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Icicle Canal 574 Keiser, Chas. F. 594
Indian Silico 407 Keller, Frank F. 181
Indian Scare 169 Kellogg Saw Mill, The   449
Indian Torture   153 Kellogg, L. E. 46
Ingersol, E. D. 108 Kelly, Hugo 525
Irby, I. 116 Kelly, Father Daniel P. 498
Irwin, W. T. 112 Kelly, Hays 525
Israel, Andrew 441 Kennedy, R. C. 247


  Kern, Paris  245
Jackson, Eugene 107 Kincherf, Nicholas 391
Jellison, Harvey 204 King, T. C. 204
Johnson, Andrew 107 King, W. W., Mr. & Mrs., 249
Johnson, J. M. 301 Kingman, M. M. 486
Johnson, A. P. 376 Kinzebach, O. W. 252
Johnson, Capt. Charles 458 Kirby, Mrs. Nellie 285
Johnson, Stewart 469 Kirkendall, H. W. D. 497
Jones, A. C. 588 Kitson, Norman 515
Jones-Shotwell Ditch 588 Kline, Geo. W. 261


  Knapp, F. E. 435
Kamholts, Fred A. 305 Koontz, Rev. B. E. 497
Kampheur, John 248 Kunkle, Stephen 414
Keane, Jas. M. 164 Kyle, Chas. O. 98

History of Central Washington


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