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Earthquake, 1872 29 First Flouring Mill in the Chelan Country 464
East Wenatchee 297 First Mayor of Chelan 465
East Wenatchee Garden Club 528 First Settlers, The date of Chelan 456
Edmunds, Wm. 444 First Settlers at Wenatchee, date of 27
Eikelberner, Jos E. 128 First Settlers, Lake Wenatchee 398
Eikelberner, Geo. C. 129 First Teachers Certificate granted in County 110
Electrical Development County 584

First telephone service in Chelan County

Electrical Development Entiat 449 Fisher, Geo. R. 570
Ellis, Rev. D. C. 497 Flower Club 526
Emerson, W. M. 456 Flummerfelt, Chas. H 56
Emig Brothers 386 Fogg, Bert 309
Emigrant Travel 357 Foote, Mrs. Glovina 212
Entiat Valley and Early History 444 Ford, Edwin D. 121
Entiat Times 523 Ford & Merriam 532
Erickson, Axle 422 Fowler, Leonard 522
Estes, Wm B.   310 France, O. G. 210
Estes, F. D. 394 France, Ellsworth 211
Estes, Quill 395 Frank, Emil 213
Ewing, Mrs. Hulda 269 Freer Brothers 216
Eymouth, H. E. 522 Freer, Ira 216


  Freight shipments and revenue there from 562
Fair, Hesperides 565 Freytag, Chas. H. A. 394
Farnum, F. C. 373 Frost, John E. 356
Farrar, D. S. 368 Fruit Exhibits 564
Farris, D. M. 427 Fruit Industry, the 562
Farwell, Geo. H. 564 Fruit Sales from ranch of E. W. Cain & Sons 88
Farwell & Fruit Fairs 87 Fruit Valley Journal 525
Father Grassi 481 Fulwiler, Jas. H. 60
Ferguson, Jas. W. 214 Fuller, O. B. 208
Field, M. E. 460 Fuller, A. A.   211
Finch, Eph. 426 Future Development 582
First Church of Christ 500    

History of Central Washington


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