Mansell)568
Robbins, F.E.292
Robbins, Fred568
Robbins, Fred E.567, 568
Robbins, Mabel568
Robbins, Martha568
Robbins, Martha T. (Pierce)567
Robbins, Norman568
Robbins, Oliver P.567
Robbins, Sylvester S.512
Roberson, Charlotte (King)512
Roberson, Elizabeth K.512
Roberson, Fletcher512
Roberson, Harriet Elizabeth (Gunn)513
Roberson, Jeremiah K.512
Roberson, Joseph R.512, 513
Roberson, Margarette512
Roberson, Thomas512
Roberson, Thomas C.512
Robert W. Collins, Real Estate & Loans130
Roberts Bros.372
Roberts, Albert D.372
Roberts, Bessie (Beck)467
Roberts, Cora L. (Belt)375, 427
Roberts, Dorothy L.375, 427
Roberts, George467
Roberts, Isabell680
Roberts, Lloyd S.372-375, 427
Roberts, Marshall A.375, 427
Roberts, Rebecca372
Robertson & Miller326
Robertson, Margaret520
Robinson, Annie L.806
Robinson, Cornelia (Beckwith)806
Robinson, Dorothy806
Robinson, Edward N.806, 807
Robinson, George W.806
Robinson, Omar E.806
Roche, John738
Roche, Nellie258
Rochester Heights571
Rochford, Claire210
Rochford, Jared A., Jr.210
Rochford, Jared A., Sr.209, 210
Rochford, Jones & Newman209
Rochford, Lydia A. (Bellamy) (Dr.)209
Rochford, Michael209
Rochford, Nellie (Stedman)210
Rochford, Rose M.210
Rochford, Ruth210
Rochford, Ynez210
Rock Creek Valley98
Rocky Mountain Cement Co.644
Rodger, Janet644
Rodgers, Anna777
Rodney Morris Episcopal School766
Rogers, Helen S.31
Rogers, John R. (Gov.)35, 174, 470, 571, 599, 696
Rogers, M.314
Rogers, Mina Isabel314
Rogers-Hesseltine Co.325
Rohrer, Elsie812
Rohrer, George A. (Dr.)811, 812
Rohrer, Joseph811
Rohrer, Mary (Bucher)812
Rohrer, Regina (von Flue)811
Roland, A.683
Roland, Olive (Olson)683
Romo, C.L.356
Romo, Ruby (Chamberlin)356
Rookery Building399
Rooney, Francis P.420
Roosevelt Elementary School769
Rose Lake Lumber Co.61
Roselle Mining Co.515
Rosenfeld, Ella177
Rosenfeld, Jacob177
Rosenhaupt & Weaver234
Rosenhaupt, Estelle (Mayer)327
Rosenhaupt, Frank414, 716
Rosenhaupt, Harry (Hon)177, 325-327, 378
Rosenhaupt, Johanna325, 327, 716
Rosenhaupt, Johanna May327
Rosenhaupt, Joseph325, 414, 715, 716
Rosenhaupt, Julian M.327
Rosenhaupt, June Estelle327
Rosenhaupt, Sidney295
Ross & McLean233
Ross Park Addition424
Ross Park Electric Railway261, 776
Ross Park Hydro-Electric Station776
Ross Park Street Railway Co.5, 364, 365, 424
Ross Park364
Ross, A.J.204, 757
Ross, Alta Frances761
Ross, Elizabeth (McDonald)356
Ross, Ethel Frances550
Ross, G.M.761
Ross, Irma S. (Browne)761
Ross, John356
Rossland Camp245, 477, 767
Rossland Mining Camp432
Rothrock Land & Live Stock Co.219, 220
Rothrock, Alice (Miles)219
Rothrock, F. Wallace220
Rothrock, Frank M.219, 220
Rothrock, Harrison W.219
Rothrock, Minnie E. (Snyder)220
Rothrock, Zena220
Routhe, A.E. (Maj.)310
Rowland, Nancy410
Royal Copper Mining Co.113
Rudersdorf, Joseph R.310
Rudkin, Bernard267
Rudkin, Edward267
Rudkin, Frank H. (Judge)267, 268, 730
Rudkin, John J.267
Rudkin, Mark L.267
Rudkin, Pearl A. (Morford)268
Rudkin, William B.267
Rudkin, Winnifred (Leonard)267
Rudolph, C.F.731
Rudolph, Emma731
Russell & Park Sash & Door Co.542
Rutherford, John Cole (Mrs.)100
Rutherford, L.R.572
Rutherford, Laud Raymond572
Rutherford, Mary Josephine (Allen)572
Rutherford, Wade Alexander572
Rutter, Carol Penrose238
Rutter, Frances238
Rutter, Isabel (Page)238
Rutter, Levi T.237
Rutter, R.L.563
Rutter, Robert L.238
Rutter, Robert Lewis237, 238
Rutter, Sally (Penrose)237
Rutter, Sally Perkins238
Ryan Hotel36
Ryan, Anna506
Ryan, Daniel287
Ryan, Elizabeth287
Ryan, Ella M.287
Ryan, Katherine428
Ryan, Mary694
Rymal, Margaret200
Rymal, Mary130


S.E. Carr Company, Inc.533, 534, 405
Sacred Heart Hospital193, 300, 305,353, 384, 408, 791, 810, 820
Sahlin, Anna (Bjork)725
Sahlin, Hakvin725, 726
Sahlin, Nels725
Sain, Pauline610
St. Aloysius Catholic Church90
St. Helen’s Apartments802
St. Jean, J. Eugene (Dr.)60, 61, 90, 147
St. Jean, Ludger60
St. Jean, Phedora (Nadeau)61
St. Jean, Sophia (Vautrim)60
St. John’s State Bank of Washington799
St. Luke’s Hospital238, 332, 479, 615, 637, 644, 815
St. Paul & Spokane Water Power Co.364
Salisbury, A.W.166
Salisbury, Ackland97
Salisbury, Marie C.97
Salmon River Gold Mining & Milling Co.123
Sample, Margaret Jane223
Sampson, Alan Hungate387
Sampson, Donald Calvin387
Sampson, H.C.385- 387
Sampson, Hiram W.385
Sampson, Jessie (Hungate)387
Sampson, M.W. (Rev.)385
Sampson, Mary C. (Whitla)385
Sampson, Mary Elizabeth387
Sampson, Patricia387
Sampson, S.W.385
Samuels Hotel454
Samuels, Ada (Jenkins)454
Samuels, Amzel454
Samuels, Helen454
Samuels, Henry Floyd, I450
Samuels, Henry Floyd, II450-454
Samuels, Henry Floyd, III454
Samuels, Iona (Snyder)454
Samuels, Isabelle (Jenkins)450
San Marco Apartments314, 464, 667
San Toil Consolidated Co.311
Sanborn, H.B.362
Sander, Donald Lohmann259
Sander, Helen (McDonald)259
Sander, Louise F. (Lohmann)258
Sander, Valentine W.258
Sander, William Edward258, 259
Sanderson, C.B.71
Sanderson, Ethel F. (Flewelling)71
Sandpoint Water Co.767
Sargeant, E.E.573
Sargent Medical Co.765
Sargent, Florence A.394
Saunders, W.W.558
Sax, Karl44
Sax, Minnie A. (Morgan)44
Sax, Paul44
Sax, Peter43
Sax, Rebecca (Richtmyer)43
Sax, William L.43, 44
Sayles, Eda45
Sayles, Joseph45
