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Haley, Wm. 295 Hilton, Rev. Thos. A. 500
Haley, E. A. 90 Hinman, Henry V. 363
Haley, Dr. 474 Hinman, W. E. 332
Haley, Dr. G. W. 553 Hinman, Chas. H. 365
Haller, T. N. 529 History of Chelan Valley, 456
Hanna, Mrs. John W. 117 Holcomb, B. B. 110
Harlin, Chas. A. 90 Holcomb, P. P. 111
Harmony Club 527 Holcomb, S. R. 244
Harper, Maj. Winfield 274 Holden Mine, The 487
Harper, Martin V., Mr. & Mrs. 275 Holm, R. F. 524
Harris, C. A. 439 Holmes, J. B 269
Harris, Hyman 92 Holtzhauzer, Wm. F. J. 321
Hastings, Bruce 203 Hopkins, C. B. 535
Hayden, Wm. 93 Hopp, Geo. W. 521
Hay, Gov. M. E. 349 Horan, M.  94
Haynes, Paul 113 Horticultural Ass'n. 581
Hedding, C. E. 443 Howard, Geo. B. 107
Henderson, Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. 473 Howard Flat, Highland and Lower Antoine 472
Henry, Thos. J. 353 Howe, Geo. W. 415
Hickey, Matt 364 Hoxey, Dr. G. W. 392,
Hickey, Mrs. Elizabeth 364 Hoyne, Thos., Sr. 114
Hicks, Rev. B. L. 497 Huff, Thos. J. 109
High School 449 Hughes, Taylor 322
Highline Canal 557 Hull, L. M. 110
Hill, Jas. J. 515    

History of Central Washington


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