Whitman County, Washington Biographical Brevities


We have added a sample of the type of information that are in the Biographical Brevities.  As people request copies of the Brevities, they will be added to these pages for all to see.  Shelli as kindly offered to type these.  Please be considerate and only ask for 1 at a time not everyone named Smith.

Becker, F. W.: lives in Colfax, and is a butcher; was born in Hesse Castle, Germany; came to San Francisco in 1869, and to this county in 1880.

  • Benton, James

  • Bishop, Jesse

  • Boone, H. M.

  • Bragg, L. T.

  • Coply, Henry

  • Cram, C. A.

  • Davenport, Walt J.

  • Davis, James A.

  • Dickinson, Frank

  • Fincher, Emsley

  • French, Cyrus

  • Hamilton, J. N.

  • Hills, Alfred A.

  • Hills, George A.

  • Hoover, J.

  • Hungate, J. A.

  • Kirby, Joel, A.

  • McClure, J. A.

  • McCord, H. H

  • McCue, John

  • Newland, W. S.

  • Olds, H. A.

  • Olds, Luther

  • Perkins, J. A.

  • Preffer, Daniel

  • Ragsdale W. P.

  • Skeels, C. W.

  • Smith, T. J.

  • Spalding, Henry H.

  • Spencer, Sarah J.

  • Stephens, S. D.

  • Stratton, H. T.

  • Tayler, J. S.

  • Truax, George W.

  • Walker, Dillard

  • Wicks, James R.

  • Wiley, Justus H.

  • Wilson, R. J.


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