Sayles, Nettie45
Sayles, S.E.44
Saylor School for Boys792
Scandinavian-American Bank95, 695, 717
Scandinavian Bank519
Scanlon, Margaret772
Scarpelli, Susan577
Scenic Theater218
Schacht, Richard587
Schade Brewery420
Schade Brewing Co.420
Scheel, Frederick582
Scheel, Minnie582
Scheiss, Catherine118
Scherini, Elizabeth (Lokrantz)765
Scherini, Lotten (Wihlborg)762
Scherini, Otto, Jr.765
Scherini, Otto, Sr.762-765
Scherini, P.H.762
Scherini, Rose765
Schloman, Lizzie299
Schmitt, Beatrice617
Schmitt, Edgar E.K.471, 616, 617
Schmitt, Emma P. (Case)617
Schmitt, Ernest L.616
Schmitt, Felicitas (Kent)616
Schmitt, John616
Schmitt, Urban617
Schnell, Lottie653
Schoin, Charles378
Scholl, Barbara219
Scholl, Michael219
Scholl, Susanna219
School of Science of Pullman173
Schroder, Constance M.501
Schroder, J.501
Schulze, Paul571
Schwab, Caroline669
Schwurman, Eling (Mrs.)289
Scoles, Sarah A.98
Scott, (Mr.)383
Scott, Annette (Bartlett)527
Scott, Eliza524
Scott, Hattie C.428
Scott, J.T.780
Scott, Jane (Steele)524
Scott, John K.528
Scott, John, Jr.524, 527-530
Scott, John, Sr.524
Scott, Joseph524-530
Scott, Leila M.781
Scott, Mary524
Scott, Robert (Hon.)530
Scott, William McArthur530
Scott, Wilson781
Scranton, S.R.50
Scriber, Charles494
Scriber, Emma494
Scrips McCrea169
Seaberg, Dorothy Bliss541
Seaberg, Ida (Erickson)541
Seaberg, Simon Peter (Dr.)538-541
Seaman, John D.185
Seaton & White393
Seaton, C.B.393
Seattle, Portland & Spokane Railroad58
Second Addition795
Security National Bank of Cheney179, 287, 288, 593
Security State Bank of Palouse195
Sedgwick, Maria306
Seehorn Transfer & Storage Co.683
Seehorn Warehouse586
Seehorn, Almira (Bean)683
Seehorn, Claude684
Seehorn, Frank684
Seehorn, John D.683
Seehorn, Nora (Cowean)684
Seehorn, William (Billie)683, 684
Seeley, Emma408
Seelig Grocery Co.147
Seelye, H.N.357
Seelye, Maude357
Seifert, Henry544
Seifert, Selheim544
Selden, Julia L.676
Semple, Almira B. (Clary)480
Semple, Andrew479, 480
Semple, John Clary480
Semple, John McFarlane (Dr.)479, 480
Semple, Katherine (Matthew)479
Sengfelder, Elizabeth398
Sengfelder, Elizabeth (Stevens)399
Sengfelder, Helen A.399
Sengfelder, John, Jr.398, 399
Sengfelder, John, Sr.398
Sengfelder, Vera S.399
Sentinel & Free Press150
Setters, Bess (Reinhardt)817
Setters, Charles816
Setters, Della (Knapp)817
Setters, Elizabeth817
Setters, Ellen E. (Warren)502
Setters, Esther817
Setters, Flora817
Setters, Helen (Warren)816
Setters, Hettie817
Setters, J.W.816
Setters, M.F.(Dr.)816
Setters, Mamie816
Setters, Marion F. (Dr.)502-505, 816
Setters, Mary816
Setters, Ora B.816, 817, 818
Setters, P.W.816
Setters, Peter816
Setters, Peter (Rev.)502, 816
Seward, Naomi552
Seymour, Hazel J. (Grimmer)242
Seymour, Morris Halleck342
Shackleford, Anna469
Shackleford, Clark B.469
Shackleford, Mary469
Shadle, Eugene A.80, 401, 402
Shadle, Jacob D.401
Shadle, Josie (Comstock)80, 401
Shadle, Mary A. (Means)401
Shanks, Alice93
Shanks, Marion93
Shanks, Robert93
Shaw, Andrew413
Shaw, Elizabeth120
Shaw, Fannie B.97
Shaw, Imogene698
Shay, Elizabeth687
Sheave, Hadwig22
Sheave, William22
Sheedy, Catherine236
Sheep Creek Land Co.154
Sheffield, Alfred H.535
Sheffield, Carrie L.535
Sheffield, Delia (Golden)535
Sheire, Alice L.190
Sheire, Bradford S.189, 190
Sheire, Elvira190
Sheire, Elvira (Hopkins)189
Sheire, Frances A. (Gibbs)190
Sheire, Mabel M.190
Sheire, Mary A.190
Sheire, Romaine189
Sheridan Elementary School769
Sherlock, Aimee L.365
Sherlock, Richard365
Sherlock, Rosetta365
Sherman, William T. (Gen.)51
Sherwood Immigration Co.770
Sherwood, Frank L.770, 771
Sherwood, J.D.364, 449
Sherwood, John Bradford770
Sherwood, Lucy771
Sherwood, Merle771
Sherwood, Nannie (Wilson)771
Sherwood, Paul771
Sherwood, Theresa (Leonard)770
Shields, Callie516
Shields, Isabel (Wilson)515
Shields, John M.515
Shields, Joseph M.516
Shields, Kathleen516
Shields, Matie (McGarey)516
Shields, Thaddeus M.516
Shields, William H.515, 516
Shine, Ellen (Conners)32
Shine, Mary Louise (Gomm)35
Shine, Mary35
Shine, Michael32
Shine, Patrick C.32, 35
Shine, Patrick35
Shinn, Elizabeth (Reeder)246
Shinn, Homer J.246, 247
Shinn, Horace246
Shinn, James246
Shinn, LeRoy246
Shinn, Maxwell246
Shinn, Pet246
Shinn, Phoebe (Barmon)247
Shinn, Wilbur246
Shipman, Cora120
Shively Case167
Shonee Mining & Milling Co.179
Shoopman, Nancy124
Short & Crawford Lumber Co.208
Short, (Mr.)208
Shoshone County Courthouse420
Shoup, Ann (McCain)229
Shoup, George L.229
Shoup, Henry229
Shoup, Margaret229
Showalter, Arra Belle (Thomas)125
Showalter, Carrie Adel124
Showalter, Carrol Adel125
Showalter, Nancy (Shoopman)124
Showalter, Noah124
Showalter, Noah David, Jr.125
Showalter, Noah David, Sr.124, 125
Showalter, Royce L.125
Showalter, Vera Kathleen125
Showalter, Virginia Belle125
Siegfried, John C.291
Sierra Nevada Mining Co.306
Silver Cup Mine432
Silver Grill449
Silver Hoard Mine Co.388
Silverling, Sarah311
Silvers, Mary255
Simmons, Maria713
Simmons, Martha E.694
Simmons, Mira713
Simmons, Roland E.713
Simms, Raphael (Capt.)254
Simpson, George S.254
Simpson, Hiram W.see Sampson
Simpson, Raphaelita254
Sims, Melissa768
Sinclair, Leora163
Sipes, Gustav A.563
Sipes, Rebecca811
Sisters Academy163
