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Gaines, Robert 441 Gray, Geo. H. 422
Geller, John 542 Gray, Isaac 434
Gardner, Mrs. Grace C. 283 Gray, George, Jr 434
Garland, Jasper 105 Gray, Horatio 434
Gates, John F., Mr. & Mrs. 288 Gray, Chas. E. 435
Gehr, W. S. 88 Gray, Capt. W. P. 512
Gellatly, John A. 557 Gray, Capt. Robert 547
Gellatly, Mrs. John A. 288 Graves, Rev. J. W. 501
Gellatly, D. N. 565 Greelish, Patrick 307
Gemmil, Wm. 442 Green, Matt 328
Giblin, Richard 406 Greenaway, A. H. 100
Gilchrist, Dr. Colin 103 Griffiths, S. D. 438
Goodfellow, Jas B. 103 Grigg, Capt. Alexander 515
Goodfellow, John A. 103 Griggs, Mrs. Ettie I. 216
Goodfellow, Geo. H. 103 Grill, Fred 102
Governor, Rogers 440 Groff, Geo. W. 102
Graham, H. A. 564 Groves, T. J. 99
Grange of Chelan County, The 594 Gunn, Dr. Thos. M. 96
Gray, Wm. J. 87 Gunn, Arthur 96


History of Central Washington


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