Sisters Hospital (Walla Walla)378
Sisters’ School of Spokane305
Sjoberg, August (Rev.)538
Sjoberg, Charlotta (Larsen)538
Sjoberg, Simonsee Seaberg
Skajem, Gertrude588
Skidmore, R.M.630
Skinner, Bert (Miss)788
Skinner, Bertha787
Skinner, Eleanor W. (Warnock)788
Skinner, Elizabeth (Adams)787
Skinner, Ella788
Skinner, Ellen J.588
Skinner, Harry788
Skinner, Harry J.787, 788
Skinner, James787
Skinner, Kate787
Skinner, Robert788
Skinner, Walter787
Slade, D.H.823
Slater, Ellen H.736
Slater, Florence (Ballard)29
Slater, Isaac736
Slater, James28
Slater, John Berry28, 29
Slater, L.W. (Capt.)735, 736
Slater, Ronald Ballard29
Slater, Sarah Jane (James)28
Slaughter, James (Gen.)249
Slee, Edith522
Slee, Joseph B.522
Sloan, James F.376
Sloane, Paine & Richmond376
Sloane-Paine Co.376
Slocan Camp767
Slocan District477
Slocan Star Mine18, 71
Small’s Opera House (Walla Walla)378
Smichly, Agnes115
Smiley, Clare F.207
Smiley, Foster F.207
Smiley, Sarah (Richardson)207
Smiley, W.H.208
Smith, Angus71
Smith, Carrie (Chamberlin)355
Smith, Catherine L. (Byrne)237
Smith, Clarence J.197
Smith, D. Laurence (Dr.)407, 408
Smith, Del Cary703
Smith, Edna M.508
Smith, Euphemia (Luhn)353
Smith, Flora Elenor812
Smith, Gale292
Smith, George Harris353
Smith, Gertrude S. (Brownlow)134
Smith, Helen508
Smith, Hettie (Setters)817
Smith, Isaac W.249
Smith, J.J.817
Smith, J.K.579
Smith, Jessie May60
Smith, Joshua407
Smith, Levi508
Smith, Maria534
Smith, Mary557
Smith, Mary (Kelsey)407
Smith, Mary Watson249
Smith, Max T. (Dr.)57
Smith, Milo355
Smith, Sarah105, 254
Smith, Sarah A.29
Smith, Thomas J.237
Smith, W.D.134
Smithson, Fannie A. (Flynn)700
Smithson, Katie700
Smyth, Eleanor B. (Cowley)265
Smyth, James265
Smythe, A.K.586
Smythe, Cazenovia (Cowley)586
Snell, Johanna130
Snodgrass, F.E.93
Snodgrass, F.E. (Mrs.)123
Snodgrass, Jennie (Nuzum)544
Snodgrass, T.J.544
Snyder, Frances E. (Mauck)220
Snyder, Ida May677
Snyder, Iona454
Snyder, J.E.677
Snyder, Jesse220
Snyder, Minnie E.220
Solberg, Charles A.89
Solicitors Loan & Trust Co.792
Solled, Marie (Heiberg)519
Solled, R.K.519
Sorg, (Mr.)383
Sorter, Albert405
Sorter, Louise405
Sorter, Maude G.405
South Central High School798
Southern Oregon Water Power Co.123
Spalding, Anna M. (Philips)309
Spalding, Ely P.306-309
Spalding, Maria (Sedgwick)306
Spalding, William306
Spangle, Carrie M.276
Spangle, Christina (Berger)275
Spangle, George W.276
Spangle, Irma (Le Cornu)276
Spangle, Mary A. (Cook)276
Spangle, Myrtle E.276
Spangle, William275
Sparling, (Lt.)363
Spaulding Manufacturing Co.624
Spaulding, D.L. (Rev.)674
Spaulding, Maria Lucy674
Spayde, F.M.822
Spayde, Lyda (Cassill)822
Speck, Annie R.798
Speck, Emma J.R.798
Speck, Frank (Dr.)798
Speidel, Mary Allen448
Spencer, Aaron G.290
Spencer, Ada Elizabeth (Collins)130
Spencer, Eddie565
Spencer, Frank A.291
Spencer, Genevieve292
Spencer, Mabel292
Spencer, Mary (Tuite)290
Spencer, Milton E.130
Spencer, Minnie A.292
Spencer, Minnie A. (Spencer)292
Spencer, Sybil292
Spencer, T.W.93
Spencer, Thomas F.290-292
Spencer-Clarke Co.291
Sperling, Della (Clason)555
Sperry, Edna K. (Corbaley)808
Sperry, Walter J.808
Spicer, E.R.601
Spokane & Coeur d’Alene Railroad376
Spokane & Eastern Trust Co.71, 163, 233, 238, 258, 269, 290, 314, 446, 563, 821
Spokane & Inland Co.144
Spokane & Inland Empire Railroad Co.376
Spokane & International Railroad371, 787, 788
Spokane & International Railway207
Spokane & Palouse Railroad Co.776
Spokane & Palouse Railway363
Spokane & Washington Improvement Co.283
Spokane Amusement’s Co.607
Spokane Athletic Club313
Spokane Bakery726
Spokane Bank Building366
Spokane Baseball Team429, 507
Spokane Bitu-Mass Paving Co.398
Spokane Brewing & Malt Co.197
Spokane Bridge265, 595, 694
Spokane Building & Loan Ass.456
Spokane Business College288, 695, 703, 817
Spokane Cab Co.819
Spokane Cable Company239
Spokane Cable Railway Co.365
Spokane Canal Co.144, 153, 273, 470
Spokane Canning Co.265
Spokane Chronicle757, 786
Spokane Club314, 449, 798
Spokane College27, 54, 276, 422, 670, 766
Spokane Concrete Co.618
Spokane County Courthouse248
Spokane Cracker Co.757
Spokane Crematory138
Spokane Daily Chronicle65, 80, 166, 310, 585, 600, 617
Spokane Deaconess Hospitalsee Deaconess Hospital
Spokane Detective Agency and Merchants’ Police710
Spokane Drug Co.378
Spokane Dry Goods Co.52, 53, 76, 80, 276, 277, 314, 401, 586, 643
Spokane Dry Goods Realty Co.401
Spokane Eastern Trust Co.53, 354
Spokane Emergency Hospital820
Spokane English & Classical School422
Spokane Evening Chronicle310
Spokane Extract & Spice Co.430
Spokane Falls50
Spokane Falls & Northern Railroad506, 625, 716, 787, 806
Spokane Falls & Northern Railroad Co.8, 213, 366, 631
Spokane Falls & Northern Railway551, 718
Spokane Falls & Northern Road298
Spokane Falls Daily Spokesman731
Spokane Falls Evening Chronicle731
Spokane Falls Fire Department378
Spokane Falls Review731
Spokane Fire Department377
Spokane Flour Mills556
Spokane Gas & Fuel Co.678, 679
Spokane Gas Co.536, 802
Spokane Gas Light Co.703
Spokane High School423, 507, 511, 549, 618
Spokane Hotel205, 239, 309, 362, 365
Spokane Humane Society310
Spokane Inland Railroad Co.356, 634
Spokane International Railway551, 810
Spokane Investment Co.758
Spokane Irrigated Land Co.505
Spokane Loan, Trust & Savings Bank233
Spokane Lounge & Matress Co.380
Spokane Manufacturing Co.246
Spokane Methodist College801
Spokane Mill Co.757
Spokane Miner5
Spokane Northwestern League Club383
Spokane Press549
Spokane Public Library397, 398
Spokane Reservation693
Spokane Sash & Door Co.615, 616
Spokane Savings & Loan Society240, 241, 446
Spokane Scenic Theater Co.218
Spokane Soap Works491
Spokane State Bank366, 369
Spokane Street Railway Co.239, 365
Spokane Taxicab Co.644
Spokane Taxicab Garage586
Spokane Terminal Co.376
Spokane Theater234, 716
Spokane Title Co.127, 198, 336, 354, 431, 497
Spokane Traction Co.143, 376
Spokane Valley Irrigated Lands Co.651, 652
Spokane Valley Land & Water Co.273, 310, 497
Spokane Valley Land Co.144
Spokane Valley Lumber & Box Co.680
Spokane Washington Improvement Co.499
Spokane Weekly Chronicle585
Spokane Wrecking Co., Inc.394
Spokane Zone742
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Co.353
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railroad626
Spokane-Idaho Lumber Co.615
Spokesman-Review Building393, 483
Spokesman-Review185, 321, 549, 703, 798
Spoor, George E.196
Spoor, Harriette196
Sprague, Rosana68
Spring, Margaret (Beck)464
Sprinkle, Elizabeth130
Sprinkle, Martha R.130
Sprinkle, Zeno130
Spririt Lake684, 688
Squire, Elizabeth N.542
Squires, Jack207
Squires, Watson C. (Sen.)601
Stack, Mary296
Stackpole, Theodate177
Standard Garage300
Standard Lumber Co.208
Standard Mine522
Standard Mining Co.727
Stanley Investment Co.266
Stanley, James265
Stanley, Mabel (Thorne)266
Stanley, Maria265
Stanley, Unity666
Stanley, William H.265, 266
Stanners, (Mr.)68
Stannus Keller Hardware Co.68
Stanton, Chalkley579
Stanton, Emily579
Stanton, Ruth579
Star Mining Co.727
Starke, Jessie713
Start, (Judge)571
Staser, Clinton697
Staser, Eva697
State Horticultural Society of Washington470
State Normal Building (Cheney)393
State Normal School (Cheney)97, 179, 333, 423, 571, 759
State School for the Feeble-minded499, 500
Stauffer, Hannah (Craft)710
Stauffer, Horan Ivan713
Stauffer, Joseph710
Stauffer, Mathilda (Fogenthaller)713
Stauffer, Wayne Wilbur713
Stauffer, William E.710-713
Stayt, (Mr.)209
Stearns & Start571
Stedman, Charles R.210
Stedman, Nellie L.210
Steele, Frederic D. (Mrs.)515
Steere, Bess M.608
Steere, Edward (Rev.)608
Steinke, H.A.366
Stepp, Anna (Cohn)176
Stepp, P.H.176
Sterling Heights Addition514
Sterling Heights Land Co.513, 514
Stern, Abraham318
Stern, Belle318
Stern, Harold Gross318
Stern, Libbie W. (Wile)318
Stern, Ray318
Stern, Rebecca Rika (Strauss)318
Stern, Samuel Rika318, 319
Stevens County Abstract Co.44
Stevens County Miner28
Stevens County Pioneer Ass.106, 115
Stevens County Producers’ Ass.129
Stevens Elementary School95
Stevens, Elizabeth399
Stevens, James L.811
Stevens, James Melvin399
Stevens, Maria399
Stevens, Olive811
Stevens, Rebecca (Sipes)811
Stevenson, Helen I. (McCornack)194
Stevenson, J.G.194
Stewart Mine453
Stewart Mining Co.61, 453, 468
Stewart, Annie (Jackson)158
Stewart, Dayton H.123
Stewart, Donald158
Stewart, Eliza (Gephart)157
Stewart, Er.157
Stewart, Eva189
Stewart, Harriet158
Stewart, Joseph A.157
Stewart, Mabel (d. of Er.)157
Stewart, Mabel (d. of Zach)158
Stewart, Margaret158
Stewart, Mary (d. of Er.)157
Stewart, Mary (d. of Zach)158
Stewart, William157
Stewart, Zach157, 158
Stillman, Edith (Cowley)586
Stillman, W.586
Stimmel, H.G.204
Stitzel, Jacob74, 105-107
Stitzel, James H.106
Stitzel, John105
Stitzel, Kathrine S.106
Stitzel, Martha A.106
Stitzel, Mary E.106
Stitzel, Mary W. (Halprunner)106
Stitzel, Sarah (Smith)105
Stocker & Dunning621
Stocking, Sophia42
Stohle, Augusta (Vaas)138
Stohle, Julius137, 138
Stohle, Louis138
Stohle, Melchior137
Stohle, Paulina (Haas)137
Stoltz, George W.462
Stone, Daisy V. (Gates)139
Stone, Ebenezer (Col.)138
Stone, George E.138, 139
Stone, George S.138
Stone, Laura G.154
Stone, Nathan N.154
Stone, Susan Jane (Streeter)138
Strack, Ida May (Snyder)677
Strack, John677
Strack, John Lester677
Strack, John W.393, 677, 678
Strack, Lena (Demert)677
Strack, Royal B.677
Strack, W.J.536
Strahorn, Edna (Prather)602
Strahorn, H.G.602
Strahorn, R.E.65
Strahorn, Robert E.305
Stratton, Anna W.761
Stratton, H.W. (Rev.)761
Stratton, Louis378
Strauss, Louisa (Beck)464
Strauss, Rebecca Rika318
Street Railway Co.594
Streeter, Hazelton138
Streeter, Susan Jane138
Stritesky & Sweatt420
Stritesky, John420
Stritesky, Katherine (Dostal)420
Stritesky, Lewis R.420, 421
Stritesky, Meldora (Ice)421
Stritesky, Mildred Nellie421
Stronach, Harvey Neil109, 110
Stronach, Jessie (Ray)109
Stronach, William P.109
Strong, (Capt.)534
Strong, Adaline Augusta (Birdsall)738
Strong, Edward L.738
Stuenberg, (Gov.)21
Sturney, Christian431
Sturney, Pauline431
Stut, Emma (Meese)491
Stut, J.C.H.491
Stutz, Conrad300
Stutz, Edith (Mohr)299
Stutz, Laura A.300
Stutz, Louis B.299
Success Mine453
Success Mining Co.61
Sudensee Tum Suden
Sullivan & Bunker Hill Mine437
Sullivan Co.139
Sullivan Group361
Sullivan Mine266, 551
Sullivan, Chadwick & Brown674
Sullivan, Chadwick & Fullerton674
Sullivan, Charles674
Sullivan, Electa673
Sullivan, Elva Marie675
Sullivan, Ephraim H. (Judge)673-675
Sullivan, Floy675
Sullivan, Frankie Belle675
Sullivan, Jane (Christianson)109
Sullivan, John109, 786
Sullivan, Maria Lucy (Spaulding)674
Sullivan, Mary (Cosgrove)109
Sullivan, Mary Isabelle674
Sullivan, Peter Charles674
Sullivan, Potter Charles673
Sullivan, Prescott Cato674
Sullivan, Rhoba Ann (Berry)673
Sullivan, Rhoba May674
Sullivan, Walter J.109
Sullivan, William J.673
Sullivan, Wolford & Chadwick674
Sullivan, Wolford & Sullivan674
Summers, Lanford544
Sunnyside Canal670
Sunnyside Poultry Farm66
Sunrise Gold Mining & Milling Co.717
Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co.364
Superb Roller Mills640
Surprise Mining Co.687
Sutherland, Angus100
Sutherland, Annie B.755, 776
Sutherland, Daniel T.742, 745
Sutherland, Florence May745
Sutherland, Lucinda E. (Horton)745
Sutton, Adelaide S.507
Sutton, Emma L.333
Swain Detective Agency694
Swain, Alice (Dunn)694
Swain, Clara L.694
Swain, Ethel694
Swain, Martha E. (Simmons)694
Swain, William T.694
Swain, Wilson S.694, 695
Swartz, E.L.378
Sweatt, Cynthia768
Sweatt, Elsie L.769
Sweatt, Eva769
Sweatt, James768
Sweatt, Jennie (Odegard)769
Sweatt, Jennie E. (Carlisle)769
Sweatt, John B.768, 769
Sweatt, Julia768
Sweatt, Melissa (Sims)768
Sweatt, R.C.420, 769
Sweatt, Turpen P.768
Sweeley, E.M.761
Sweeley, Hazel (Browne)761
Sweeny, Charles127
Sweet, E.R.704
Sweet, Mae704
Sweet, Willis185
Sweney & Lindern639
Swift Packing Co.769
Sylvester, Alla555
Sylvester, John555
Symons Block512


Tabor, J.W.89, 109, 196
Tabor, Margaret96
Taft, William Howard521, 800
Taft, Lydia391
Taft, Robert391
Tamarack & Chesapeake Mining Co.57, 219
Tannatt, Eben T.184
Tannatt, Elizabeth F. (Tappan)184
Tannatt, James S.180
Tannatt, Mary C. (Gilmore)180
Tannatt, Miriam184
Tannatt, Thomas Redding (Gen.)180-184
Tappan, Eben (Col.)184
Tappan, Elizabeth F.184
Tappan, Sally184
Taylor & Sharkey93
Taylor Addition96
Taylor, Ada L. (Martin)203
Taylor, Andrew216
Taylor, Bert333
Taylor, Binkley R.203
Taylor, Cecelia (Dupuy)95, 107
Taylor, Chapman Howard199
Taylor, E.G.652
Taylor, Edith (Hubbard)96
Taylor, Fred333
Taylor, Genevieve199
Taylor, George116, 200
Taylor, Hadwig (Sheave)22
Taylor, Hannah199
Taylor, Hattie217
Taylor, Jacob R.130, 133, 200-203
Taylor, James217
Taylor, James H.22
Taylor, Jemima (Mellowdew)22
Taylor, John B.95, 107, 108
Taylor, John R.203
Taylor, Juliet (Martin)216
Taylor, Lillie203
Taylor, Manoah S.216, 217
Taylor, Margaret (Rymal)200
Taylor, Margaret J.203
Taylor, Maria116
Taylor, Marshall M.95, 96, 107
Taylor, Mary217
Taylor, Sarah C. (Weiler)217
Taylor, Stephen L.95, 107
Taylor, Timothy22
Taylor’s Park Addition96
Terhune, Harry800
Terhune, Indiana (Fisher)800
Tewinkle & Fitzgerald537
Thatcher, Emma383
Thiel Detective Agency694
Thomas S. Griffin & Co.203
Thomas, Amelia (Johnson)305
Thomas, Arra Belle125
Thomas, Charles P.752
Thomas, George305
Thomas, Harriet447
Thomas, Honore362
Thomas, James M.125
Thomas, Lura A. (Gilbert)752
Thomas, Nancy125
Thompson, Anna D. (Richardson)652
Thompson, Carol653
Thompson, Cora424
Thompson, D.M.505
Thompson, Dexter Mark651-653
Thompson, G. Taber424
Thompson, Guy713
Thompson, Irene653
Thompson, J.A.589
Thompson, Lois653
Thompson, Lottie (Schnell)653
Thompson, Louis M.652
Thompson, Lucy A. (Dennison)651
Thompson, Margaret L.287
Thompson, Mark651
Thompson, Percy B.652
Thompson, R.R.475
Thomson, Moritz242
Thomson, Thomas G.652
Thorne, Chester450
Thorne, Mabel266
Thresher, Rosilla J.54
Thyng, Anna Gould (Fogg)514
Thyng, Charles H.514
Thyng, May Clayton (Hume)515
Thyng, William S.514, 515
Tidball Block246
Tiger Hook & Ladder Co.326
Tiger Hotel Co.57
Tiger Mine126, 127, 199
Tiger-Poorman Mine146
Tilton, Frederick A.260
Tilton, Hattie G.260
Tilton, Laura Belle260
Tipton, Martha375, 427
Titeton Project462
Title Guaranty Company238
Todd, J. Albert483
Todd, Mary K. (Craig)482, 483
Todd, Sadie J.483
Toggery, Ltd.684
Togo Mining & Smelting Co.791
Togo Mining Co.281
Tokyo Apartments218
Toner, Charlotte Willman (Mrs.)38
Toner, Irene134
Toole, Joseph K.168
Torbeck, Mary634
Tottem, G.M. (Col.)602, 603
Totten, Edward Jamieson27
Totten, Elizabeth M.27
Totten, Mattie Mabel (Jamieson)27
Totten, Norman Roscoe27
Townsend, Grace S. (Beggs)129
Townsend, W.F. (Judge)730
Townsend, W.P.129
Tracy, Harry713
Trade Dollar Mine632
Traders Bank Building305, 778
Traders National Bank8, 38, 144, 215, 235, 236, 241, 265, 282, 493, 494, 522, 537, 639, 796, 797
Trail Creek Smelter579
Trans-Mississippi Congress17
Travelers Insurance Co.699
Tribune (Wallace, ID)321
Trimborn, Antoinette (Pauli)218
Trimborn, Barbara (Scholl)219
Trimborn, Clemmens August218, 219
Trimborn, Cornelia Mildred219
Trimborn, Cornelius Baldwin218
Trimborn, Felice Antoinette219
Trimborn, Francisca Elizabeth219
Trimmer, Charlotte (Roberson)512
Trimmer, Newton K.512
Trimmer, Thatcher512
Troger, Elmer E.769
Troger, Eva (Sweatt)769
True, Josiah766
True, Minie M.766
Truman, George134
Truman, Jane J.134
Truman, Susan134
Trunkey, Eliza (Power)255, 752
Trunkey, Elizabeth755
Trunkey, Frank (Capt.)255
Trunkey, Frank (f. of Harvey)752
Trunkey, Frank (s. of Harvey)755
Trunkey, Gay255
Trunkey, H.D.254, 255
Trunkey, Harvey D.752-755
Trunkey, Mary E. (Johnston)755
Trunkey, Mary Frances755
Trustee Co.184, 288, 339, 354, 400, 497, 644, 736
Tuite, Mary290
Tull & Gibbs36
Tull Block578
Tull, Catherine57
Tum Suden, Henry492
Tum Suden, Martha492
Tungsten Mine515
Tupper, Bernice (Anderson)369
Tupper, Orville369
Turner & Forster85
Turner & Geraghty117
Turner & Graves703
Turner, Bertha C. (Dreher)118
Turner, Elizabeth J.108
Turner, Foster & Turner117
Turner, George116-118, 205, 362, 449, 565, 703
Turner, Graves & McKinstry117
Turner, Grenville Davenport116
Turner, Maria (Taylor)116
Turner, W.H.501
Turner, W.W.D. (Col.)85
Tutcher, Mary457
Tuthill, Louise237
Tuttle, Lucinda566
Tweede, Northwestern & Hypotheek354
Twitchell, Elva129
Twohy. D.W.195
Twohy, D.W. (Mrs.)468
Tyree, Mary696


Uhls, Albert Vernon610
Uhls, Charles F.610
Uhls, Margaret (Brown)610
Uhls, Pauline (Sain)610
Ulrichson, Anna689
Underwood, James B.797
Underwood, Mae797
Underwood, Margaret I. (Charles)797
Union Depot Co.32
Union Fuel & Ice Co.260, 261
Union High School (Chewelah)165
Union Iron Works687, 741
Union Life Insurance Co.237
Union Pacific Railroad32, 153
Union Park647
Union Park Addition356
Union Park Bank391, 402
Union Savings Bank402
Union Securities Co.194, 195, 497, 676
Union Trust & Savings Bank71, 236, 357, 494, 497
Union Trust Co.8, 53, 497, 537
Union Works780
United Copper Co.781
United Copper Mine718
United Copper Mining & Smelting Co.281
United Copper Mining Co.292, 295, 687
United Securities Co.325
Upton, Helen604


Vaas, Augusta138
Valentine, Anna M. (Hayes)281
Valentine, W.D. (Dr.)278-282
Valley Improvement Co.497
Valley Mining Co.113
Van Buren, (Judge)670
Van Buren, Laura A.61
Van Buren, Martin331
Van Dissel, A. Cartier (Miss)289
Van Dissel, A.C. Cartier (Miss)289
Van Dissel, Anna Elizabeth (Van Oosterwyck)289
Van Dissel, E.D. Cartier (Dr.)289
Van Dissel, E.F. Cartier289, 290
Van Dissel, M.C. Cartier (Dr.)289
Van Dissel, Mary (Jongeneel)289
Van Dissel, P.M. Cartier289
Van Dyke, Ella52
Van Holderbeke Nurseries471
Van Holderbeke, A. (Prof.)469-471
Van Holderbeke, Johan469
Van Houten, Sophia37
Van Ness, Ada G.634
Van Oosterwyck, Anna Elizabeth (Kolff)289
Van Patten, Grace (Perry)97
Van Patten, L.C.97
Van Scoyoc, Phoebe (Hilscher)461
Van Sickle, Susan E.767
Van Valkenberg Block283
Van Wagenen, F.H.728
Van Wagenen, Mabel728
Vanderhoof, Caroline708
Vaughan, Maria165
Vautrim, Sophia60
Veeltri, Rose686
Vera Company357
Vera Land Co.677
Victor Block90
Victor Hotel787
Victoria Hotel173, 441
Vierich, Ida M.647
Villard, Henry183, 184
Vincent, Allen448
Vincent, Augusta (McLaughlin)447
Vincent, Joseph447
Vincent, Josephine448
Vincent, Mary Allen (Speidel)448
Vincent, Neen Hawley (McVey)448
Vincent, William David447, 448
Vining, Catherine (McDonald)356
Vining, W.F.356
Vogle, Lillian457, 717
Vogue Millinery Co.536
Vollmer, Anna717
Vollmer, Barbara717
Vollmer, John P.288
Vollmer, Lillian717
Von Duben, Elizabeth (Baroness)765
Von Duben, Elizabeth Barnes765
Von Flue, Regina811
Von Hasslocher, Anna E. (Carlyon)821
Von Hasslocher, Charlotte820
Von Hasslocher, Dorothy Kathleen821
Von Hasslocher, E.820
Von Hasslocher, E.A.820, 821
Von Oltmans, Catherine Ann350
Voorhees & Canfield778, 779
Voorhees, Reese H.779
Vos, (Mrs.)289


W.J. Keefe Co.670
Waddell & Harrington593
Wade, Alice M.23
Wade, Ella23
Wade, James H.23
Wadsworth, Hiram269
Wadsworth, Howland & Co.136, 633
Wadsworth, Maud269
Waffle, Alfred332
Waffle, Sarah I. (Olmstead)332
Wagner Mines Ltd.579
Waitsburg Times489
Wakefield & Witherspoon85, 821, 822
Wakefield, Alpheus85
Wakefield, Annabelle427
Wakefield, Channing86
Wakefield, Helen86
Wakefield, Jonathan82
Wakefield, Lorinda L. (Place)85
Wakefield, Louise86
Wakefield, Louise (Ammann)85
Wakefield, Luther F.85
Wakefield, Newton86
Wakefield, Samuel85
Wakefield, William86
Wakefield, William J.C.82- 86
Walbridge, Ella (Merritt)288
Walbridge, George J.288
Walbridge, Winifred288
Waldman, Margaretha490
Waldo Dredging Property437
Walker, Caroline728
Walla Walla Academy766
Walla Walla Electric Light Hydraulic Station & Transmission Line776
Wallace Bank & Trust Co.454
Wallace Electric Light Co.755
Wallace Hospital60, 90, 147
Wallace National Bank23, 219, 454, 730
Wallace Produce Co.109
Wallace Tribunesee Tribune
Wallace, (Judge)318
Wallace, R.H.685
Waller, O.L. (Prof.)462
Wann, Anna Della673
Wann, James Hague673
War Eagle Mine38, 296
Ward, A.F.255, 256
Ward, Bradwardine (Glendenning)229
Ward, Fleetwood, Jr.257
Ward, Fleetwood, Sr. (Col.)255-257
Ward, James G.229
Ward, Lee229
Ward, Mary (Silvers)255
Ward, Sarah (Howard)257
Ward, William99
Wardner Camp93
Ware Brothers Co.464
Warehouse Realty Co.6, 53, 399
Warman, Sarah187
Warn, Jane (Williams)684
Warn, John L.684, 685
Warn, Margaret Brenda685
Warn, Margaret O. (Kaupp)685
Warn, Mary Beatrice685
Warn, Willian684
Warn, William Otto685
Warner, Seth (Col.)720
Warnock, Andrew788
Warnock, Eleanor W.788
Warren & Kellogg66
Warren, Abiah621
Warren, Ellen E.502
Warren, Helen816
Warren, Joseph (Gen.)236
Warren, Susan236, 766
Warsinck, (Mrs.)289
Washburn, Elizabeth (Frost)665
Washburn, Elizabeth A. (Paterman)665
Washburn, Frances409
Washburn, Frank M.665
Washburn, Frank Raymond665
Washburn, Mattie (Horton)409
Washburn, Ralph R.665
Washburn, W.W.409
Washington & Idaho Railway776
Washington Abstract & Title Co.372
Washington Brick & Lime Co.248, 644
Washington Brick, Lime & Sewer Pipe Co.336
Washington Broom Factory490, 491
Washington Consolidated Telephone Co.816, 817
Washington Educational Ass.125
Washington Fuel Co.741
Washington Land & Irrigation Co.420
Washington Mill Co.146, 339
Washington National Life Insurance Co.402
Washington Nursery Co.415
Washington Power Co.299
Washington Safe Deposit & Trust Co.445
Washington School248
Washington State Agricultural Coll.184
Washington State College124, 188, 385, 386, 470, 515, 572, 618, 662, 759
Washington State Journal589
Washington State Press Ass.590
Washington State Railroad Commission688
Washington State Sheriff’s Ass.589
Washington State Sugar Co.552
Washington Theater383
Washington Trust Co.391, 402
Washington Water Power Co.51, 233, 261, 289, 305, 309, 364, 365, 427, 563, 677, 739, 746,747, 757, 776, 816
Waterhouse, Amarilla486
Waterhouse, Charles Leonard486
Waterhouse, Frank Leslie486
Waterhouse, Leonard P. (Dr.)486-489
Waterhouse, Margaret (John)486, 487
Waterloo Mining Co.521
Watson, Fannie E.545
Watson, Flora B.565
Watson, Jessie E.545
Watson, P.H.545, 565
Watson, William765
Watts, Diantha752
Watts, Emma (Gilbert)751
Watts, F.A.751
Watts, Irena D.752
Watts, Robert (Dr.)406
Watts, Russell752, 753
Waverly Optimist703
Wayland, A. Eugene147-149
Wayland, Anna148
Wayland, Carrie148
Wayland, David G.148
Wayland, Dwight A.148
Wayland, Edith148
Wayland, Elsie148
Wayland, Lillie148
Wayland, Mamie148
Wayland, William H.147, 148
Wayne, Alice M. (Wade)23
Wayne, Benjamin Franklin22
Wayne, James Alfred22
Wayne, Mary Ann (Quirk)22
Weatherwax, Lottie A.71
Weaver, Dan L.234, 235
Weaver, Ellen Gertrude (Cooke)234
Weaver, Eva J.514
Weaver, Hariet (Young)235
Weaver, Henry W.234
Webb, C. (Dr.)519
Webb, Chester Edwards519
Webb, John519
Webb, Lois (Cleveland)520
Webb, Malinda J. (McWharter)519
Webb, Walter Cleveland520
Webb, Walter Q. (Dr.)519, 520
Webb, Wayne520
Weber, Fred A.742
Weber, G.L.95
Webster, (Capt.)369
Webster, (Mr.)402
Webster & Sullivan537
Webster School248
Webster, Charlotte590
Webster, J. Stanley (Judge)383
Webster, James536
Webster, Jennie F.369
Webster, John P.536-538
Webster, Maria (Putnam)536
Webster, Maud (McDonald)537
Webster, S.R.537
Weed, Hettie (Herrick)371
Weed, W.H.371
Weeks, Carlos H.640- 644
Weeks, Carolyn A. (Barney)643, 644
Weeks, Corydon643
Weeks, Homer A.643
Weeks, Ida643
Weeks, Irving A.643
Weeks, Joshua643
Weeks, Kenneth B.644
Weeks, Lucia Louisa (Harvey)643
Weil, Carl H.283
Weil, Rena (Kuhn)283
Weiler, Isaac217
Weiler, Sarah C.217
Weiser Block769
Weisgerber Brewery163
Weisgerber Building160
Welch, Patrick449
Wellington Apartments586
Wells, (Capt.)207
Wells, Frank194
Wells, Helen Josephine594
Wells, Leathe (McCornack)194
Wells, M.D.41
Welsh, T.R.780
Wenatchee Farms Co.462, 463
Wenatchee Orchards Bonds Co.808
Wentworth, Annabelle (Wakefield)427
Wentworth, Benjamin427
Wentworth, Sidney H.427, 428
Wentworth’s Clothing Store713
Wesley, Charles622
Wesley, John622
Wesley, Olive622
West Farms506
West Medical Lake789
West Point Heights Addition617
Western Casualty Co.469, 505, 816, 817
Western Conservation League761
Western Empire Insurance Co.647
Western Lead Paint Co.585
Western Lumberman’s Ass.61
Western Retail Lumberman’s Ass.62
Western Union Life Co.290
Western Union Life Insurance Buildings449
Western Union Life Insurance Co.53, 163, 238, 354, 385, 386, 634, 718
Western Union Telegraph Co.431
Westminster Appartments420
Westminster Hotel128, 441
Wharton, George C.442
Wharton, Louisa442
Wharton, Marion C. (Crumpton)445
Wharton, Samuel M.442-445
Wheaton, (Col.)51, 104
Wheeler, Carrie (Herrick)371
Wheeler, W.D.371
White & Alexander393
White & Hyslop393
White & Permaine393
White Bluff Prairie655, 789
White Grouse Mountain District432
White Hotel163
White Pine Lumber Co.187, 543
White River Lumber Co.567
White, A.L.413, 499
White, Alice (Chase)739
White, Alpheus391
White, Annie H. (Ferris)(Dr.)391
White, Aubrey Lee133, 140-146, 499
White, Bruce501
White, Byron N.71, 72, 535
White, C. Ferris391
White, Charles218
White, Elizabeth71
White, Elizabeth Binkley145
White, Ethelyn (Binkley)133, 145
White, Ethelyn Louise145
White, Florence A. (Sargent)394
White, Francis Granger (Hon.)391
White, Frank391
White, George143
White, Harold393
White, Huber & Strack393
White, Jane Maria (Beardsley)143
White, John M.71
White, Lydia (Taft)391
White, Lyman A. (Capt.)391
White, Marietta (Brown)740
White, Mary Jane145
White, Melvin H.739
White, Norman Rush740
White, Peregrine178
White, Rush Jacob739, 740
White, W.A.364
White, William143
Whitla, Mary C.385
Whitman College193, 385, 492, 676, 677
Whitson & Parker622
Whitson, (Judge)462
Whitson, Benjamin F.622
Whitson, Clara B.625
Whitson, Edward (Judge)621-625, 730
Whitson, Eliza J. (Brandon)622
Whitson, Leora Nellie (Bateman)625
Whitson, Marian L.625
Whitten Block108, 397
Whitten, Georgia (Ballou)397
Whitten, James394
Whitten, L.B.394-397
Whitten, Lester C.397
Whitten, Paul B.397
Whitten, Sidney (Hook)394
Whitten, Virginia397
Wickersham, Annie356
Wickersham, J.G.356
Wicks, Hannah736
Wihlborg, Lotten762
Wikstrom, Anna (Ulrichson)689
Wikstrom, Charles F.689, 690
Wikstrom, John M.689
Wilbur, G.H. (Rev.)106
Wilcox, Ella M. (Hayden)559
Wile, J.M.318
Wile, Joseph318
Wile, Libbie W.318
Wile, Ray (Stern)318
Wiley, Harry M.312
Wiley, John Lafayette, Jr.312, 313
Wiley, John Lafayette, Sr.312, 313
Wiley, John Laffayette, III313
Wiley, Mary H. (Martin)313
Wiley, Rachel Ann (Haines)312
Wiley, Thomas H.312
Wilhelm, Josephine6
Wilke, Emma Keller (Mrs.)173
WillaPacific Town Site Co.278
William Musser Lumber & Manufacturing Co.419, 420
William Musser Lumber Co.420
Williams, Arthur G.732
Williams, Betty334
Williams, Clara L. (Cook)310
Williams, H.R.334
Williams, Jane684
Williams, Katharine (Phillips)450
Williams, L.B. (Dr.)310
Williams, Mary270
Williams, Rebecca266
Williams, Rebecca Florence266
Williams, Richard49
Williams, William266
Willis, Mary P.348
Willis, W.G.348
Willman, Alicia (Foy)38
Willman, Henry38
Wilson & Drumheller236
Wilson Apartments607
Wilson Bros.612
Wilson Creek Bank369
Wilson, (Senator)16
Wilson, Isabel515
Wilson, J.D.771
Wilson, John L. (Congressman)601
Wilson, Josh366
Wilson, Nancy595
Wilson, Nannie771
Wilson, R.A.378
Wilson, Sarah755
Wilson, T.N. (Dr.)355
Wilson, W.J.236
Wimer, Mabel (Klein)522
Wimer, Wayne522
Winburn, Eugene C.825, 826
Windson Building50
Windsor Hotel206
Winfield Mortgage & Trust Co.688
Winfield Mortgage Co.372
Winfree, W.H.274
Wing, B.F.378
Wingender, Marie173
Winn, Thomas60
Winston, Alex M.564
Winston, F.R.685
Winston, Mary Beatrice (Warn)685
Winston, Patrick Henry185, 685
Witherop, Belle Rose (Andrews)246
Witherop, John W.242- 246
Witherop, Olivia J. (Barnsdall)242
Witherop, Peter Titus242
Witherspoon, Archibald W.85, 821, 822
Witherspoon, Charles G.821
Witherspoon, Eda (Mauseth)822
Witherspoon, Eva821
Witherspoon, Florence821
Witherspoon, Helen Elizabeth822
Witherspoon, Herbert W.821
Witherspoon, Isabelle (Grant)821
Witherspoon, Margaret822
Witherspoon, William822
Witherspoon, William W.821
Witloff, C.M.99
Woefle, Conrad717
Woefle, Ferdinand R.717, 718
Woehr, John M.135
Woehr, Lois (Dorman)135
Wolf, (Mr.)437
Wolfle, Anna (Meyer)717
Wolfle, Anne (Mayer)292
Wolfle, Barbara292, 295
Wolfle, Conrad, Jr.292-295
Wolfle, Conrad, Sr.292
Wolfle, David H.292
Wolfle, E.A.292
Wolfle, F.R.292
Wolfle, Marie292
Wolfle, Pauline (Cook)295
Wolford & Sullivan674
Wolford, O.L.674
Wolverton Block354
Wonder Department Store125, 127
Wonderful Mine361
Wood, Charles T.311
Wood, Clifford Cleveland311
Wood, Ernest C.311, 312
Wood, Fred710
Wood, Myra (Lutes)311
Wood, Sarah (Harris)311
Wood, Thomas472
Woodbury, (Mr.)166
Woodin, C. Harry278, 533, 534
Woodin, John533
Woodin, Mary (Curry)533
Wooding, Ida (Malloy)278, 534
Woodman, Louise792
Woodruff, Edith (Burntrager)500
Woodruff, Lottie471
Woodruff, Martha (Crosby)499
Woodruff, Samuel C.499, 500
Wooster, George W.393
Worley, Cordelia Ann (Cobb)119
Worley, H.C.119
Worley, Mary (Beck)464
Worstell Furniture Co.82
Worstell Thornhill Co.82
Worstell, Alice E. (Duffy)82
Worstell, Ella (Hitchens)81
Worstell, Lawrence Evert81
Worstell, Mary (Ginn)82
Worstell, William81
Wright, (Col.)51
Wright, Alice822
Wright, Margaret94
Wright, Rose (McKittrick)94
Wright, Sarah810
Wright, William94



Yakima Development Co.462, 463
Yakima Investment Co.571
Yakima Land & Development Co.462, 463
Yakima Land & Live Stock Co.462, 463
Yakima National Bank571
Yaryen, Andrew655
Yaryen, Polly Ann (Heath)655
Yauch, Susanna461
Yeaton, C.F.50
Yellow Head Land & Mines Investment Co.521
Yeomans, Henry A.507
Yeomans, Olive G. (Gilbert)507
Yetson, (Mr.)104
YMCA Building313, 437
Yokom, Asa581
Yokom, Charles581
Yokom, Dexter Aden581
Yokom, George471
Yokom, George Powell581, 582
Yokom, Helen Genevieve582
Yokom, Mary581
Yokom, Minnie (Scheel)582
Yokom, Nancy C.(Pence)581
Yokom, Orville Dexter582
Young, Arthur A.385
Young, C.T.652
Young, Elva (Libby)385
Young, Harriet235
Young, James W.378
Young, William A.235


Zane, Betty (Williams)334
Zane, Charles S.333
Zane, Edward B.333, 334
Zane, Elizabeth Barbara334
Zane, Jane (Breece)333
Zaring, Alvin136
Zaring, Etta E.136
Zaring, Mercy136
Zent, Carrie472
Zent, Daniel J.471
Zent, Daniel W.472
Zent, Dave E.471, 472
Zent, Etta472
Zent, Frank P.472
Zent, George W.472
Zent, Ida472
Zent, Kate472
Zent, Lottie472
Zent, Lottie (Woodruff)471
Zent, Myrtle A. (LeMaster)472
Zent, Walter W. (Judge)472, 578, 710
Ziegler Block414, 536, 537
Ziegler Building173
Ziegler, Frederica Louise223
Ziegler, Jennie Louise223
Ziegler, Louis16, 220-227
Ziegler, Margaret Jane (Sample)223
Ziegler, William Henry223
Zittel & Rigg90, 667
Zittel, Alice (Shanks)93
Zittel, Eunice I.M.93
Zittel, Julius A.90, 93, 173, 667
Zueldsdorff, Wilhelmina611

Source: Durham, N. W. (Nelson Wayne). History of the city of Spokane and Spokane County, Washington : from its earliest settlement to the present time. Chicago : S.J. Clarke Pub. Co. 1912.

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  1. I love looking at old photographs from all sources. This is a lovely collection that the various compilers can be proud of and I thank you for sharing them.

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